Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Mohit what is he hiding. Vikram says I know everything. Mohit thinks Vikram knows I lost my job. Vikram says tell me. Mohit says I was about to tell you, but did not have strength. Vikram smiles and says you have to get strength, I m your brother, I know and you also know, so lets go together. Mohit asks what. Vikram says we will see the heroine together. Mohit says heroine came, lets go. Vikram says we will take Sooraj too. Mohit says Sooraj? If we tell him, he will stop us too. Mohit says we will go. Sooraj comes and asks whats going on.

Vikram says nothing. We were just laughing. Mohit says Vikram was asking our team will win or lose. Sooraj says you guys are lying, tell me. Mohit says nothing. Sooraj says fine, I will call Bhabho. Vikram says stop, I will say. He says a heroine is coming in Pushkar to promot a film, we thought to go. Sooraj says great. Vikram smiles. Sooraj says we three will go tonight. Mohit is hapy. Vikram says it’s a secret. Babasa hears this and throws a bedsheet on them. They see Babasa. Babasa calls them in storeroom. Sooraj says yes, coming.

Babasa talks to them. He says this is not a joke, do you think am I a fool. He says I will also come with you tonight. Everyone are shocked. Sooraj says you? Babasa says I have to see the heroine, I will give my blessings. Everyone laugh. Vikram asks Sooraj shall we take him. Sooraj says yes. Vikram says fine, lets go. Sooraj asks what about our wives. They say why wives. Vikram says what will they do seeing heroine, they have jealous in them, then they can spoil our enjoyment. Mohit says yes, we will go. Sooraj says its not right to go alone.

Babasa says sometimes its good to stay without wife. He says I m giving tips to you, this is my last decision, we are going alone. He says we will not tell this to anyone. Sooraj says fine. Vikram says don’t tell this to Sandhya. Sooraj says she will find out, she is IPS officer. Babasa asks Sooraj to promise. Sooraj says fine, promise. Everyone are happy. Kanha comes to them and they laugh. Vikram says we forgot him, he is also a young man, but Kanha sorry, you are very small, you go and play. Babasa says don’t tell anyone.

Kanha leaves. Sooraj closes the door. They see a bag moving and think who is there. Babasa says is it Bhabho, if she hears this, she will not leave me. Sooraj says leave it, it maybe a rat, lets go. Mohit says no, its not a rat, who is it. They go and check. Its Laxman. Vikram asks did you hear anything. Laxman says yes, my ears are very sharp. Sooraj says he will tell Sandhya now. Laxman says no, I will not tell her, I m not a fool. Babasa says yes, you are smart like me, I will get a Paan for you. Laxman says I don’t want anything, do my small work. Mohit asks what. Laxman says give a red rose to the heroine to her and tell her I gave it. Everyone smile.

Vikram says we don’t know we can reach her or not, as there will be guards. Laxman says be smart. Mohit asks what do you mean. Laxman says shall I call the heroine home. Babasa says no, we can’t talk to her infront of Bhabho, fix a meeting outside. Laxman says its fixed. Mohit says are you saying truth. Laxman says you are Sandhya’s family, so you can meet her. Babasa says yes. Vikram says yes, that’s great, but Sandhya will know this. Laxman says I know you can’t tell her, meet the guard and tell them your family name, then see they will respect you.

Everyone go to get ready. Sandhya gets night duty at film shooting and thinks to inform Sooraj. Bhabho calls Sandhya and asks is everything fine there. Sandhya asks why are you worried. Bhabho says yes, I m worried, Laxman told me that you got scolded. Sandhya says it happens, I m learning. Bhabho says yes, I regret as it was not your mistake. Sooraj was having headache and I thought he can’t sleep in the wireless sound, so I had switched it off. Sandhya is shocked.

Bhabho says forgive me. Sandhya says don’t worry, its fine, its not your mistake, you were right in your place. Bhabho says fine, you manage it now. Sandhya says I will come late, as I have night duty as a heroine is coming from Mumbai, I have to go for her protection. Bhabho says fine, do your duty and take care. Sandhya says tell Sooraj. Bhabho says fine, I will tell him. She ends the call. Bhabho tells Sooraj what Sandhya said.

Bhabho tells Sooraj that heroine is coming and Sandhya is going for her protection. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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