Rang Rasiya 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 29th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro frees herself from rudra. Father ask did you get her from mandap, rudra says she is my suspect, she will stay here till she accepts . Rudra says you will keep a watch a on her. he says i am not your servant take your order back, Paro comes forward and says to rana that i didnt do anything please let me go, rana laughs and says he didnt allow me to go then how he will allow you, she starts crying rana says she is crying, rudra says its her habbit and when did you start feeling bad for women, rana says to paro i am feeling bad but i cant help you, he says i will keep a watch on her, he leaves, rudra says ranawat stop, rana says call me father then i will think. Paro says he is your father, shame on you, you are devil, rudra gets angry and leaves closing the door.

Scene 2
In hall DIL says i will go and sleep in my room nothing will happen. Chachi says are you mad he is there he will fire us all if you go to his side. place our foam beds her we will sleep in hall, chacha comes and ask why these sleeping foams are here. chachi says because he divided our house in two and we have no place to sleep and nobody will cry in night as if beds become wet then we will die feeling cold. They all lay down on floor to sleep. Sumer says i am not sleepy, i am going to my room, chacha says you know you cant go there. Samrat and his wife lay and samrat wipes her tears, they smile to each other.
In her room paro tries to look outside by removing curtain, rudra comes with food and sees her. he tries to grab her but she runs, he pins her towards pillar and sees a wound in her palm, paro has her eyes closed. He loses his grip. Paro says what you will do, again bind me? like a animal, do whatever you want but till i am alive i will try to run from here. Rudra takes out his handkerchief and ties it in her hand(RR plays) paro looks at her. Rudra leaves her and says eat food, she says i will not, rudra says think again. she says thought about it. He says if you dont eat then how will you go back? paro looks at him. he says you will go back to birpur if you eat it. Rudra says to paro Sorry i couldnt find any proof that you were involved in all this so you are free to go, but you eat first. he gives her plate she takes it and sits to eat. He says eat with ease as its very long way to birpur from chandangarh. Paro tries to eat but couldnt because of wound in her hand. Rudra sits and make her eat, he says roti got burnt i know to make burnt roti only. paro chokes while eating he gives her water(RR plays) and ask are you fine? she says what you will say to your officers about me? he says they think you are dead i will manage. Paro says why will you do this for me? rudra says its 11 O’clock we will leave at 12, you have one hur to think that you have to believe me or not. Paro looks at watch and rudra makes eat. At 12 they comes out of their room, chachi gets up, rudra stops paro by hand, he holds her tightly and sneakingly comes outside. Paro looks at him. after they come out paro distances herself and handkerchief get untied. Rudra takes it back. He ask paro to go, paro is about to leave but rudra says 1 minute, he comes and drapes a shawl around her, paro looks at him. He gives her money and says after every 2 hours bus goes for birpur, bus stand is near. Paro takes the money and leaves while rudra looks on.

Scene 3
Rudra comes in room and sees rana trying to drink water, rudra gives him and ask medicine, rana says took it, rudra says i am going out for some work, raa says i will not watch her, rudra says no need now.
At stand, paro gets the ticket and prays that she safely goes back home, bus comes paro sits in it. Rudra is watching her every move, following her. Bus stops at birpur, paro gets down, rudra too gets down. He calls aman and says you know what is to be done, aman says yes sir dont worry when she will enter village, she will meet her mami then we will catch them and will warn them, we will open this case again on this pretext. Paro is walking on dark silent road, aman and rudra are watching her hidden

PRECAP- Paro feels someone is following her, she looks back but couldnt find any, she looks at mirror placed on her bridal dress and sees aman, rudra watching her. She is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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