The Buddy Project 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Kiya is reading newspaper and says to KD, I am very upset because our country is corrupted . Every newspaper has this news. KD asks her to do vote to remove corruption..

Panchi tells all friends that she want to say something..Panchi come to ranveer..Ranveer says dont say a thing ..They all forced me thats why i came ..Please take care of yourself. He asks her to cut cake..
Sir comes and says Panchi is not going anywhere ita a prank..All gets happy..

JT Sir comes to panchi. he asks her i have to ask or you will tell yourself. You know you cant lie me ..Maya came there. She ask about what prank.. Panchi says sir its no more prank its truth now..I got really scholarship in UK’s University..She shows him letter.. sir says its great news. I want to you what you have decided..

Panchi says i cant go like this .I care about all friends and ranveer. Sir explain her its real life .this is your career. Ranveer will be upset but fine with time .Ranveer listens everything by window n gets sad..
Piddi calls all friends and teachers to auditorium. Piddi and Seeba announce a performance dedicate to Maya mam and JT sir..they all dance on “jane kyu dil janta hai”..Kiya forces Kd to sings song..But he denies and goes from there .

Now KD sings song “jo bhi main kahna chahu “…Everyone listens carefully. All buddies hug..All claps..JD sir says you guys are fantastic..Kiya’s mom also comes there and claps..She says to kiya you have invited me so i came here..She says KD you really sings good..She says now i have o go to attend another function..and goes.. Kiya says to all I want to dedicate a song for mom..Straight from heart.

At basketball court , Panchi says to ranveer ,even i dont know i will get scholarship. Please say something. Why you stand silently..

Ranveer congratulates her.I am silent because you are going away from me and happy because you are selected.
This is your dream and i am with you whatever you decide..He says Moti we cant live together always.. But I promise I am always with you forever.. I cant compromise with your dream ,Panchi says him I love you and hugs him..

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Update Credit to: priya

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