Rang Rasiya 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 28th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra comes to paro and sees her sitting infront of mirror, he cones in and loses balance, bangles falls from his hand and spreads on ground, paro looks at them and smiles ,she sits to collect them with broad smile, she gets happy, rudra looks at her both sits down to take it, they have an eye lock(RR new version plays), paro says if you bought full shop then why you left shopkeeper, paro says i only needed 6, he says yu didnt even tell me the shade of red bangles, he , he says now give me forgiveness, paro happily looks at him, she says why you need my pardon? rudra sasy because i cant live with the fact that i hurt you, paro looks at him and ask him to make me wear bangles, he says you didnt ask for it, paro says today morning i saw, rudra cuts her and sasyy what will you take

to be silent, okay i will make you wear it, he makes her wear it, paro smiles and they look at each other, paro says ouch, rudra ask did it hurt? rudra makes her wear gently and keeps holding her hand, major singh calls him, rudra says yes we reached, he ask paro to stay there, major says you made apro worried with your joke, she was tensed for you, she was asking me with folded hands to take you on job,rudra holds paro’s hand tightly being, major says she said that it is getting difficult, you will get clean report only because of paro, the girl who was nothing for you is making you get this job, please understand her, he ends the call, rudra grabs paro and says you begged my job from singh sir, paro says yes, rudra says you made me so down that i need yu fro my uniform, paro says nothing like that, maithili calls paro, paro says dont get angry, please come in pooja as couples.. rudra says what couples, i will not sit in pooja, rudra leaves from there, paro comes in hall calling for him but he leaves. pundit says wh will sit in pooja as rudra left, it is not good to leave pooja, mohini says no one else will sit in pooja and pooja will not stop also, she ask paro to stop rudra.

Scene 2
paro stops rudra’s bike and ask him to come and sit in pooja, i just asked him for your job, rudra sasy with which right, paro says i am your wife and i have right, rudra says its a fake marriage, just by seeing me intoxicated with wine or these bangles dont see dreams, paro sasy its all true not a dream, our relation is true and its right and with this right i asked for my husband’s job which is most important to him, rudra says i lost it because of you, whenever i take one step towards you do such a thing that i take 100 steps back, paro says okay i dont have any right, if you want me to be away from you then sit in pooja and prays to lord who brought me in your life rudra doesnt listen and leaves from there, paro gets sad.

Scene 3
paro comes in house, she goes to her room and comes out saying we will do pooja, me and rudra, chacha but he wen, paro shows him rudra’s uniform and says this is his life and it will be with me in pooja and i believe rudra will comeback, chacha dont worry we will do pooja when rudra will agree, for now cancel it, mohini says no, we invited lord and we cant backout and also she is saying that rudra is with him with this uniform then whats the problem, she ask pundit to start -pooja, all sit in pooja, mohini says to sumer that it si good that rudra is not here else he woud have saved her. pooja starts.
rudra outside thinks about singh’s words that he is geeting job only because of paro and how paro said that she has right being his wife, paro is looking at gate for rudra, rudra recalls maithili’s words that he feels paro’s pain. mohini thinks thanks lord you didnt allow rudra to come, pundit ask mohini to bring parsad, she smirks. rudra recalls how many times he saved her. mohini gives parsad plate to paro which has poison, paro is waiting fro rudra. pundit ask to stand for aarti, paro does the aarti, aarti plate is holded by other hand and its rudra. she gets happy, he do aarti together, paro says you came, rudra says dont be happy. all are stunned to see him, rudra says i came to ask something from lord paro ask what? rudra says to get away from you, maybe i will be granted, paro smiles and says you have somethig fro me in heart, mohini says why this devil came, sumer says there is something between them. pundit says wife believe is strong, your wife said that you will come. mohini says its good you came, she says women should eat parsad first, why rudra dont make her eat, love gets doubled, pundit gives him parsad, rudra takes it and looks at it, mohini she did pooja so give her parsad, rudra extends hand to make paro eat, paro is about to take bite but rudra says i will want that i get blessing with this parsad and you go away from me, he takes it back and eats himself, paro looks at him, rudra says i asked to be awya from you why are you smiling, paro says even hatred is enough for me, rudra says dont look at me like this that you know me, like you know my identity, all leaves. mohini smiles and says he is not camel but a donkey, she says when he will leave world then paro and his three footed father will go out of house.

PRECAP- rudra feels dizzy as poison gets circulated in blood, he tries to get hold of him but falls on gorund..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  10. When Rudra is resuming BSD?????????Does he not have any other work rather than just being w/ Paro like a woman … He is at home all the time….
    How does he earn bread and butter when he is not in BSD.. BSD pays suspended officers? What about his father????
    Does he not care for him? He not even called once after his dad left for YATRA….
    What a SON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi friends today epi nice scene 1 is very nice

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