Rang Rasiya 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
shtabdi sees some saree shopkeepers in house, mohini and maayra are looking for sarees, mohini says don’t worry about money, just give good sarees, shopkeepers gossips that she is NRI, they sees maayra’s purse, maayra likes the sarees, shopkeepers ask her to come to their shop, mohini tells shtabdi that I will get 20% of all what maayra will buy, maayra is playing with one saree, saree is blown away and it falls on rudra’s face, maayra thinks to go from there else stupid bells will ring, shopkeeper tries to steal purse but rudra ask what are you doing, they give purse to maayra, rudra ask their shop’s name, shopkeeper says we are from other city, maayra says whats the problem? rudra says if you don’t have shop papers then go from house, they leave with their sarees, mohini says they were just selling sarees, rudra say ask me before allowing anyone in house, maayra is my responsibility, he ask maayra to be careful, maayra is angry, shtabdi teases mohini about 20% profit.
Maithili is waiting for kids to come from school, kids come, dhruv is all messed up and has dirt on his clothes, Maithili ask what happened, how you got hurt, rudra comes and ask what happened dhruv, did you have FIGHT WITH Someone in school, maayra also comes there, koyal says that next week we have parents teacher meeting, dhruv said that his mother will come but some kids laughed on dhruv that his mother is dead then how will he come, dhruv says I got angry and fought with them,rudra looks at maayra, she says I think I should not interfere, she leaves from there, rudra is tensed.
rudra comes to dhruv in room, rudra ask why you said that your mother will come in meeting? koyal says because dhruv thinks maayra is beibg sent by paro, dhruv says I think I will win this time, you remember mathili’s game, rudra recalls how Maithili fooled him to not says anything to maayra about paro and she will recall that she is paro, rudra say this cant happen dhruv, koyal says why not, she sang good bhajans too, rudra says try to understand she cant be your mother, koyal says why, paro and you had fights too, rudra says it wasn’t like that, when I saw paro 1st, I understood that there is something between us, dhruv says maybe you love maayra but don’t realize it, rudra says dhruv, koyals says you talked a lot dhruv, rudra sk them to go, they leave.

Scene 2
maayra comes to rudra and says I want to discuss something with you, she says you cant say no to this, she says I think jija is right, you should marry again, she says you and dhruv cant live like this, don’t feel awkward, I think that dhruv wants that we both should get close so I wanna say that you should give a thought to marry again, rudra looks at her, she says think about dhruv, rudra says will you be able to spend your life with someone whom you don’t love? love is like limitless, I loved like she is in my very breath, love like she is always with me and if this kind of love isn’t there then there is no marriage, he ask again will you marry without being n love? maayra is shocked, rudra is about to leave but maayra says I am surprised that person like you who is always angry from outside is so romantic and have deep thoughts, rudra says what? she says nothing, rudra says don’t buy clothes from these cheap shopkeepers. he says I will take you to good shop, you will shop from there, don’t go to some cheap shop, maayra says excuse me, don’t try to dominate me, I can handle myself, I am not your responsibility, rudra says you should have thought all this before,,
he ask her to go in her room, he leaves, maayr listens bell ring again.
same shopkeepers come to rudra’s house, they see maayra and says that we have very good sarees in our shop, you come there, maayra says ok I will come tomorrow, they say no, we will go from this city tomorrow, we have very good sarees come with us now, maayra says ok I will bring my purse, she brings it, she thinks to inform rudra but then says that he cant dominate me, she leaves from house without informing.

Scene 3
rudra is on call with maayra’s uncle, he says this cant happen, maayra was in her room, he goes to her room but maayra is not present, uncle sasy i got the call, they said they kidnapped maayra, rudra says how is it possible, uncle says find her soon otherwise i will lock your house, your agency and you life.. rudra ends call, Maithili comes, rudra ask did you see maayra? she says yes she went out of house, I tried to stop her but she went away, is everything alright, rudra says I will make it alright.
maayra is unconscious and is tied to chair, she gets conscious and looks around that she is being kidnapped.
rudra calls aman and ask him to send bsd officers to find her, rudra find chloroform and tyre marks.
maayra says to kidnappers that what you kidnapped me? she thinks to not show them that I am afraid, she says I am black belt in karate, she says you know who is my uncle, kidnappers says that we know you are NRI so your uncle must be rich, maayra says he is politician, till now police, army, navy all must be finding me and you called my uncle with your phone then you are gone, kidnappers leave from there. she finds her purse on table and tries to get it.
rudra is following tyre marks, he recalls how he came late to save paro, he closely observes tyre marks.

PRECAP-kidnapper has pointed knife on maarya’s neck, rudra is pointing gun at him, rudra says I told you to not touch her, leave the girl, kidnapper says throw your gun down else I will cut her neck,

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Love you ashish

  2. what an precap yaar. weather it is paro or myrah but this time sure rudra will save her.hai naa rudra.thank for update

  3. BSD angry Rudra is back….. nice Precap

  4. don’t stop this serial plz

  5. What?who said this serial is going to end.i think rr has a different storyline compared to other serials nice show.

  6. I think Paro is Mayrra I mean they are the same person but with somehow she’s lost her memory . The bell , she is good singer like Paro and she doesn’t like milk ؟ all these things are just coincidence ? no way

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