Rang Rasiya 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra ask paro is it paining, he says be careful now, he takes glass pieces from there, he looks at her and says dont take it seriously that i was saying i have right like husband, he says i was saying it because i dont know when you click photo and sent it to media, rudra comes out and is throwing mirror pieces in dustbin and gets the envelope from there, he says this means pictures are leaked from house only.. he recalls major saying that maybe that girl or somebody from your house leaked photos. paro is doing work, maithili says dont do this as its your 1st day after marriage, rudra comes there and shows envelope to all, he says someone from house sent picture to newspaper, sumer gets tensed, he says money received from this letter is fake i got this news from sources, sumer

get more tensed, so who ever tried to this thing tell me, he did foolish act, rudra gives envelope to paro, paro says why are you giving it to me, maithili says who can do this, rudra looks at paro, paro says dont look at me like this, i didnt do it, rudra says who tried to do wrong with me, he also got bad in return, he leaves.

Scene 2
sumer in room thinks how to check whether they are fake, rudra comes and says see in light, rudra says you earned money on my name so we should do party, he says leave it, you also have to go to doctor, sumer ask why, rudra punches him, sumer falls in hall, all comes there, rudra ask did you had pain, rudra is about to punch him and stop, he says because of your lust my uniform is taken from me, sumer says your uniform doesnt have problem with me but with paro, rudra says because of you i lost my respect in bsd that for my mission i used this girl, mohini says enough, all leaves from there. rudra is about to go but paro holds his hand and says now you believe me that i didnt send these pictures, if blame from me is taken off then now you will set everything right? will take out poison? rudra takes her with him.

Scene 3
chacha is angry on sumer, chachi defends him, chacha says dont save him everytime, he leaves, mohini says dont you have brains to throw envelope to safe place.
rudra takes paro to room, paro says now you know i didnt do mistake, rudra says you do so much mistakes, what you think that i married you because of these pics, you never listened to me, when i said tejawat is wrong, when i said that groom was fake you didnt listen, when i asked to sign papers, when i asked you to go from ceremony you didnt listen to me but when i asked you to stand, you stood there on one feet, from which mud you women are created, he holds her tightly.
mohini puts cream on sumer’s wounds, she says i will take revenge from paro as rudra will be hurt as she is his wife, rudra will be hurt. she says if we prove rudra as husband whoo beats his wife then what will bsd do.
paro says i never wanted this to happen to your job, rudra says because of you all thinks that i hurt women, just for that moment, he leaves her, maithili comes there and says can i take paro with me, paro nods, rudra says remember whether anything happen but this bitterness in our relation, this hatred in our relation will never end.
maithili says to paro that you must have listened to ritual ‘paag phera’ (where bride go to her parent’s place after marriage). paro says i know but i cant go to mami, maithili says what if your jija do this ritual for you, paro hugs her, maithili opens her room’s door which is decorated, maithili gifts her clothes, paro comes after wearing it, maithili does her aarti, maithili makes her wear bangles and says keep fighting for right of this relation, soon his anger will vanish and your trust will win, paro says yes i will win his love and smile, my home will create.

Scene 4
paro comes to her room, rudra looks at her dress and says we have to go to bsd, paro says i will change, rudra says why you are looking nice, he says i mean its good you look like new bride, lets go, maithili says have faith in your heart that you will get your husband.

Scene 5
rudra and paro are in office, he says meet sir without any drama, paro says fr you its drama but for me everything is pure about this relation, major singh comes there, rudra says after marrying her i have given her respect then why delay in my job, major says its about women respect, media is asking that why we give free had to our soldiers, rudra says show them face of paro, he ask paro to tell how much happy you are, major says you are asking her or warning her, paro says i wanna say that i wanted this marriage and i will fulfill it for life, major says they will not agree with this, major says some welfare team will come to your house, they will see your lives then will decide, you have to behave nicely, its like a exam it will decide your career.

PRECAP- women from welfare team comes house, they see rudra and paro coming, with rudra holding paro’s arm like dragging her, women notices this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. what does rangrsiya meaning plz it share…

  7. rangrasia means soulmate

  8. women from welfare team ??????????what’s this for??????I dont see this happening for all those women illtreated by their husbands …

    Is this some kind of special treatment only for Mr. and Mrs Rudra Pratap Ranawat????????

    Why this bias treatment towards all these ill-treated women in India

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