Tumhari Pakhi 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish and Pakhi coming to Vikram’s house to save Lavanya. Vikram is not at home. Lavanya comes to his house to meet him. The servant asks her to go to his room. Lavanya cries thinking about Girish. Lavanya thinks about her mistake. Vikram comes home. Girish and Pakhi see him and hide. Girish says how dare he blackmail my Lavanya. Pakhi says we need a proof against him and teach him a lesson. The servant tells Vikram she came and everything is ready. Lavanya is about to enter the room thinking about Girish.

Pakhi and Girish stop Lavanya and talk to her about their plan. Vikram opens the door and looks out. Lavanya cries and hugs him. She says I m sorry. Pakhi says Vikram will not say everything easily. She says we can’t call police as we don’t have proof. Pakhi asks Lavanya to ask Vikram where are the papers. Pakhi gives her strength and asks her to go to Vikram.

Lavanya comes to Vikram and he is happy seeing her. He asks whats this, where were you, I was waiting. He asks her not to be nervous. He asks were you crying, fine, you look good with red eyes, more beautiful. Girish and Pakhi looks on. Vikram says tragic romance is the best. He says I don’t want anyone to disturb us and opens the door to see. Girish and Pakhi hide. Girish says I hope our plan works. Pakhi says don’tt worry. Vikram gets closer to Lavanya. Lavanya says I came here by my wish, whats the hurry, I m helpless as you are blackmailing me.

He says even I m helpless as you are very beautiful. She scolds him for taking advantage of her. He hugs her. Girish gets angry seeing them. Lavanya mixes the tablet which Girish and Pakhi gave her in Vikram’s drink. Vikram doubts on her and asks did you mix anything. Vikram shows her an empty glass. She asks him to show her the contract papers. He says why will I show it, as I use it to call you. He says I can’t return it to you.

She says I knew this, you won’t give the papers easily. He says the papers will be in office. Lavanya tries to know more. He says go and check in my office, third drawer of my cabinet. Girish and Pakhi talk that they should go to office. Pakhi asks Girish to take Lavanya and go home. She leaves to get the papers. Tanya scolds Maa ji for not cleaning the house well. Ayaan thinks of doing something. Sukhi calls Maa ji and shows her flour.

Ayaan makes the flour fall on Tanya. Maa ji is tensed. Tanya shouts Maa ji. Ayaan says Pakhi will be happy knowing this but where did she go. Pakhi comes to Vikram’s office to get the papers. Her phone rings and a clerk hears the sound. He comes to the room and Pakhi hides. Vikram asks Lavanya to do what he called her for. He faints. Girish comes to Lavanya and hugs her. Girish says everything will be fine, Pakhi went to take the papers. The clerk leaves. Pakhi looks for the papers. She does not get anything and says there is no such cabinet. She says Vikram was lying, it means Lavanya is in danger.

She leaves from his office. Vikram gets up and comes with a gun stopping them. He says take this contract also. He says you spiked my drink and thought you will know about the papers from me. He says Lavanya is a fool, what was the need to cry infront of you, stupid woman. Vikram saw them talking. Girish asks why did you do this. Vikram says entertainment, I was playing a game. Vikram talks dirty and says look at us love live, it will be fun. Vikram says I will kill Girish. Lavanya says don’t kill him, you are against me. Vikram says you are a fool, you felt I m mad in your love, I want Girish, as he has cheated my sister. He shows them her pic and says Naina is her daughter.

Girish and Lavanya are shocked. Vikram says she is the one who was your fan and loved you, you spend a night with her and told her that it’s a mistake, you love your wife, you left her for Lavanya, she gave birth to Naina, and she is my sister. Vikram says I wanted to give her happiness but you have ruined everything, then I thought to take revenge. He says you see how I rape your wife now. He says come on Lavanya, your mistake is you are his wife. Girish says it was a mistake.

Vikram says my sister’s life got ruined because of your mistake. He says stop this drama, I will force now. He takes Lavanya and Girish stops him. Vikram’s gun falls and Pakhi picks it up. Pakhi aims at Vikram. Lavanya asks Girish to take the contract papers. Lavanya slaps Vikram and says you were trying to rape me, it was your sister’s mistake, she slept with Girish by her wish, Girish was drunk and she left Naina, why? Naina is my and Girish’s daughter now. Pakhi says call the police now.


Tanya gets the watch in which there is camera and scolds Ayaan. Pakhi sees her slapping Ayaan. Tanya asks Pakhi to leave from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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