Laut Aao Trisha 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya and Kushan reach police station with their lawyer and asks Kabeer to release Bobby. Kabeer jokes with Lavanya at first asking constable to stop third degree on him and then says it is not Bobby. Lawyer gives him bail papers. Kabeer says he has not registered FIR, then there is no question of bail and says he will release Bobby, says he has become friend with him and will meet him often.

Gaurav says Sonali that he is feeling sad for Bobby and they should go and be with Lavanya’s family at this tough time. Sonali says nobody came to their help when Vivan was caught and asks why is he giving so much attention to Bobby than Vivan. He says how can she think like that, says it is useless talking to her and leaves.

Meghan reminisces Lavanya telling that she sent faceword threatening message. Just then Lavanya and Kushan come with Bobby. They both try to console Bobby who is very tensed. Meghan says Bobby has killed Trisha. Kushan asks her to stop rubbishing and says Trisha is alive. Bobby says everyone will talk about him and cries. Lavanya says people talk, but he has to be strong. Bobby leaves towards his room. Lavanya asks Meghan to go and give Bobby some support. She agrees and goes up. Lavanya says Kushan that she hopes that Bobby does not go into depression.

Amrita reminisces Meghan’s words and gets tensed. She gets a call from Lavanya who asks about Pratik. Amrita says he is fine and sleeping. Lavanya says what Meghan did was childish and they know her well. Amrita says she used to think the same, but she is not now. Lavanya informs that ACP Kabeer freed Bobby and says we should not break our family with all this. Amrita says she will talk to her later as she has to make Sanya sleep and cuts call.

Abhay sees Kabeer playing chess and says he should be happy that he is winning. Kabeer says he has to win from both sides and says we will raid Bobby’s house. Abhay asks when he was doubting him, why did he leave him then. He says whole family is in his radar and he wants Trisha back and culprit caught.

Amrita looks at Trisha’s leave papers and thinks that day Trisha was fine, then why did she take leave. She asks maid about it. Maid says she was not unwell, but in tension. Amrita asks to tell what she knows. Maid says Trisha was worried about you, but does not know much details. Lavanya is surprised to hear that and thinks why was Trisha tensed about her.

Kabeer starts searching Lavanya’s house. Lavanya says he is unnecessarily searching her house without any proof. He says he will have to find proof. Officer brings hair strands from Bobby’s room. Kabeer asks Bobby what are these and asks if he will tell here or in police station. Bobby says it is Trisha’s hair. Kabeer asks him why did Trisha give it to you. He says one month back Trisha was sleeping in his room and to get something of Trisha, he cut her hair. Meghan thinks people call her wierd, Bobby is weird instead. Kushan asks Kabeer if he is convinced now. Kabeer says your son keeps his hair long and cuts everyone else’s hair, he says he is not convinced yet.

Amrita reads Trisha’s note not to worry and she is with her and thinks why did she write that, what had happened that day.

Precap: Lavanya says that their company shares are getting low due to bad news. Amrita gets sad hearing that and asks why is she caring about business than Trisha. She asks Kabeer she asked him to interrogate his family with care, why did not he do that.

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