Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Suresh and Pragya walking on the road. Suresh asks Pragya to go back. Pragya says she left her work for him. Suresh says from where will he get money. Pragya says money is not important for her than his dignity. She asks him not to stop her if he cares for her. Suresh says he does not know where is he going. Pragya says where he is going does not matter, with whom he is going matters. Main hoon gumsum too bhi khamosh hai….jee le zara…. song plays in the background. She drapes shawl over him and says though he does not love her, she will be with him whenever he is in trouble. They both walk around looking at each other.

Purab sees Bulbul working till late hours and asks why is she working till now. She says she is putting files in order as she will not be coming from tomorrow. Purab says why is she thinking about leaving again. He says he pity on his boyfriend who has to bear her stupidness. Bulbul says she does not have boyfriend. Purab says she is not that ugly to not have boyfriend. Bulbul says he is not that handsome to get somany girlfriends. Purab says those are not his girlfriends. Bulbul then thinks why is she telling personal things to him. She thinks to call Suresh to take her home.

Daadi asks Abhi how Rachna lie. Abhi says people do it for money and publicity. Taiji comes and says she will get Akash married tomorrow itself. Abhi says he will get his brother married in a lavish way.

Bulbul waits fo rait. Purab’s car comes with windows closed. Bulbul thinks him as some goon and starts scolding him. Purab says he saw some drunkards following her, so he came to rescue her. She gets into his car. They both then share a light moment. Bulbul asks him to stop a street before. Purab says she stays in next street, then why did she stop here. Bulbul says he must ahve followed her. Purab says he saw her address in application letter and drops her there. Bulbul thinks her boyfriend should be like him who is fun loving, but she does not like his double crossing character.

Sarla asks Pragya to ask advance salary from college as she has not paid bills. Pragya gets tensed and says Suresh quit his job as college management forced him to resign, so even she resigned.

Pragya says she could not see getting injustice. Sarla says she has seen her not tolerating injustice since childhood. Pragya asks Sarla not to inform about it to Rachna and Madhavi. Sarla says she will not, but asks her to tell her everything like before. Pragya thinks she hid a big thing about her engagement breakup with Suresh.

Daadi shops clothes for Akash’s fiance for marriage. She comes out of showroom and sees a lady waiting for someone to cross the road and thinks of helping her, but just then Pragya comes and helps her. Daadi sees her smilingly. Pragya comes and asks daadi if she also wants to cross the road and helps her cross road. Daadi asks her name and what she does. She says her name is Pragya and she is a teacher. Daadi thanks her for her help. Pragya says elders won’t thank youngsters. Daadi says she can pray for her as elder then.

Bulbul and Purbi fight for a remote to watch their favourite serial. Sarla sees Rachna sitting sadly, takes remote from Bulbul/Purbi and gives it to Rachna to watch her favourite serial. Akash’s marriage news comes on TV and reporter informs that Akash’s marriage is tonight. Rachna and everyone are shocked to hear that. Rachna runs to her room.

Precap: Suresh searches for Rachna and asks Madhavi if she saw Rachna. Purbi informs Pragya took Rachna to Akash’s marriage venue..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  5. Suresh is an eccentric kind of person. ….purab/arjit taneja is hot…and cute as well.

  6. Purab/arjit taneja is really very smart and cute as well but this suresh he is an eccentric kind of person.

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