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Next morning, nurse tells everyone that Dadi has gained conscious. They are all relieved. Nurse allows them to meet the patient but only one at a time. Suresh comes to see his mother while everyone else stands by the door watching them. He is pained to see her mother like this. I was really scared but doctor has assured that you will be fine. His mother looks towards the door. He calls out for the nurse saying she needs something. Dadi asks for Sharda. Suresh feels bad / sad. He gets up and Sharda comes to talk to her MIL. Nurse tells him to wait outside and he leaves.

Karan comments at his dad that he looks worried. Suresh is irked by his question as his mother is ill after all so how else is he supposed to look or feel. Karan relates his problem with his dad’s. Have you understood this that you are to be blamed for Dadi’s condition? The whole family is suffering today because of your mistake. I, Sakshi and mom will leave this house but you are responsible for Dadi’s ill health. You have broken hearts of both the mothers – yours and mine! Karan goes from there.

Dadi apologizes to Sharda who tells her not to. Dadi understands that Sharda is doing the right thing. My son deserves all of it. I had made up my mind but my heart was selfish. It isn’t ready to part from the people it loves. Sharda takes the blame. You have stood by me every time. I was selfish. We share a very deep bond. I haven’t shared this much time with anyone else as much as I have spent with you. Please forgive me. I dint even think about your old age. Dadi denies. you are not at fault. Destiny has played a game. Sharda tells her to let destiny play its game but we wont fall weak. No one will cry now, neither you nor me. She puts her MIL to sleep. Suresh is watching everything from outside.

At night, Latika has given medicines to Dadi. She is taking rest now. Sakshi decides to go to Dadi’s room but just then door bell rings. They are shocked to see Pallavi. Sakshi goes to confront / stop her. You cannot come here anytime like this. What do you want? Pallavi replies that she has come to see Mahesh’s mom. I anyways share a very long bond with this home. Sakshi clearly tells her off. You don’t have any relation with this house but only with papa. This house is all about my Ma. You have no right on anything here. Pallavi reminds her that she is Mahesh’s first wife while you (Sakshi) are his second wife’s DIL. Both the women bicker for their rights and age. Suresh comes to see what’s happening. Pallavi gives him the bouquet that she has brought for his mom. Your DIL was talking about rights so I thought to remind her who has what right here. I wanted to give you these papers. Rest of the things can be asked from my lawyer. She leaves. Suresh is shocked to read the papers and drops the file. He throws the bouquet and goes after Pallavi. Sakshi looks at the file.

Suresh stops Pallavi. Meanwhile, Sakshi, Latika and Karan read that file which clearly states that all of their dad’s property will go to his first wife. Everyone is shocked. Karan explains that they have no right on any of this property now as legally their (Sharda & Suresh’s) wedding is null and void. Sharda is pained at the realisation of this ugly truth. Latika takes the papers while Sakshi goes to her MIL’s side. sakshi says that they don’t want any right on anything in this house. Our Ma is our share. What will we do of this bricks and stones house without Ma? All this is between papa and Pallavi. We should have no problem if Pallavi wants papa’s property. Latika is lost in thoughts. Sharda agrees with Sakshi. If I have no right on him only then I don’t want anything that belongs to him. sakshi and Sharda go to check on Dadi. Karan too leaves for his room. Latika wonders what will happen to their business if she leaves too as Karan is anyways leaving with Sakshi and Mumma. She cannot leave. I have done so much of hard work to build this business. I wont let Pallavi snatch it so easily. I will have to support dad anyhow as that only can save Sharda Industries and my future too.

Suresh had his hopes pined on Pallavi that atleast she would understand him if nobody else. She can easily figure the difference between his cheating and understanding. She calls him Mahesh but then corrects herself and calls him Suresh. He understands her taunt. Mom is unwell and you have brought this notice. Don’t you understand the situation? She clearly tells him off. Everyone’s lives will change very soon. you will have to understand your priorities really well. Think it through as I don’t want to keep visiting police stations. She leaves from there. Latika has heard their convo and is worried as Pallavi has controlled her dad completely. She has left no option for him. I will have to become my dad’s Latika anyhow or everything will be finished.

Next morning, Sakshi is cooking. Sharda wants to go buy medicines for Dadi. Karan forgot to bring one of those. Latika comes to talk to her dad. Latika talks about their meeting with some Mr. Ahuja. Sharda observes all this and turns to go when Latika looks at her. Pratik comes with Diya. They meet Sharda and then head off to meet Dadi. Latika is surprised to see them there. Latika continues to talk about the project with her dad. Karan comes asking for his mom. Sakshi tells him that she has gone out to buy some medicines. He finally had a word with Chirag. He is coming home to see Dadi. Sakshi is relieved as Ma would be happy to see him.

Pratik questions Latika as to what is she doing. Till yesterday you were against your dad. You forgot everything today? she takes him aside. I haven’t forgotten anything. I wont forgive him for what he has done with not just mom but all of us. But I work with him. we share a professional relation too. Pallavi has sent a legal notice to dad where she wants everything in her name. Chirag comes home and stops to overhear their convo. The rest of the family members are emotional and have decided to leave dad driven by their emotions. But I am very practical. If I ignore him now then he will succumb to Pallavi’s demands. I wont let that happen. Pratik bluntly puts it that she can forget everything for property. She calls him kiddish. I am doing this for mumma, Karan, Sakshi, Chirag and for Diya. I cannot ruin mine and my daughter’s future because of that Pallavi. Anyways Sharda Industries is on top because of my hard work. I cannot bear the brunt of dad’s mistakes. I wont let that Pallavi snatch my rights. I am doing all this for my daughter as whatever is mine today will be hers one day. You understand me, right? He declines as he doesn’t even want to. We kept on fighting and I used to think that you are educated, competent but what are you scared of today? you can find a good job any day. Sadly it is no just dad who is cheating mom but you too! She doesn’t understand his point. You are right in blaming me as every time I expect you to understand me but it has never happened in the past and you cannot do it today as well.

Chirag promises his Dadi he wont leave her now. she is feeling better as they all are with her. Sakshi brings juice for her. Dadi was scared Sakshi might have brought the kaada made by Sharda. They all joke over it. Sharda is standing at the door listening. Dadi is happy to see the smile on her face. Sakshi suggests going out for some time. They all agree. Even Dadi wants to go out. Sakshi goes to get wheelchair for her.

Sakshi, Sharda, Chirag, Latika, Karan and Dadi head towards the main door. Sharda fears a rain but Sakshi tells her to relax as she has kept umbrellas in their cars. Dadi is too excited to go out. Latika tells Chirag that they all missed him. He hmms in reply. Dadi is so happy to go out with all the kids. Just then Pallavi comes there saying they all will have to leave anyways now. everyone looks at her in shock.

Precap: Sharda comes to talk to Chirag. He isn’t happy to be back home as she is leaving with Karan bhaiya and Sakshi bhabhi. Why did you call me here? Latika tells her mom clearly that she wont let anyone snatch their right…neither her (Pallavi) nor her ill mannered daughter.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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