Beintehaan 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 29th January 2014 Written Update

Aaliya and Zain are still sleeping on bed but with their heads in opposite direction. Usman and Fahad are exercising. Fahad is doing yoga. Usman asks what is he doing. Fahad says he is doing power yoga. Usman asks him to do swimming and gymming. Fahad says he does not like hard work and he is happy with power yoga. He says Zain keep daily alarm of 6 a.m. but does not wake up.

Alarm bell rings. Aaliya switches it off by leaning on Zain, just then he holds her hand in sleep. She tries to take it out but cannot escape from Zain’s tight grip. Phone bell rings. Aaliya drags the phone with her legs and picks it.

It is Shabana calling Aaliya. She asks her to get ready to get ready fast and meet everyone. Shabana then asks about Zain. Aaliya says he is not in the room and will let him talk later. Just then Zain wakes up, snatches phone from Aaliya and speak to Shabana. He says he didn’t go anywhere and is here. Aaliya does not want me to talk to you. Shabana asks if everything is alright. Zain says perfect and asks Shabana not to worry, he will mend Aaliya. Aaliya asks about her suitcase. He shows it. He then says Shabana bye and keeps the call. Shabana thinks listening to both’s talks, looks like everything is fine. Surayya’s words made me worried, but Zain is a good boy.

Fahad comes to Zain and says he wants to tell something. He says you did good thing by marrying Zain and Aaliya. He knows he is a bad example in front of him, but he knows that Aaliya is the one who can handle Zain better. Usman says you are right, but Zain should also know that Aaliya can take care of him better. He says you are my elder son, you made some mistakes but that is ok. He asks him to go back and do yoga. He says juice your must be coming. Just then Nafisa and Shaziya bring juice for Fahad separately. Surayya also comes. She asks Chand bibi to serve juice to Fahad. Chand bibi says she is carrying tea for Aaliya. Surayya asks her ot serve juice first. Both Shaziya and Nafisa give their juice glasses. Shaziya taunts that everybody in house is awake except Aaliya and Zain.

Usman comes and greets goodmorning to Surayya. Surayya says Aaliya/Zain have not yet woken up. Usman asks Chandbibi to wake them up. Shaziya says as per rituals new bride should go and greet everybody in their rooms. Usman says Shaziya I don’t remember you going and greeting everyone. Time has changed, everybody will be meeting for breakfast anyhow. He then asks Fahad to go and change.

Aaliya comes to the bathroom to get ready. She sees her suitcase under the shower. She tries to pick it, but the suitcase opens. She also opens the shower by mistake while trying to close the clothes. All her clothes get wet. She tries to close the shower but cannot. Zain comes inside the bathroom and sees her struggling to close the suitcase under shower.

Aaliya sees Zain and scolds him for keeping her suitcase under water. Zain says he kept the suitcase, but he didnt open on the shower. Chand bibi knocks the door. Zain opens it and greets her goodmorning. She comes in asks why are they not ready yet. Aaliya tries to say her clothes are wet, but Zain stops her and says Chandbibi that he will be down in 5 minutes. She goes. Zain then says dad will be going to hotel by 9 a.m., so she has 15 min to get ready. Zain then goes to get ready and again informs her just 15 min to get ready. Aaliya is worried. Chandbibi comes and says she got her point and gives her ironbox. Aaliya thanks chandbibi and she goes. She is ironing her clothes. Zain comes and asks why is she not yet ready. She shouts and why can’t she iron her clothes. Zain comes near her and says this room is his and she does not have right to shout here. Aaliya says she has cleared everything earlier, whatever she did is for her Abbu. He says you got 5 minutes more. She says she will get ready in 5 mnutes. Her dress burns between their quarrel. He says I told you can’t get ready in 5 min and says welcome to hell mamu ki bhanji. Aaliya is worried looking at the burnt dress. Zain goes down to the breakfast table and says good morning to everyone. Usman asks where is Aaliya. He says she is sleeping. Just then AAliya comes, and Usman your lie is caught now.

Aaliya comes down and greets everyone. Zain thinks dress was burnt, but how did she wear this dress. Usman asks her to sit next to Zain. She asks if she is not late referring Usman as mamu. Usman says not at all, you came on time. He says not to call him mamu and to call him as dad or abbu. Surayya interrupts and says Nikah happened just yesterday, mamu is good. Usman asks about reception (valima). Zain says why reception. Usman asks Aaliya to explain him about valima. Zain does not know anything about islamic rituals and to teach him. Usman then says he is going to hotel and then orphanage. He had promised Allah that if he gets best girl for Zain, he will feed orphan kids. Allah fulfilled his promise and he will fulfill now. Zain says he just got married and there is no need for valima and inform everybody. Aaliya says valima is must, according to islamic rights it has to be done. Zain murmers in mind again Aaliya betrayed him, when is disliking valima, she wants it. Aaliya says I am sorry Zain, as mamu said valima is sunnat and has to be performed to complete the nikah.

Precap: Shaziya sees Aaliya wearing Zain’s t-shirt inside. She goes and informs it to Surayya. Surayya is shocked to see that.

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