Qubool Hai 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 29th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is shocked to know that mamu knows that zoya is his daughter. mamu tells that he had searched zoya for years. Razia says that zoya would have to die for the same reason, hence she has to die. Mamu is shocked that she knew, and asks why she hid it from him. Razia tells him that with his blood, the stained blood of her mother too runs through zoya’s veins, and its better tht such a blood washes away only, with zoya’s death. mamu gets into a rage. He raises his hand to slap her but she takes his hand midway, and confronts him, as he is startled. She asks him not to make this mistake. mamu asks where’s zoya. she says that he cant save zoya now from dying. he says that she is his daughter. Razia says that she isnt her daughter as he has

been unfaithful to her, and since he is her husband she cant punish him, but the punsihment he deserves would definitely be meted out to zoya, his illegitimate daughter. Mamu takes her by the hand and starts to drag her down. razia asks him where’s he taking her. Mamu says that if she doesnt tell where’s zoya, then he would confess to the crimes of both of them in front of everyone and demands to know. razia is again dragged. mamu says that its his daughter’s life at stake, and he has never fulfilled his responsibility towards her, and now is his chance, and asks for the last time, if he would be told where’s zoya. razia is shocked and tensed.

Downstairs, dilshad is tensed about zoya and asad, particularly when everything was beginning to get alright. She asks them to join her in her prayers. They all comply, except humaira who is unperturbed and prays to the lord to keep zoya safe. Nazma finds humaira serving food for herself, and is shocked. She asks her if she can use her phoen to call asad and find out about zoya. Humaira says that she has no interest in knwoing where zoya is and with whom and why. nazma is shocked. She asks nazma why’s she staring at her like this, as zoya is habitual to create a drama. as she continues with her taunts, nazma asks her to stop. nazma says that she should understand the delicacy of the matter. dilshad too comes for zoya’s defense and says that zoya isnt like that and she knows it, then why is she behaving like this. Humaira tells her that she has no interest in even knowing if she’s alive or dead. all are shocked to hear this. mamu comes to humaira and asks if she even realises what she is saying and asks her to apologise rightaway. humaira tries to speak, but he is adamant. she resignedly turns around and apologises heartlessly and leaves from there.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
On the road, haider and asad in the car are desperately trying to find zoya. Asad is highly tensed. On the road, asad starts praying as he hears the mosque prayers. haider too gets down to his knees and begins to pray. Asad prays that he wont be able to forgive himself if something happens to zoya, as he is responsible for her condition, and prays for zoya to be returned to him safely. haider too prays that his sister was dearest to him, and now he feels like that for zoya and he cant take away that from haider now. He prays to the lord to return zoya to him. They look at each other, after having finished their prayers. Asad’s phone starts ringing. Mamu calls and tells asad that zoya has been kept captive in a shed outside the town, near an isolated factory. Asad asks how does he know. Mamu says that he would explain later, as if it gets late today, then it would be too late to save zoya. asad cancels the phone and tells haider too. they get to go there.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shed
The killer asks zoya not to struggle, as he goes onto say that he cant tell her who is he working for and why is he doing this to her. He fixes a time bomb, on her wrist, set at 10 minutes for her, and tells that she just has ten minutes to live now. zoya gets very scared and tensed. They all leave, with zoya stranded alone with the time bomb. She tries hard to break free but in vain. the time bomb starts ticking away with each passing second. Finally haider and asad reach but find the shed locked. they try to break free, while zoya is excited to hear their voices from the other side of the shed. While asad tries to break the lock, haider leaves to find some other way out. Finally the door gives in and they both enter. He starts screaming for zoya, but she is unable to answer, being gagged. Zoya tries to give some noise to attract his attention. Finally asad finds zoya and sets to freeeing her from her bondage. He is shocked to find the timebomb.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu tells dilshad not to worry as god never lets kind people be hurt and zoya would return safely. Dilshad and others are overwhelmed. Mamu goes to his room and prays, that she shouldnt get the punishment for his sins, and now that he has got her after so many years, he cant afford losing her, and prays for her to be returned. He listens to the musicbox, getting emotional.

Scene 5:
Location: In the shed
As asad frees zoya, she tells him about the timebomb, and they both are shocked. as they struggle zoya out of the ropes, the clock ticks to the final seconds. they barely manage to step out of the shed, when the explosion goes off. they all eye it distraught, while haider and zoya are both reminiscient of the incident that scarred their life forever. Zoya hugs asad, as the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Finally nazma finds the secret passage leading to sameera’s cellar, from behind the painting. she is shocked to find sameera there. She takes a close look at her, scared all the while. Nikhat concludes, that she isnt either her hallucination, nor a ghost, but a live lady. she also eyes the bonbdage and the food plates kept around her. she is shocked and apalled to find her like this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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