Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni comes downstairs and sees everyone denying the news on different calls, she asks Sanvri who tells her to see the newspaper. She reads the news that Khandelwal house’s truth has been revealed upon the love marriage of Akshit and Arpita. Suket says this is what he feared, people gossip about their family today. Bhawna says who would have leaked it out. Sanvri says it must be Arpita’s parents.
The press questions Arpita and her family why she betrayed them. Raj comes and says that media publishes any news without verifying it. He asks them to leave as it is about the respect of a family. He denies the truth of this news. The media personnels leave. Raj tells Arpita’s mom not to take this news seriously. She says she doesnt understand who leaked this news. Raj says the one who knows both the families and doesnt want to keep them together, Her dad says it is Sanvri, she never liked Arpita and was against the marriage as well. Now she setting the two families further apart.
She says that journalism isnt about entertainment, the managers tell her to drink water and calm down. She says that she wants her brother and bhabi to be together, if two people love each other they must love together. Raj comes there, She says that if he loves his family he will one day understand this. Sanvri says that at least they are calm now, after switching off all the phones. Arpita and her parents comes there and says that they gave the news to the media and now they have to answer. They both blame each other, Bhawna says that they must make the strategy together, Arpita’s father asks Suket that what is the relationship between them. Suket says that Arpita came here on her own choice, and went from here. Her dad asks that does he not consider it his responsibility to solve this family dispute. Suket says he cant help it. Akhsit says that he cant talk to his dad like this, but Suket scolds him that he is also responsible for this all. Suket says that both the families have got into the trouble of love, her dad says that he doesnt think love as a curse but a sourse of happiness for his daughter and he knows what to do now. He leaves taking his family.
Sanvri sits sad in the garden, Pratab comes. Sanvri says that Arpita is responsible for this all, Pratab blames that Sanvri was the one to get the news published. SHe denies that she cant do this, Pratab says that he called the news agency and they told her that a woman who came to their home told them what she heard from Sanvri. Pratab leaves, while Sanvri cries thinking what is happening with her.
Next morning Avni gets Raj’s call, he asks did she see the newspaper, he wont be abl to tell, she must see it herself. It said that Love set us apart, now love will be a sourse of bringing us together, Raj was there as a hawker. He tells her that he was in the agency, and heard all what she said. He tells Avni to show it to Akshit.
Raj shows Arpita the newspaper. Her mom was worried, she says she could never know this will happen. Arpita says she must talk Akshit, as he also wants them to be together. Arpita’s dad thinks Akshit wont take any step against his dad. Arpita requests him not to stop her this time, as she wont be able to live happily this way. He says he wants her happiness but cant see her disguised.
Her mom also favours her.
Sheru ji comes to Askhit and says that his order will be ready but he wont be able to give them the best of quality, Akshit says that he promised. Sheru ji says that he also promised Arpita about so much. He leaves, Avni was there outside. Akshit says to her that she cant understand this matter. Avni says Arpita is coming, talk to her and think if he can live without her.
The press comes to Akshit, he thinks he should tell him something after which they must not ask any further questions. Arpita comes to the door of his office. Akshit tells the press that Arpita is now a closed chapter of his life, they are not related anymore; marrying her was a big mistake.
Arpita tells this to Avni and Raj downstairs, Raj takes her home while Avni is shocked how Askhit can say this. Arpita comes home, her mom asks what did Akshit say. She says she has to pack her bag. Her dad asks where do you intend to go. She tells her dad that he was right about Akshit, and she wants to begin her life again; so she is leaving India.

Arpita comes to the office.
PRECAP: Avni and Askhit are at the airport. Avni prays the flight hasnt left but the receptionist tells them the flight has already left. The family stands behind too. Avni confesses to Raj that she doesnt want to win love but get defeated by it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is bare crap

  2. Stupid episode askhit is so stupid and savri is paying for her deeds

  3. f**k u savri ur duh cause of dis mess…akshit be a real f**king man n go get ur love!!!!

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