Qubool Hai 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 28th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Ahil is super happy to be back in the city with rehaan. He gets a business call and decides to talk, asking him to mail the land and lease papers, while he reaches the office. Their car comes to a standstill, as they see a person performing stunts, which involve hitting himself with a rope on his back, and he is reminded of his childhood, which involve similar memories. he stops that person.

Ahil stops somewhere, while rehaan asks what happened, that got him so affected, and his personality is so disoriented. Ahil gets furious and asks him never to talk about it again, and also never refer to him as a brother, as he isnt but just a servant.

Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Meanwhile, haya sees sanam’s mehendi, and compliments her and says that her mehendi says that anwar, her husband loves her very much. But sanam discards it all off. haya signals that there would a filmy romantic story. sanam says that this wont happen in real life, but says that she has respect for anwar with each passing day. Haya hugs her.

Later, anwar shows them he is keeping his own land in credit too, along with sanam’s Dhaba land. dilshad expresses shock and says that she cant let him do that. She offers to give some jewellery that she has stashed, Sanam asks her how can she do something like that. but dilshad insists and gets them. Anwar takes and says that now he would get the loan. Dilshad again thanks him profusely. anwar leaves for the bank with the papers and money. Sanam emotionally eyes dilshad, but she asks her not to cry or she would too.

later, in the night, sanam talks to haya saying that this is her last night here and she would be gone tomorrow. haya gets emotional but sanam makes a joke out of it. She gets nostalgic too. she wipes Haya’s tears, and then haya says that she would miss talking together with the moon. they both hug each other. Dilshad sees them, and eyes asad, zoya and nazma’s photo, saying that sanam is getting married tomorrow, and had they been here it would have been splendid. She says that had seher not died, she would have gotten both the twin sisters married together today.

The next morning, marriage preps begin. sanam comes in anwar’s room while he is attending a call. Sanam says that dilshad may never tell him, and says that they wont be able to do the ritual of saugat, and she doesnt want to overburden dilshad. Anwar tells sanam that she shouldnt think of spending smoney on small things as they need to save every penny to get the Dhaba working again, and if the dhaba starts, then the income would be home. sanam says that it would go to dilshada nd haya. anwar is surprised but says that she doesnt mind whatever she wants to do with her dhaba. Sanam leaves, while he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Office
Ahil gets the papers ready for the business partner, Mr. Malhotra. While they are bantering, Ahil gets a call, while rhaan sets the papers. He gets a call from his mother, saying that he shouldnt sign the papers. he complies and turns around and says that the deal wont happen. Mr. Malhotra is perplexed and boggled. He tries to say that he cant take away from his commitment. he begins to threaten but ahil is least bothered.

Outside, ahil is carefree while rehaan is tensed and confused and asks him to go ahead and ejoy while he isnt in the mood. ahil teases rehaan saying that he knows his mood swings very well, and that he can say anything in anger, but his anger dies down as soon as it comes. He asks him to forgive and move on. He gives rehaan his watch, and he humbly accepts and is overwhelmed with ahil’s gesture. rehaan gets in the car, and keeps the watch back to his car’s space and says that he has just been kept for keeping an eye on him, by his mother’s instructions.

Scene 4:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Dilshad compliments sanam for her beauty and remembers when she got zoya dressed as a bride. The marriage commences and the priest asks for sanam’s consent for the marriage and she agrees. He then moves onto ask anwar. when anwar denies giving consent to the marriage, all are shocked, including Dilshad, haya and sanam. He gets up and leaves. Sanam is thoroughly shocked. Anwar takes off the veil and walks off, while sanam is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam says that the fact that he left her robbing oof everything, doesnt break her, in fact it strengthens her to get ahed in life. She says that she is the daughter of Asad ahmad khan and Zoya, and dilshad’s strength and she wont bow down so easily. Dilshad and haya emotionally eye her, as she faces the guests with a stern determination, saying that there’s someone out there, who name is written in her mehendi and who would willingly say Qubool hai to her..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. That wicked tanveer is ahil’s mom. OMG TANVEER NOT AGAIN!!

  2. Noooooooo…… Noooooooooo……not again…….. Who is she going to kil now…… And please Sanam……….. Don’t fall for that sickooooo.

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