Rang Rasiya 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Laila says rudra must be thinking to tell paro truth or not, mhini sasy what if he teels her, Laila says then one heart will break like this rain paro will spread then rudra will be mine and you have to pay me what I will ask, mhini sasy lets see whose weather will be good and whose bad.

SCene 2
rudra brings paro to some old place, paro ask what is this place, rudra holds paro’s hand, he looks around, paro sticks to him fearing from rain storm, rudra says you are afraid of rain then how will you listen to my story, it has only storms, will you be able to listen, paro nods. rudra tells paro that I used to come here when my mother left me, I used to get peace here, kids used to call this place ghost house, people who used to live here left this house and there was only darkness here like in me, there was colors, life, lights in city but all was away from me. rudra says this darkness used to be my friend, it used to call me, there was only desert and me. when I was brought up this darkness loneliness become my enemy, I couldn’t bear it, I wanted to away from this darkness, paro ask then what? rudra says I never returned there, I wanted to go where there should be so noise that I couldn’t even listen to my heart and I got that place, I was animal, I used to call my father with his name, like there was no soul inside me and I didn’t trust anyone, still there is not much difference. he says why are you silent paro, paro holds his hand for support and sasy because you didn’t finsh your talk, rudra holds hand tightly and says listen I got that place where I used to go every night in eight years, I buried my heart, I used to crink a lot. there was no questions, no relations, no feelings, no ties, no demands, it was my rules and she accepted it, she was Laila, I had that relation with her that I don’t even share with you, now you understand the biggest truth of my life, this relation without name which have no truth no ties but was only for need, it was my need, whenever I used to run away from me, I used to go to her, now you understand why I don’t like her staying in our house, what was our realtion, paro says did you ever love her? rudra ssy never, paro says then that relation, rudra says it was my need nothing else, I didn’t tell her that I am here but she came here, I don’t know why I am telling you this but I thought I should tell before anyone can tell you, he turns and sees paro gone. he calls out for her name.
paro is at gate.. zindagi main kabhi koi aye na rabba plays, she breakdowns and recalls her marriage in which rudra said that he will never give her happiness, paro recalls their moments spent together in Jaipur and how rudra was taking care of her. rudra comes there, paro wipes her tears, he is about to place his hand on her shoulder, paro moves away and ssys its night, we should go back home.

Scene 3
Laila is drinking and sasy there is fire with rudra’s and Laila’s name, she listens to rudra and paro coming there, she hides, rudra sasy to paro that I told you everything about me and Laila, will you not say anything, paro gives him towel and goes from there.
Laila calls out mohini, she tells mohini that rudra was calling her but she didn’t listen to him, rudra told her everything about me and him and now paro is not even talking to him this means I won and paro lost. she say to mohini says that now what I ask you have to give.

Scene 4
in their room, rudra is wiping his hairs, paro comes there and doesn’t look at him, she wipes his hairs with eyes lowers down.. rangrasiya sad version plays.. rudra looks at her.
Laila says to mohini says that now this fire will burn their relation, mohini sasy paro got to know about your relation so she can throw you out too, Laila says she is paro, not Laila, she is innocent, dumb and cow, I will drop twot tears then she will not even think of throwing me out, Laila sasy they will never be together now. mhini leaves.
paro places her sheet on floor and lies down to sleep, rudra looks at her helpless, he comes to her and sit near her but she turns on other side, rudra is contemplating to say, paro cries silently, rudra goes out from there. he comes in porch and sits sadly, he recalls paro ignoring him. both paro and rudra are restless, rudra sleeps there on swing only.

Scene 5
rudra is sleeping, someone puts hand on his hairs, rudra blabbers that you came, you forgave me, will you talk to me now, he sees its Laila, Laila sasy you can hide it from paro but I cant hide our truth from myself, rudea say enough, Laila sasy till when you will keep getting angry on our love. rudra ask to leave me alone, Laila sasy I cant as I can see love in your eyes but you don’t accept it, don’t do this with me, she hugs him, rudra is speechless, paro comes there and sees them hugging, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Laila says to paro that you are like insect who can go near fire but cant jump in it but I am fire which reside in flame and flame is incomplete without me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Dunno what to say abt this episode…(sigh..)
    He confessed something a wife shud’nt hear frm her hubs…
    His confession..uff..i cringed @ d wrds he used…wanna come out f it first..:(

  2. what the hell!!! this sucks.. i am in tears.. hate you laila!!!

  3. may be distance might occur btw paro and rudra but there love will make them come near and how dare that liala can touch someones husband just put her in hell yar

  4. I think paro should know the real color of lila by how she entered into the haveli by telling the lie

  5. I guess this will make paro to think that rudra likes laila more than her and she will even think about her promise to god that she will leave him and prepares her mind that laila and rudra should be the real couples and eventually she will leave the house.this will make rudra realise his true love for her….

  6. i wish rudra gets d guts to tell paro abt his mom….N who she iz..

  7. Omg!!! Someone plzzzz kill laila. Die in hell laila

  8. i hate laila… what will that hug do to paro

  9. hope she will forgive him…. plz update fast

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