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Sharda tells Latika to go and be with Diya. Latika eyes Shanaya angrily and finally leaves from there. Sharda takes all the blame on herself. If I was in kitchen then all this wouldn’t have happened. Dadi says it happened by accident but Sharda is not ready to believe it. This all happened because of me only. I was busy in getting ready for office. Karan calms his mom. Diya is fine now. Dad said that meeting is at 10 am. You should leave for office. She denies. I won’t go anywhere. Karan assures that they are all here to take care of Diya but Sharda stays put. I will take care of her.

She comes to check on Diya. Latika is sitting beside Diya. You had to go office mom. Why are you still here? It’s your first day, you shouldn’t be late. Sharda cannot go leaving her kid in such a situation. Latika calls Diya her kid. Trust me I know how to take care of her. Your priorities have changed. You have to handle office, business. Dad has cleared all this to us very nicely. You should go and handle your work / office. I will handle my daughter. Sharda gets sad. Shanaya has heard it all.

Shanaya follows Sharda in the corridor. She acts all sweet and apologetic. She blames it all on Suntia. Even Aarav went without eating breakfast. Diya was hungry so I told her to eat whatever she likes. I really dint knew that she is diabetic. I am sorry, I dint do it intentionally. Sharda says it is my duty to take care of my family. You are not at fault. Don’t cry. Sharda goes from there. Shanaya wipes her fake tears. You have indeed made a mistake. You have tried to take my mom’s place. Now you won’t go to office ever Sharda Ji.

Sharda thinks of not going to office. I haven’t even stepped out of home yet and so much has happened. I will tell it to him. she starts removing her jewellery. Sakshi comes there. She has already guessed what’s on her Ma’s mind. I know what you are thinking. You aren’t to be blamed for what happened. how can you blame yourself for everything? In a way, Latika Di is spending some time with Diya at home. She is fulfilling her responsibility as a mother which is actually good for both of them. Doc said that everything is fine, Diya is fine. We all are with DIya. I am here. You should go to office, if not for you then for papa atleast. He really needs you. This will be a new beginning for your relation. Diya comes there just then. She notices the tears in her Nani’s eyes. I also cry when I don’t feel like going to school but don’t worry you will have fun at office. She assures her that she is all healthy and strong. Bring me loads of toys when you return from office. Sharda nods happily. Sakshi assures her that she will take good care of Diya. Sharda has full faith in her that she can handle everything on her own. Now I have to maintain his (Suresh’s) trust. I will go to office. He is waiting for me so I will definitely go. Diya gets happy.

Sharda and Sakshi are in temple. Sakshi prays for strength for her Ma. Sharda is worried about everyone at home. Please take care of Diya and everyone at home. Dadi gives her sweetened curd. Karan hugs his mom. Shanaya just stands there. They all go to drop Sharda till outside and Shanaya notices an upset Latika heading back to her room. She has got her next plan. I will ruin your family by becoming its part. She gets a call from her friend. They both plan to go for shopping tomorrow. Shanaya gets excited at the prospect of using her new credit card given by her dad. Sakshi overhears their convo.

Latika explains Ramayan to Diya. They talk about Kaikayi. Diya calls her a bad mom. Shanaya hears it from outside. Latika explains to Diya that Kaikayi was bad as she was a step mom to Ram ji. Shanaya interrupts their story. She acts to be concerned for DIya. I am really sorry I dint know you will fall ill. Diya is cool with it. She goes out to bring her drawings to show them to Shanaya. Shanaya turns to Latika. I know you are upset with me. come what may after all I am your step sister. I can do anything and everything yet everyone will call me fake. I know I am not right all the time, I keep making mistakes but we all do it. Sharda ji is so good yet she makes mistakes. She went to office to fulfil her own ambitions leaving Diya in such condition. She dint even think as to how you alone will handle everything here. Trust me Latika Di I really felt bad when Sharda ji supported me instead of you. Latika recalls the whole incident when her mom had sent her to Diya’s room instead of saying anything to Shanaya. Shanaya agrees that she made a mistake. I shouldn’t have said all that to you, but Sharda ji should not have taken my side. whether you believe it or not but Sharda ji is behaving the same way with you that you just explained to DIya in your story, like a step mom. To make me a part of her family she made you a stranger actually. Since she has come back she is finding faults in you only. Only Karan and Chirag are her own. Sakshi passing by but stops to hear them. shanaya says she feels bad for her. you are just like me. I don’t have a mom while you have a mom but she doesn’t love you. Latika feels bad. Sakshi asks Shanaya for some help. Shanaya wants to stay with Diya for some time but Sakshi tells her to come back in a while. Shanaya excuses herself while Latika is in dee thoughts.

Suresh introduces Sharda to his office staff. Title track plays. He gives her the decision making power for their company. Once the staff is gone, he tells Sharda that it is their office now. He shows her her new desk. She smiles.

Sakshi confronts Shanaya about what she is trying. You are trying to instigate my family against each other. Better watch out or I will show you what I can do. Plus you will get punishment for what you did today. sakshi has got her new credit card blocked. Shanaya is shocked. I promised my friend that I will go for shopping with her. dad gave me that credit card. Sakshi is not worried about it. go ahead and complain to dad as I too will tell him what you were telling Latika Di. You love manipulations right? Not enjoying it? Shanaya wants to leave this house. Sakshi teases her about it. how will you go when you don’t have money? Shanaya walks away in a huff.

Manager tells Suresh that their consignment has been returned. We were a little late in delivery which is why they have got it from somewhere else. There was a transport strike for 2 days. Now what will we do with these 1000 sarees? Suresh tells him to return them and demand a refund. Manager says it isn’t possible. Suresh tells him to either put it on sale or scrap them. Sharda has a suggestion. They are all white sarees. If we dye them and get some embroidery work done on it then they can look really beautiful. We can even sell them in retail market. This way we will get our money and maybe we can earn some profit too. Manager loves the idea. Suresh too agrees for it. though he wonders why this simple idea dint come to his mind. Sharda and Manager discuss about the labour work and time for the same.

Sakshi gives mop to Shanaya. She has kept an energy drink for her in the fridge. Shanaya has to clean courtyard, kitchen and utensils. Shanaya is not interested. I don’t have to do all this as things are not that bad in life. Sakshi points out that anything wrong can happen. If you have to go out with your friends for shopping then you will have to do it or you will feel insulted among them. Your credit card will be activated as soon as you finish all this. Shanaya agrees reluctantly.

Suresh appreciates Sharda. He also puts her in charge of the order. You (Manager) should contact her only in case there is any issue and everyone will have to follow her orders. Manager nods and leaves. Sharda wonders if he found anything wrong with what she said but he reminds her that she is here for this only. If your one suggestion can save us from loss then what’s wrong with it. She asks him to ask Karan to join them again. He is putting a lot of hard work in his present company but if he will join us again then it will be good for us. He says I never told him to leave this company. I, Latika and the whole staff will be very happy if he joins us again. don’t worry I will talk to him myself. She thanks him.

Precap: Suresh proposes Karan to join their office again. Latika remarks that people say you shouldn’t believe on what others say but maybe they are not wrong always. Sharda is confused. Latika puts it on her. it was all your plan. You ignored Diya so that I have to stay at home to take care of her and then go to office and give your son my place.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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