Tumhari Pakhi 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi searching for the password. Lavanya talks to Girish and says Pakhi is not worried for mum. She speaks against Pakhi. Girish says I thought you understand Pakhi, but you don’t. She says I was right before when she came in our house, please arrange money and release my mum. Girish says he will arrange. Riya hears them. Pakhi wants to try the password, as the account will be freezed. She says this is the password, this way is shown by Lord and it can’t be wrong. She says she will take Aryaman’s help if this does not work. She feeds the password on the bank portal. The logging process starts and she prays. Veer and Pakhi are shocked to see the password accepted.

She is very happy. Veer looks at her and smiles. She says I know Anshuman is with me, I love you so much, thanks. Veer says well done, I wish to salute you. He says you won. They shake hands. She says lets go to take Maa. Aditya asks Ayaan to come for final round. Ayaan says but we did not practice. Aditya convinces him. He says he will do the bike stunt well. Girish says he arranged money and he will go to free Anuja now. Ruya shows the designs to Lavanya. Lavanya scolds her. Riya says sorry. Veer calls Lavanya and says Anuja has come back home, don’t worry.

Lavanya asks how. Veer says Pakhi got her, and she got the bank password too. She has cracked it, so the work will start soon. Lavanya talks to Anuja. Pakhi asks her to come and meet her. Lavanya says yes, we are coming. She tells Girish that mum is back, and Pakhi found the password too. Girish says you don’t understand relations sometimes, but some relations should be trusted. Pakhi says this Janmashtami will be celebrated very well. Pakhi asks the servants to arrange everything, as Ayaan will come back and break the haandi. She leaves.

Anuja talks to Veer and asks what is he doing. He says I can’t do anything, celebrate Janmashtami. Pakhi comes to Ayaan’s room and arranges his cupboard. She gets the energy drink can and is puzzled. She thinks about Aditya. She thinks Ayaan’s bag was in car. She calls his school and asks about Ayaan. She comes to know that Ayaan did not come since 7 days and she has signed his leave application. She is shocked and says he is lying to me, where is he going. She looks in the room and sees stunt videos in her ipad. She gets the competition paper and reads it. She is shocked to know about talent show, which has dangerous stunts. She says Ayaan participated in this.

Pakhi says Anuja about Ayaan and Veer takes her. The talent show starts. Ayaan gets tensed. The car breaks down and Pakhi runs. Ayaan asks Aditya did he do this stunt before. Aditya says no, first time, don’t worry. Ayaan is scared. Ayaan prays to Lord Krishna on his birthday, and prays to protect him, and says he has lied to Maa, so he should be punished, but in such a way that Maa should not be hurt. Ayaan says he is doing this for Maa. Aditya asks Ayaan is he ready. Ayaan says ready.

Ayaan is called on the stage for his and Aditya’s daredevil act. Aditya lies that Ayaan’s parents are here. Ayaan lies down. Pakhi is still on the way running. Ayaan is scared. Aditya races the bike. Pakhi comes there and says Ayaan. Ayaan gets up and looks at Pakhi. He is shocked to see her. Aditya stops.

Pakhi scolds Ayaan and calls him cheater. She says I should have died with Anshuman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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