Balika Vadhu 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu and Alok coming to Subhadra’s room. Subhadra says, she will be coming for dinner. Daddu says, I am confused. Don’t know what to do. We thought you are changed, but you have proved yourself. Subhadra asks, what is the matter? Daddu asks her why did you go to that vaid who sells drugs. Subhadra refuses to go anywhere. Alok says, I saw you there. If you refused to went there then we will go and get the info from him. Subhadra wonders what to do and thinks of an idea. Daddu scolds her and says these type of drugs can worsen your condition. Subhadra thanks Lord in her heart. She says sorry. She cooks up a fake story that she is taking that medicines for her itching problem of leg.

Daddu asks her to give the powder and says he will throw it in the dustbin. Subhadra says, she will return the medicine and take back the money. She thinks that drug is helping her in maligning Anandi’s image. Anandi have to eat it daily.

Anandi gives tea to Dadisaa. Dadisaa drinks it. She says, your hand made tea is tasty. Anandi gets Subhadra’s call. Subhadra says, she is missing her and asks her if she is eating Prasad’s laddoo. Anandi says, will eat soon. Subhadra tells her that she kept a mannat for her happiness. Anandi says, she will eat it. Subhadra asks her to message her once she eats the laddoo. Anandi says ok. Anandi gives the call to Dadisaa. Subhadra pretends to be good and consoles her for Basant’s death. Dadisaa says, I understand. Subhadra says, I liked naturopathy course. She disconnects the call. Anandi praises Subhadra and says she kept a mannat for me. Dadisaa thinks something is fishy.

Subhadra anxiously waits for Anandi’s message. Alok and Anoop come back after shopping. Subhadra asks, what is in the bags. Anoop says we brought gifts for our respective wives. Subhadra gets excited. Ira and Meenu come there. Alok and Anoop give the gifts. Alok asks Ira to check the gift in the room. Subhadra asks them to wear the gifted sarees.

Anandi comes to the room and cleans it. Gehna calls her. She gets a message from Subhadra about prasad. Anandi eats the laddoo and messages her. Subhadra tells Alok and Anoop that she is missing Anandi. Ira and Meenu comes wearing salwar kameez. Subhadra gets shocked while their respective husbands couldn’t keep their eyes off them.

Subhadra pretends to be surprised and happy. Alok and Anoop say wow. Ira says, how we will go infront of Daddu. Anoop says come on. Meenu says, buaji is also here naa. Alok says, buaji won’t feel bad. Subhadra says, she likes it. She thinks don’t come infront of me.

Gehna makes the list for havan. Dadisaa says, we shall make the preparations till evening. Dadisaa asks about Ganga. Gehna says, she is giving bath to Abhi. Gauri is going to Jagya’s room. Dadisaa tells her that he left for hospital. Gauri gets sad and thinks she missed to confess her feelings. Anandi comes and asks her, how is her life going on? Gauri says she works in the hospital. Anandi says, we do social service. Gauri asks her about Shiv. Anandi says, he is my super hero. He saved me at our first meeting. He impressed me. She praises Shiv a lot. Dadisaa and Gehna look on surprisingly.

Anandi says, she is lucky to have Shiv and have started living her life with Shiv. She asks her to start her new life afresh. She says, you will lead a happy life once you get married and have children. She asks her to forget the past and write new chapter of her life, then this life will look like a heaven to you. Gauri gets happy and hugs her. Dadisaa is shocked.

Ganga thinks how will Anandi take me to havan as Gauri is there. Anandi comes to Ganga and takes her to havan. They see Gauri there and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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