Dil Dosti Dance 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dadu wakes Raghv to go for walk with him. Raghv says I wont come. Dadu says your father will also come. Raghv says I know that you want that I also go away like my dad, but I am not him. Dida comes and asks him to say sorry, but he leaves with saying sorry.
Swayam looks for something. Sharon asks what are you looking for? Swayam says he is looking for his tennis racket. Sharon says I sold it, and bought a new one. She shows him the OLX app. Swayam says there is another problem, and asks her to go along.
Huma watches Ishika waiting for a rickshaw, she stops him and asks her to join her. Ishika says I will get another. Huma tells her to save these tantrums for her boyfriend and takes her along. Ishika says thankyou, it is really hard to find rickshaw on this road. Huma says it is difficult to find everything in life. Huma appreciates her smile and confidence. She gives her hand to be friends. Huma gets worried about the traffic.
Sharon was shocked to hear that Bharat’s dad is selling the garage. Sharon says they must take some time from him. She says that she is worried about Ishika, as she can’t force her otherwise she won’t dance properly. The breakfast arrive, everyone stares them while Sharon asks Swayam it is really important to have proper breakfast.
Ishika insists upon paying the fare, Raghv was waiting. Ishika leaves, Raghv tells her he doesn’t know what happened to her. Huma says she is sweet.
Everyone blamed Bharat. Swayam says he needs money and isn’t doing this all to disturb him. Swayam says they have his home; then thinks they will know about Sharon this way. He says his maasi is coming. Amar offers they can dance at his bus, but Swayam says it is rainy weather.
A student tells Sharon that Ishika texted she won’t come to rehearsals. She calls Raghv aside and says she was mistaken to rely on him. Raghv says I will talk to her, she shouts at her NO! and leaves the class. Huma and Ishika were together, Karma asks to taunt Huma. Raghv comes to class, and asks Ishika to talk to her but she goes to sit back. Huma was saying to Karma that we have rehearsals in the evening. She comes to Raghv and asks why he is worried. He says he isn’t digesting you and Ishika and then you and Karma together. The professor comes to announce they must prepare a project within 3 days. He appreciates Raghv, but is called in principles office and leaves the class. Raghv stops Ishika, she shouts that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Huma asks Raghv is everything okay?
Raghv pulls Ishika on the wall, he was aggressive as Ishika cried to leave her. He leaves her, and says what you think of yourself, to join academy whenever you want and leave as desired. You know for how lonf Sharon has been working on you. He says yes I lied, but why. Because St Luois wanted a dancer, and a good dancer was hiding her talent; was I wrong? He asks what I got by lying? He asks her to look at herself, the afraid shy Ishika has started to talk to everyone, smile.
Karma and Huma practiced together. They all appreciated them. Swayam asks for the next step, he stops them and says he wants to see the chemistry. Karma says he will have water, Huma asks for a sip but he is reluctant. He asks her not to drink so closely from the bottle. Swayam feels helpless.
Raghv says that first time I saw you smile was when you were dancing. So I said a lie to make you smile, what was wrong in it. You believe in being true, why are you ditching St. Luois and your happiness. Sharon can get a new dancer, but where will get your smile back. Ishika wants to explain, but he stops her. He says he won’t ever talk to her and leave.

PRECAP: Swayam asks Karma and Huma to develop chemistry. Karma meets Swayam in the corridor and says this routine is very simple for dance-mania. Swayam asks him to trust him, he says he neither trusts Swayam nor the D3. Sharon comes there and says that you must leave it, as you are a student and Swayam is a leader, a teacher. You must listen to him.

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