Tumhari Pakhi 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 28th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman talking to an old man in a park. The old man explains him the meaning of life partners. He says fight happens when two people fight. Lavanya tells Pakhi to understand. Pakhi says Anshuman was excited to watch the movie, he might be feeling bad now. Lavanya tells Girish’s sher. Pakhi says think about Anshuman, he might be waiting for me. Lavanya says I m thinking about both of you, he will say I love you soon. Pakhi says love needs no words. She says he shows love in everything. Lavanya says fine, lets test this. She asks her to answer her. Pakhi smiles.

The man tells Anshuman whats love. Anshuman thinks about Pakhi. Pakhi tells Lavanya that Anshuman was jealous knowing about the guy. The man tells Anshuman that in love they feel to fulfill each other’s

dream. Lavanya asks Pakhi does he do anything for your answer. She says yes, he stole a toffee for me and did skating for my sake, he cares for my happiness. Lavanya says I think he can do anything for you but he does not show his pains and secrets to anyone, did he tell you any secret. Pakhi says yes, he told me about his mum. Lavanya is shocked.

She says he always hided it from me but yesterday he expressed his pain. Lavanya says about mum? Pakhi says Girish told me, I know. Lavanya says if he can tell you this secret then it means he loves you a lot. The man says if you have shared your secret, then its love, deep love. Pakhi asks shall I call now. Lavanya says no, it means he loves you, but he has to say I love you, wait for some time. She says he has to complete the challenge as he has to test his love, its necessary to say I love you. The man asks Anshuman to say I love you. The old man’s wife comes. She argues with him.

Anshuman sees them and their love. Anshuman smiles. The man asks him to go and say I love you. Anshuman says I m in love, I love you. Saiyyan……………….plays…………………. Anshuman shouts I love you, I love you. He runs in the park dancing saying I m in love. He calls Pakhi. Lavanya receives the call. He asks for Pakhi and says tell her I m coming to talk to her. Lavanya says he will be saying I love you, my work is over, I will go now. Pakhi says no, be with me, I m nervous. Lavanya says you want me to be between you, no way, 90% is done and 10% is to be done by you. Pakhi hugs Lavanya and thinks what to do. Lavanya leaves saying all the best.

Anshuman comes home saying I m in love. He brings bouquet. Anshuman gets to know that the man is Rohan from Chittor. he is shocked. He smiles and says am I jealous. Rohan bumps into him again and Anshuman catches him. Rohan runs. Anshuman runs after him. Rohan pushes Anshuman. Anshuman says who is he, why does he come again and again in this house. Anshuman gets Pakhi’s pregnancy reports with positive result. Anshuman is shocked.

Anshuman calls the doctor and confirms. Anshuman is shocked thinking about Pakhi’s words. He says this can’t happen. He thinks about Pakhi telling him about Rohan. He thinks he saw Pakhi with him. He walks to Pakhi in anger. Pakhi plays a recording for him. She runs making her anklets sound. He gets angry as he started doubting on her character. She makes the bangles sound and he looks at her hand. She confesses her love and says I see love in your eyes. She asks him to apply sindoor to her today. She says expressing is not everything, love is unconditional, its last day of our courtship tomorrow. She says lets give the pure name to this relation, fill sindoor in my Maang, I love you Anshuman, I m your Pakhi. Anshuman looks on.

Anshuman talks to his inner self and says Pakhi can’t be of bad character. Anshuman hugs Pakhi and says you are very nice, you can’t be of bad character. Pakhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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