Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Bhola calling Nakulesh, Nakulesh sees shadow of Shiva and he starts pronouncing Mahadev’s name. Then Bhola goes to the statue of Mahadev, the kingasks Bhola to stop Nakulesh from doing unwanted things, to which Bhola ask as to what his Swami has done. The king narrates the whole incident to Bhola. Hearing this Bhola tells the king the difference between his Swami’s devotion and your. Bhola tells the king that his Swami sees Mahadev in the statue, but you see only the statue of Shiva, you won’t understand the epitome of devotion his Swami has.
Bhola says that it is the exam of God whether he will accept food from Nakulesh’s hands. The king questions about this, and he challenges to Bhola. Finally Mahaddev accepts the food

from Nakulesh hands, which leaves the king and everyone in the room stunned. The king apologizes to Bhola because of his limited knowledge and that he was a fool to question Nakilesh devotion. Bhola tells to the king that in Mahadev’s devotion there’s no rules. Mahadev just see the feelings and emotions in his devotees mind and soul. In devotion there are no rules and when there are tules in devotion they are bound to be broken.

At Kailash, Laxmi and Sarawati assemble as Parvati had called them. Parvati tells both of them about the coming problem which they are going to face. Parvati tells about Nakulesh and that she had to once again go in Sati’s phase. This worries both Laxmi and Sarawati. Parvati tells them in each vavatar of Mahadev which will be always present. Saraswati says that regret will be the only option available, but she will always pray for good and is with them.

Brihaspati is happy seeing Nakulesh with Mahadev, but he shocked as to why Nakulesh is not recognizing Mahadev. Narad tells him that when Nakulesh went for doing Tapasya he only knew about Mahadev Vairagee(hermit) avatar, and hence he is not able to recognize Mahadev. At Kailash, Nandi tells Ganesha and Kartikeya about Nakulesh and his immense devotion towards Mahadev. Kartikeya asks as to why Mahadev is not telling Nakulesh everthing, but Nandi tells to him that they both know their boundaries.

There, Nakulesh is tired and Bhola asks his Swami for water as there is a river nearby, but Nakulesh stops him by saying that he will only drink water of Mansarovar lake, but Bhola once again asks to bring water. Nakulesh is dying and asks for Mahadev to come and if he will not come he will believe Mahadev does not love him and not care of is life. Hearing this, Mahadev brings the water of Mansarovar, Nakulesh drinks it, but is having doubts in his minds that no common man could bring water at such a shorter span of time. He therefore asks Bhola to reveal his own identity as he thinks him of as a demon or a sage testing his devotion. After hearing this, Mahadev says that each question has an answer and a problem, problem does not end on Kailash, and binding Shiva does not describe the meaning of Shivatva.

Nakulesh realizes his folly, he comes to a conclusion that Mahadev was with him all the time, and he failed to recognize them. Nakulesh runs towards Kailash to meet Mahadev. At Kailash, Ganesha ask Nandi that Nakulesh knows only of Mahadev’s Vairagya nature, what will happen if he comes to know that Mahadev has become Sansarik.

Nakulesh reaches at Kailash, Mahadev comes to know about this, he tells this to Parvati. Parvati wants to welcome but Mahadev says no to her. But Parvatii insists that she must welcome Nakulesh as the biggest devotee of Mahadev, which leaves Mahadev worried.

Precap :- Nakulesh meets Mahadev, he touches feet of Mahadev; Kartikeya talks to Parvati about her respect; Nakulesh asks Nandi about the woman in Kailash, and he will get rid of her.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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