Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Zakir signing Sandhya to understand and trust him what he is saying. He says Officer Singh is not kidnapped, come with me, I will prove it. Roma is tensed. Zakir asks Sandhya to go and check herself. Sandhya goes to see in Officer Singh’s tent and sees no one inside. She says Sir, you came, what, you killed all of hem. Roma says what and runs to see. Roma is shocked to see no one is there and Sandhya aims her gun at her. Roma is caught red handed. Zakir says so Sandhya is right, you are part of Naxals and a cheater. Everyone are shocked. Zakir says you kidnapped Officer Singh, tell us Roma. Roma takes the gun and aims at Sandhya.

Rahul asks Roma what is she doing. Roma says I won’t do any drama, she is right and confesses everything. Rahul is

shocked. Rahul says are you mad, don’t joke. Roma says I m telling the truth, I should have killed her. Zakir sees a rope. Sandhya says don’t worry about me, catch her. Roma moves back and falls bu the rope. Zakir catches Roma and says do you feel you will cheat all seven of us. Zakir says get up. Sandhya says enough Roma, you are caught now. Sandhya asks Deepak to inform the academy. Roma says do anything, our mission will be done. Zakir says you can’t be safe now, tell us the truth how you did this, how did you take Sandhya’s compass.

Roma says it was easy, I saw you damaging it and I took advantage of it. She says she exchanged her bad and acted. Roma says yes I was acting, I lied, and you all were fools. Rahul is hurt seeing her reality. Roma tells them how she fooled them by acting unconscious. Roma says Sandhya made our plan flop again and again. She says the message on dog’s foot was for me. Roma says yes, chief sent the location. So I fooled you by using Rahul and stopped you from going there. Rahul is shocked. Roma says yes, you were right, I ate antidote. Sandhya says the force will come soon and you will not be successful.

Rahul cries. Roma asks did you all kill anyone till now, then how will you kill me. She taunts Rahul. Rahul thinks of his love with Roma. Rastogi comes there and says we can’t contact anyone, we can’t get force help. He says we have to do something now. Roma says she has cut all the contacts. Sandhya says we will find Officer Singh, we won’t need for force. Zakir asks how will we reach them. Sandhya says she will take us to them, come get up. Roma says I will not help you. Zakir is about to beat Roma in anger. Sandhya says she will not help us, so no need to keep her with us, let’s dig her here. Sandhya shoots.

Emily cries thinking about her parlour. Everyone looks on. Meenakshi comes and acts sweet to her. Sandhya and Zakir scares Roma. Zakir asks Sandhya to kill Roma. Roma says no, don’t shoot. Sandhya asks Roma to take them to officer Singh. Roma thinks she will take them and everyone will die there. Rahul cries. Roma takes them along in the jungle towards the Naxals. The Naxals are shifting Officer Singh. Officer Singh is tied. Sandhya asks Roma to give directions. She asks Roma to give signal to Naxals that she is in problem. Zakir says maybe she is giving wrong signal, we will shoot her here. Sandhya says last chance Roma, don’t play any trick now. Zakir and Sandhya aim at Roma. The Naxals hear the signal and the chief says is she in any problem.

Everyone see Officer Singh hanging. They run to save her and fall by a blast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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