Rang Rasiya 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
maayra is ibebrieted and says to rudra that its magic on us, rudra says its nothing, rudra sees paro in maayra and comes closer, she says do you feel something when I come close, rudra says nothing, she cups his face and says when I touch you even then you don’t feel something, rudra recalls paro and says no, maayra comes very close and kisses rudra, rudra recalls how paro kissed him earlier, rudra closes his eyes and cant stop maayra, he feels the love. rudra gets lost and sees paro in maayra, he smiles at her and cups her face, he recalls paro and his intimate moments abnd how he kissed paro, rudra kisses paro on her cheek, Maithili comes there and says you need anything? she is shocked to see them so close, rudra moves back, Maithili says sorry, I came, she leaves, maayra is having head ache, rudra puts maayra on bed and goes behind Maithili.
rudra comes to Maithili in kitehcn, rudra says the way you are thinking, its nothing like that, Maithili says it doesn matter now, I told you earlier but you said you know what right and whats wrong, she says even I want you to move on in life and I have no problem with maayra, she is a good girl, rudra says nothing like that, Maithili says you cant lie, your voice and eyes doesn’t match when you lie, some years back, I saw love in your yes for paro, I am seeing feelings for maayra too, we all know she looks like paro and whats wrong in her, dhruv thinks that she is mother, think if she goes from here, what will happen to dhruv and you too. rudra is tensed and goes from there.

Scene 2
rudra comes to dhruv and lies beside him, rudra recalls how maayra kissed him, he recalls how Maithili said what will happen to him and dhruv when maayra will leave the house.
its morning, maayra wakes up, dhruv and koyal come and says good morning, dhruv says you are wearing papa’s jacket, how did it come to you? rudra comes and ask dhruv koyal to come and go to school with him, maayra says one minute take your jacket, rudra doesn’t look at her and leaves without taking the jacket, maayra says what happened to him, weird man, she recalls how she kissed him last night, she says what, omg, I kissed him, I kissed rudra, she listens to bells and her heart beat grows faster, she says nothing like that happened to me earlier, all those bells and heart beat.. omg am I in love with him? she says very bad, why did maayra you kiss him, she recalls how rudra kissed her back, she gets happy and says omg he loves me too. Maithili comes and give her milk, maayra says no I wont have it, Maithili says rudra told me to give it to you, maayra says what? he wants me to get better, she takes the milk, Maithili goes, maayra says he loves me too, she holds rudra’s jacket and says he didn’t take it back, this means he wants this jacket to be with me, he really loves me.

Scene 3
maayra comes in kitchen and ask Maithili to tell her how much she have to put milk in tea, Maithili says I will make it, you are our guest, maayra says yes and guests are like god in india so don’t argue with me, she ask Maithili what is she cooking, shtabdi says she is cooking for samrat, he can eat anything made by Maithili, shtabdi tells maayra about everyone’s favorite dish, maayra ask whats rudra’s favorite dish? shtabdi says its aloo sabzi, maayra thinks even I like potato, we have similar choice, so we love each other, maayra says I will make it, Maithili says you cant make it, shtabdi says why not, if I can make it then maayra too can make it, Maithili says she doesn’t know about spice and all and rudra wants perfect sabzi so she cant make it, shtabdi agrees, maayra thinks that means its not love between us. rudra comes there and gives Maithili milk for tea. maayra says I know how to make tea, I will make tea, rudra says no need, I don’t want to have tea, maayra blabbers this means he doesn’t love me., rudra looks at maayra and ask did you take your medicine? maayra gets happy and says yes I took it with milk, rudra goes out, maayra smiles and says its love, she goes behind rudra while Maithili tensely looks at her.

Scene 4
maayra stops rudra and says I need one minute of yours, I need to talk to you, rudra angrily looks at her, she ask what happened, why are you acting weird, rudra says I have some work, she says we can sit and talk, rudra says no I have work and leaves from there, maayra thinks damn it, he doesn’t love me, she sadly starts walking and is about to hit the pillar when rudra puts hand between her face and pillar and saves her from hitting, he ask her to walk with open eyes, maayra looks at him.
Maithili comes to maayra and says don’t dream of getting him, maayra says oh you are talking about hacket, I will give it back to rudra, Maithili says I am talking about whats brewing between you and rudra, you both are behaving weird, what going on between you and him, Maithili says I am saying all this to you because you call me jija and make me remind of my younger sister, maayra says I don’t know whats happening to me, Maithili says exactly, don’t do something which you cant handle, maayra ask why cant rudra and me be together, Maithili says because he is married man and he has a boy, Maayra says you wanted him to move on, you wanted him to marry again so what wrong with our relation, Maithili says you don’t understand, it was different thing, maayra says I don’t care about anything, Maithili says even you don’t care about your engagement? maayra realizes and says how can forget this that I am engaged, Maithili says to maayra that you came in rudra’s at a time when he is habituated to live in memories of paro, maayra says what did you say? paro? paro is rudra’s wife, oh god, he called me paro, why did he call me paro? what going on, I don’t understand, Maithili says I want to stop you both from doing anything wrong. Maithili says I am sorry if I said anything wrong.

PRECAP- maayra sees big painting of paro, she is stunned.
rudra comes in his room and is shocked to see maayra in paro’s saree, he gets angry on seeing maayra donning same get up as of paro.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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