Tumhari Pakhi 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anshuman asking Pakhi to go and give her best in the competition. Jiya jiya na jaaye …………plays………… Pakhi hugs him and leaves. Anshuman stands at the sea side looking. Rohan comes to him and says I knew this, how you sacrificed, you took the incense sticks that Pakhi kept, and kept a cigarette to take the blame on you. Rohan offers cigarette and says I know you don’t smoke, don’t worry, I will not tell her anything, but why such a deal of loss, Pakhi could have gone with you if we lost, but you lost this chance. Anshuman says she is not a trophy that I take home, you did not understand me, I did not come here to bind her in any relation, I came here to free her, as if she comes after 18 years to me, she should come by her wish.

He says I came here to get her forgiveness, which I got, its my profit. He leaves. Pakhi comes back home and cries. She talks to Ayaan on video chat. He says I just came from school so did not change uniform. He makes a house model. He asks her to guess with what he made this. He says I made this with dad’s cigarettes which were useless, now he does not smoke. Pakhi is shocked. He says dad promised me that he will not touch cigarette sine you left. She thinks then how did that cigarette come.

Ayaan says where is dad, is he with you. She says no, he went out for work. He asks will you come back with dad this time. He says give me a surprise, I love you Maa. She smiles. She looks at Dhola Maru puppets and says if Ayaan is telling me, its true. She sees a match stick and thinks she has lit the incense sticks with it. She understands and says it means fire was by incense sticks, when he came to me, he threw it and blamed himself. She cries.

She says why did Anshuman do this, to make me free of this blame. She gets a call from Tanya. Tanya talks to her and says you are shocked to get my call. Pakhi says no. Tanya says I promised Anshuman that I will not come in between you two, but I can’t see my best friend like this, punish me, I m the culprit, why are you both punishing yourself, believe me, now he has changed. This Anshuman is a lover who loves you a lot, he can do anything for you, please Pakhi, I know I don’t have right to ask you, but I want to ask for his happiness, please come back in his life. She ends the call.

Pakhi cries. She thinks about Anshuman. She thinks I did not know you will change so much that I will fall in my eyes. Lavanya asks Girish why is he alone. He says nothing. He says I don’t have problem with Anuja, but why does she feel I don’t care about you. Lavanya understands him. He says I feel she has come in between us, she is always with you. Anuja hears all this and is shocked. Lavanya says mum, he did not mean this. Anuja leaves. Lavanya says she heard everything and cries. She says I can’t hurt her, what will she think now.

Pakhi comes to the seaside. She tirns and sees Anshuman. Saiyyan…………..plays……………..He says you made my every wish true always, I know you will not refuse for anything. She asks him and cries. She asks him to understand her language of touch. He says it says you want to love me. Bol dil se……………plays………….The lovers have a deep meaning talk about moon and his light. He says moon goes towards Rohini as moon loves it. Pakhi smiles. Saiyyan……………plays…………..

He says moon and Rohini are linked by heart. She cries and hugs him. Anshuman gets tears in his eyes and smiles. She says I did not know love has so much strength that it heals even the wound of the soul. She hugs him and says I got my love back again. Bairi jiya tumpe piya machle……………

Pakhi asks Anshuman to take her back. He says no, promise me you will give your best to this competition. She says no, I don’t want to.

Update Credit to: Amena

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