Rang Rasiya 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mala sees rudra paro also sees him, rudra gets angry and leaves, mala says paro he listend all, paro goes behind him, rudra is going and recalls mala’s words about dilsher, how he used to beat her, paro comes to him running, she says now you know why she ran away, after knowing truth you came here, rudra says she must be lying, paro says you know she is not lying, that’s why dilsher asked me bring her here, rudra says 15 years i sued to think that she ran away leaving me and now she is saying that it was dilsher’s fault, paro says then go to her and ask her, its your right, rudra says i don’t wanna and tell me on whom side you are mine or hers, paro sasy i am on your side and we all are on one side, rudra says i feel bad as for me my whole family starts from you and end on you, paro says major sahib, rudra says no rudra only, he leaves in anger.

Scene 2
dilsher comes to his room and rudra is there already, dilsher says you came to taunt me, he ask rudra to speak up, rudra fills drink and give to dilsher, he says what that lady said is true, i listened what she was saying, is that true, answer me, she ran away because of you? dilsher says i don’t know what youy listend but i can tell you that i was responsible for whatever happened, our marriage because of me, rudra says then you filled poison in me against, why didn’t you tell me 15 years back, dilsher says it was my fault, rudra says it was not a fault, you didn’t tell me deliberately, mala comes and says marriage is between two people, it was between and dilsher so we didn’t let it out, rudra says i was also between you two, what kind of parents are you, didn’t think of me, and mala why you bear all that then why did you ran, you could have taken someone’s help. rudra says to dilsher that you were telling me lie all these years, it was good if you had killed my or mala would have strangled my neck before neck, you both would have got peace, it would have been good if was not born or would have been a orphan, mala tries to say something. he leaves in nager, mala says what have we done with our son, glass falls from dilsher’s hand when he gets the reality check.

Scene 2
at night, rudra is siting sadly in hall, paro comes there and sit beside him, he says so she said all to you, he lies his head on her shoulder and says i fell like i am fighting a war and you oare on opposite side, paro says this is not a war but there are some lines separating us, i know you cant understand now but i want to take you to other side of line, i wanna show otherside, let your anger and emotions come out, rudra says what would have happened to me if you were not there, paro says why i wouldn’t be with you, never think i am not with you, we got connected the day when i threw doll at you, rudra says it was good you gave me doll and we made relation there, paro says you should thank that i had doll in my hand not stick, i would have trew that at you, rudra looks at her surprised, paro says how can i hurt you when i love you a lot. (main tainu samjahwan ki song plays) as they share an eyelock. rudra sees doll on swing and ask what she is doing here. paro says i brought her here, you don’t listen to me for sometime so brought her that she will send my messages to you, paro says imli, think if i would have threw imli at you at that time then how could have you preserved it for 15 years, you wouldn’t have preserved it for even 15 seconds as you would have ate it, thanks god i had doll in my hands that time, so we got connected, rudra rest on paro’s shoulder and says doll gave support, he holds paro’s hand, paro says lets sleep now, rudra lies head in her lap, song plays.

Scene 3
paro is bringing some sort of rack with difficulty, rudra says why are you bringing it, its seems heavy, tell me where to place, it, paro says to that wall, he places it, he ask paro whats is it, paro takes off sheet from it, rudra is shocked to see it, paro shows him handkerchief from rack and says you used to not sleep without it, then shows a slipper and says one slipper cut your foot so you had thrown it then you used to walk with one slipper only. rudra sees the rack and ask whats all this and how you know it, mala is seeing all this hiding, rudra is confused as how she know he used to like all this in childhood, he ask who made it, paro says i made it with help if maasa. rudra says what, why are you doing this along with her, paro says so that you remember your past memories, your present is related to your past and that you leave your past and be happy in your present, rudra says my past isn’t related to these memories, wish i wasnt related to them(mala and dilsher) too, he is about to throw it, paro says if they don’t matter to you then why her presence affect you then. dilsher and danveer comes there, danveer sees the rack, he takes out shirt with badge and says this is the same badge which you asked me in childhood, paro you know he stubbornly asked me to give this badge, when i gave him, he asked mala to put is on his shirt then he asked me to tell him about salute and all, they see a drawing of a happy family, dilsher he got 1st prize for it but he was angry, danveer says maybe he wouldn’t have liked it, dilsher says no he didn’t have full colors, samrat gave them to him, rudra says me and dilsher made it whole night, dilsher says even then he was angry why, mala comes and says because he forgot to draw himself in drawing look whole family is there but he is not, dilsher oh, danveer sys then why he didn’t draw himself afterwards, dilsher says agree he was not major at that time but he used to be stuboorn and nobody can change anything which rudra has made, dilsher says look at this gun, it had weird sound that used to hurt ears, i used to give him bribe in form of laddo to shut this gun off, mala says not laddo but kheer(sweetdish), rudra looks at her, mala says if we had to make rudra understand anything then we used to give him kheer 1st. paro sits beside rudra and says see dilsher is having every toy of yours, mala remembers your story, there is nothing related to you which they don’t know, don’t do this, talk to them,

PRECAP- paro and Maithili are buying bangles, they see one guy on bike facing them, Maithili says they should leave, they turns to leave, the person on bike comes near paro ant thrwos some liquid(probably acid) on her face, paro screams in pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rudra’s past life is very nice.. I liked today’s episode..

  2. Oh god…. scary precap… where d story is goin now

  3. Nice ep.thnk u for posting good reviews bcause its how i used to know about the story.

  4. Is parus face changes or what i think the negative role entered the serial

  5. I want to thank for the person who is uploding the written updates

  6. wow paro now stop calling him major saheb and just call him rudra.and one more thing that is really acid or something else.but whom ever is trying to do that becarefull becoz if something hurt paro then rudra will never leave them alive yaar.thank for update.

  7. choudary adil

    Lol the acid thing is all set up by laila

    1. of course it is set up by LAila – this incident will bring rudra clsoer to his massa because he will need comforting . omg i hope he sorts this Laila out once and for all . she is thick skinned he has told her he only loves paro and she was there for pleasure not love LOL!!!! love is only for PARO!!!!!!!

  8. I am glad rudra heard his mum and paro conversation he realised that it was not all her fault that she had to leave even though he is still angry I think paro is the only one who can keep rudra calm

  9. now rudra vl hav a soft corner for his mom…. paro is plannin to scold mala in front of rudra n rudra vl tak mala’s side n hence paro vl b successful in her plan… nice way to bring mom n son close… but i guess paro vl get hurt coz i heard dat rudra vl bcum zoru ka gulam n vl tak care of her wen she is bedridden…. gud luck RR team… nice twist n turns…. i lyk d fast pace of d story… no draggin n al… Gud luck… job wel done

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