Rang Rasiya 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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SCene 1
paro says look rudra, I don’t want you to be hurt because of maasa and our relation to be affected, if she migle with us then It will not be good and now we will not sleep in hall, we will sleep in our room, he says what about her, paro says she know every place of this house, I will place her sheet in backyard, rudra says have you gone mad, you will make elder lady sleep on floor, in cold weather, paro says what about you, you have slept in cold weather weeping for her, she should also get some pain, rudra says you will not do this, paro says why, okay do what you want, you said that I am not at your side but at maasa’s side and when I am trying to come at your side and you can see now I am with you even then you are having problem, what, are you in pain that I am going away from maasa, rudra says I am not saying to make relation with her and I don’t care about her but I care that my wife is behaving like this with elder lady, you said that you cant see your husband behaving badly with women then I also cant see that my wife behave badly with women, throw elder women on floor.
Maithili says to mohini says should I make tea for you, mohini ays no, she says you told samrat that I have to go with him tomorrow, Maithili says yes I told him, he will go, mohini says its been the long time you went to your home, till when you will keep talking on phone, go and spend sometime with them ,Maithili gets happy and says really, mohini says yes go, Maithili says I will go with samrat, my family will happy to meet us, I am going to collect chilies now, she leaves. sumer comes to mohini and says you always plan something or other but in end you are the who suffers, why your all plans backfires, mohini says done forget I am the one who brought you here from that godown so remember I can send you back again, she leaves.

Scene 2
paro is collecting washed clothes from rope and says I neve thought I will do this with my family member, my upbringing is not like this but I have no option, mala is standing there, paro touches her feet and says sorry I have to do this, mala says don’t be, you are trying to join hearts, you are just doing this to join us, I know it would be difficult for you but you did it , now you are grown up, paro says you know what it is effecting rudra, he is angry on my behavior, when I asked him that I will make you sleep outside, he was angry at heart but couldn’t say anything, mala says I am happy to have DIL like you, paro says not DIL but daughter. rudra is searching for paro, he comes where mala and paro are, paro hides, mala ask do you need anything, he says nothing, I was searching for paro, he leaves, mala ask paro to go behind him, she goes.
rudra calls aman and ays find that man who said that tejawat took his camel, I know tej is at large but he must planning something dangerous so we have to find him, paro comes there, rudra ask where were you? paro says I was at roof, he says you were breaking stars at daytime? paro says I wasn’t feeling well, he says okay, she says just okay? she says I am going out, I have to go to shoping, you drop me, I am feeling suffocated here, that women.. rudra looks at her. she says I mean your mother, she is always weeping, always telling her sad story, I am tired listening to it, rudra says enough, I am not from market route so you go alone, he leaves, paro says you accept or not but you also want me to be with mala as she doesn’t feel alone with me. Maithili cmes to paro and ask what happened to you, why are you behaving strange, paro sasy come wit me, I will tell you.

Scene 3
they come to market and paro tells her everything, Maithili says what its plan of your and mala, if rudra knows it then you know his anger and you are smiling, paro says nothing will happen, they buy some veggies, some person is watching them, paro and Maithili are buying bangles, the man approaches paro, he touches paro and leaves, paro says cant you see, cant you even listen, shameless, Maithili says leave it. they see that guy on bike facing them, Maithili says they should leave, they turns to leave, the person on bike comes near paro ant throws some liquid(probably acid) on her face, paro screams in pain. Maithili is shocked and ask people to help her, she ask paro what happened, paro cant show her face.

Scene 4
dilsher calls rudra and tries to tell him about paro but cant, mala takes phone and tells him that in market somebody thrw acid on paro, rudra is stunned and mobile falls from his hands, he runs. rudra is driving car very fast, he recalls his love moments with paro. he reaches home and runs inside, he is shocked to see all family members then he sees paro who is perfectly fine, danveer says she is fine, doctor says luckily acid went of her feet, she is in shock but there is nothing to worry about, give her these medicines, he bandages her foot, mala says samrat take Maithili to your room, rudra is amotional, mala says paro needs rudra, dilsher agrees and goes out, mala goes out too, paro hugs rudra tightly and cries, rudra says calm down I am with you now, did you saw his face, any amrk on his or anything, paro cries more, rudra says look at me, I am with you, have faith on me, tell me did you see his face, paro says he was on bike, he was wearing helmet and everything happened so quickly, she hugs him again and cries, paro gets peace in his arms and sleeps, rudra puts her on bed and leaves.

Scene 5
rudra comes in hall, all are present, rudra calls aman, he says any news about tej, find him soon. he says I am sure he is involved in this, he is back, I know only he can do this, and if he is involved then I will forget that he has relation with someone while curtly eyeing mala because its now about my paro.

PRECAP- mohini and mala are in kitchen, mohini as usual taunts that don’t know how many weathers will change in this house. storm(mala) came here so trees will be affected.
rudra sees paro’s doll at gate, Maithili says are you sure its paro’s. he says yes, he sees on hand of doll being cut and chit lying beneath the doll/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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