Gustakh Dil 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Lajjo in a bad state, Anjali asks Anushka what happened to Lajjo? Ratri answer she must be drunk like her Guru, he is always drunk. Anjali tells Ratri to mind her language, Trishna is not like you, she doesn’t touch drinks, She adds you have done something to Lajjo? Ratri says I just came here, poor girl first interview was canceled and now this. Says I was just concern, why things happen to her all the time? May be she is nervous and now you know to become a star you need some quality, now only magic will save her.

SK comes there and asks Anjali why did you call me? Program is going to be started, man comes and calls Trishna. SK says Trishna you have to give this interview, you won’t get such chance again. Trishna tries to get up and falls down. SK asks what did she eat? Anushka says Netra gave her Prasad, she ate that. SK looks at Trishna and says she is high. Get some salt water, she will be fine. They give her salt water and Trishna throws up. Kabir comes there, this girl can’t become star, leave her. SK says to Kabir you take care of your star, just give me 10 minuts, Kabir says take 10 mts, 10 hrs, 10 months, take your time.

Nani is doing some weird thing with colors, Meera comes there shocked and calls her, Nani says this abstract thinking, I mean mediatation, yesterday I met Guru he takes out all emotions, it’s called mediation painting. For ex. Blue is a color of sadness and red is my anger color and when I am happy I see purple color, but I can’t see it now. She asks Meera you try now, close your eyes what you see? Meera says White, Nani is confused and says Guruji never said anything about white color. She sits down, Meera gives her a packet, which was lying outside there house, it was Nani’s Knee medicine oil. Nani says who would have kept it? Meera says may be Lajjo is in Delhi. Nani thinks Meera also said the same thing but I will keep quite for now. From her expression Meera says do you know anything about Lajjo and Nani again started meditation and said green, Meera says is green Lajjo’s color and leaves.Nani says I will find out where is Lajjo, she is in Delhi, I’m sure. (go girl)

SK gives Lajjo black Coffee and Lajjo feels good. Everyone is happy. Nikhil is looking at Lajjo’s picture and says do you think I’ll leave without you to Dubai?( Poor nikhil) (Gunja is watching him) Wherever I’ll go you will come with me as you are my lucky charm. What will I do without you, I have to do packing, I don’t know how to do it. Don’t give me cute smile, I’m very angry with you, I gave your parents a gift, you must have shown to whole Sonbarsa. I’m coming to Sonbarsa, I am not going to listen to your promises. Gunja comes there and asks Nikhil are you alright? He says I am fine talking to my life partner. Gunja says oh Lajjo, Nikhil says Lajjo Bhabhi, give her some respect. Gunja talks about some movie, Ayesha and Rishi and LifeOK now awards. She gives list to Nikhil to buy things for her.

SK takes her for interview, Trishna is on live radio interview. RJ introduces them as two stars and asks question to Ratry first. He asks to become a star what do you need? Ratri says confidence, confidence and confidence. RJ says, today in front of me is confident Ratri, Ratri the one who becomes calm/cool as night goes on, Ratri says and intoxicating (Nashili) and mysterious too, she looks at Lajjo. Rj asks Trishna meaning of Trishna. She says Trishna means Pyas. Rj asks her what one should do to become a star, Lajjo says you want just one quality? RJ says don’t think so deep I just want simple answer. Lajjo is thinking. SK is thinking and saying please Lajjo say something.

Precap: SK is teaching driving to Lajjo and Lajjo hits Nikhil’s car from behind.

Update Credit to: paljay

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  1. Quicker they find out what ratri and barks doing to Laajo the better but I find it shocking no respect for Praasad

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