Rang Rasiya 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra is sitting in her room, she recalls rudra’s hrsh words that don’t try to become paro, you cant become like her, how he hurt her, shtabdi comes to her and ask you must be bored here, I knew it, dhruv is also sleeping, what will you do now, so I thought to make you learn rajhistani dishes, maayra says not now, I have to wake up early or dhruv, shtabdi says okay, we will do that later and goes, maayra thinks what to wear, her door is knocked, she thinks its shtabdi and opens the door, its rudra is on door of maayra’s room, maayra says to rudra that go from her room, rudra says listen to me, maayra says I just came for dhruv here, I don’t want to talk to you please leave from here, rudra tries to talk to her but maayra closes the door.
shtabdi says to mohini that your plan failed, sumer says don’t fight you both, apply your brain, shtabdi says I said to maayra that I will mke her learn dishes and she agreed, sumer says what about her luggage, should we put her bag in her room, mohini says what are you saying. they are shocked to find rudra there, rudra stares at maayra’ bag, sumer says I was going to put her bag in room only, mohini agrees, rudra says till when you all will lie, he takes the suitcase and leaves from there, mohini heives sigh of relief.

Scene 2
rudra comes to maayra, she says why you are here, rudra shows her suitcase and says your luggage, she thanks him, rudra tries to talk to her, maayra says I don’t wanna talk please leave, rudra doesn’t, maayra says you wnt listen to anyone so I better leave, she leaves, rudra finds maayra’ camcorder and take it.
its night, samrat is doing office work, Maithili comes to him and wishes him marriage anniversary, she gives him gift, maayra sees this and smiles. samrat gets angry and says congrats 12 years of marriage finished, you must be having some important household work so go and do it, don’t waste time in stupid things, he leaves, Maithili has tears in her eyes, maayra comes to her and says don’t cry, you know what, I forget my own birthday, I have one idea, Maithili says I have mohini’s work, maayra says leave it, you go to your room, Maithili goes.
dhruv coughs, maayra runs to dhruv, she gives him cough syrup, rudra comes there, she ask where were you, rudra says I was in your room, she ask what were you doing there, he says I mean I was in kitchen, she says one of us should always be with dhruv, don’t go now, I am going to my room, I will sleep there as you don’t like my face, rudra stops her and tries to say something but stops, maayra says why are you choking, say it, he says nothing, maayra goes from there.

Scene 2
maayra comes to her room and opens her camcorder, she finds rudra’s recording, rudra says sorry to maayra in video, she says he recorded video for just 2 words, she smiles and sleeps.
its morning, koyal ask dhruv to get fine soon, maayra says I will bring milk for you, koyal ask maayra did you say its ok to rudra? he recorded ‘I am sorry’ in your camcorder, maayra says yes he recorded video in which his half face was shown, he doesn’t know how to record video, koyal and dhruv laughs, koyal tells maayra that once paro was bugged with rudra, she said that if he brings bangles for her only then she will be pacified then rudra brought bangles for he, maayra says strange, koyal says you also ask some gift from rudra to be pacified, maayra thinks that I don’t have that right, she ask koyal to go for school.

Scene 3
maayra comes to Maithili and says she will give her new get up, she says 1st we have to set your hairs, Maithili says its fine but maayra says don’t worry, we will make you cinedrella that samrat will be bowled over, rudra calls maayra but she disconnects the call and says 1st my jija then phone, she starts the make over of Maithili, she gives her good make up and does her hair do, she says now we have to decide gorgeous dress for gorgeous jija, she ask koyal to bring her black dress, koyal goes to bring it. mohini stops koyal and ask what are you doing, she says I am helpin maayra as she is sending Maithili and samrat to date, mohini says what date? koyal says dinner date, she leaves, mohini says she also wants to bring samrat Maithili close like paro, who will make pickle now.

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Scene 4
at night, maayra brings samrat in house, rudra comes there and says he wants to talk to her, maayra say afterwards and leaves from there with samrat, she brings samrat to his room and wishes him anniversary, she leaves, samrat looks at Maithili in short black dress with western make over, Maithili is shy, he smiles and comes to Maithili, he says you are looking beautiful, Maithili blushes and puts hand on her face, samrat removes her hand and romantically looks at her.

Scene 5
maayra is going but rudra stops her and pins to wall, she ask what are you doing, he says I am trying to talk to you but you are ignoring me, he ask did you see the video, she says yes, he says so, she says so, he says so give me sorry, she says 1st learn how to ask it, she is leaving but he stops her and says I am sorry, I thought you are trying to become like paro, you do things like paro, like what you did for Maithili and samrat, this all make me remind of paro , what I can do, maayra says I will forgive when you stop seeing me like your wife paro, I am not her and I don’t want to be. rudra says that says what you want, I will do anything to make you accept my sorry, maayra says ok then tell me my three qualities, you have to tell the qualities which only I have then I will pardon you, rudra is boggled by her condition.

PRECAP- mohini warns maayra to be away from my family matters, maayra blatantly says no, mohini is about to slap her when rudra comes inbetwenn and holds mohini’s hand and saves her just like he did for paro, he angrily looks at mohini while maayra emotionally looks at rudra, Maithili notices all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Suprbb epi…

  2. I don’t wnt my addicted show to go-offair wen I think I really b’cum upset !! :'( :'(

  3. ohhh PaRud(MyRud) is Back……………..BUT enaku romba kavalaya iruku
    nijamave RR sep 19th end aaga pogutha ……………I cant accept it

  4. it was just amazing and myrah ur condition r just superb like u dear.and rudra ur the same angry and innocent major saheb hai.and precap looks stunning yaar.thank for update.

  5. Yo yo Rudra nd Mayra rocksdsss

  6. Wow superb, love u mayrud. Waiting for mondays episode

  7. Hope some special ending for the story will be there. A great twist after rohit enters the show. Atlest dont dissapoint us with a stupid ending. Nice story line for ever with the great actors. Lov the serial based on the climax

  8. Who said dis show is going to end on 19th september.is dat true.plzz dont stop,the story is at its peak.

  9. Wow excellent epi! ! ! Loved rudra’s sorry style yar jst lyt our major saab sayng 2 our paro. . . . . . . Btw is the show really going off air??? :-/

  10. Wow excellent epi! ! ! Loved rudra’s sorry style yar jst lyt our major saab sayng 2 our paro. . . . . . . Btw is the show really going off air??? :-/ plz can we hv da pics plz!?

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