Doli Armaanon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All are shocked to find aditi, on their door with her bags. They all eye samrat for his reaction. She is about to step in, when samrat stops her, and warns her not to step in and asks her how dare she come here, as she has noone here. they all are tensed. Shashi rushes to aditi, while samrat is shocked. Shashi asks whats the matter and how did she come here suddenly. urmi tries to go, but urmi stops her, despite her repeated insistence. shashi asks aditi whats the matter. samrat’s father too goes and asks her to stop crying and speak up. diwaker too asks whats the matetr. shashi is distraught. Aditi rushes to samrat, profusely apologising, saying that she is sorry that she didnt listen to what her brother said, and that the man she left them all for, turned out to be wrong and betrayed her, they all are shocked. She says that she left him and is about to go on a rant, when samrat shuts her with his scream. urmi and kanchan try to let samrat atleast let aditi say. aditi tells them about amrit’s deeds. they all are shocked. She says that he is very lowlife person. samrat says that she deserves this, as now her eyes have opened, and that this is the reward for having left him and his family. Urmi tries to ask samrat to let her stay, but he asks her not to even open her mouth in this matter. samrat tells aditi that this isnt a Dharamshaala and asks her to get out, as this is his house. shashi tries to speak, but he shuts her up too. all are tensed for her. Resignedly she looks at everyone, but noone comes ahead. Finally unable to control herself, as aditi begins to leave, urmi stops her, shocking samrat, who doesnt believe that she raised her voice against his descision. Others are surprised too as aditi turns around. He comes to urmi and asks whats she doing. she tries to advocate for aditi, but samrat says that he doesnt care. she asks him to soften up, and that he cant deny that she is his sister, and if he doesdnt help her, in such troubled times, then who will. urmi says that the society would defame him too, if he doesnt help his own sister. He says that he doesnt have sympathy for such people in his heart nor place in his home. all are shocked. He says that he doesnt care for the society, and that she wont stay heer. She shocks samrat by saying that aditi is the girl of this house, and has the right to stay here with his parents. He tries to shut her, but she says that this time demands patience and not anger, as she is highly troubled. Samrat says that she and her troubles can go to hell. they all are surprised. samrat leaves from there to his room, in a huff. aditi breaks into tears. urmi goes there to console her and husg her. They get her inside the house.

In the room, aditi breaks on a rant of her trauma, while samrat’s father says that he earlier only knew that this man wasnt right. aditi says that love got her blind and that she dsuffered herself and made them suffer too. diwaker and shashi extend their support to her. aditi says that samrat wont ever forgive her. His father says that he too is scared of this only, as if urmi hadnt told samrat, this wouldnt have happened. aditi too praises urmi for having saved her twice. shashi is tensed to hear this. diwaker says that only urmi can speak upto him.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
rashmi and makhan excitedly show the pictures of her photoshoot, while he again starts showing her dreams, while gaurav is uncomfortable and asks her to stop now. But rashmi wishes to get ahead. He asks her to think sane. makhan again asks gaurav to relax, and sends rashmi off to get snacks, while he tries to get gaurav to drink champagne, as he is horrified that this is happening in the house. rashmi provocates him to try and behve as a high class society does. She goes inside to get snacks.

makhan manages to get gaurav inebriated, and he starts reprimanding him for having gotten rashmi in his trap, by his sweet talk and glamour dreams, and she being a fool, is completely falling for him. gaurav says that he feels that he is good for nothing, in front of rashmi and tries to show that to rashmi too. Makhan tries to advocate, but gaurav brings up the topic of the necklace too. Rashmi hears this and is tensed. She asks gaurav whats this. Gaurav starts reprimanding her for behaving like this and falling for Makhan’s trap. He asks makhan not to interfere within a husband and wife when they are talking personal. rashmi is embarassed, while gaurav goes on reprimanding her for giving undue attention to makhan. Rashmi asks him to shut up, but he continues his ranting, and finally doses off to sleep in such a state. after that happens, makhan places his hand on rashmi’s shoulder and tells her not to worry, as he is inebriated and would be okay in the morning. rashmi is tensed for gaurav while makhan eyes her lustily.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
In their room, Samrat remembers how urmi stood upto him, in front of everyone downstairs. urmi comes and is tensed finding him upset. she comes upto him and finds him angry. She sits beside him, but he doesnt relent. She hesitatingly says that she understands his anger, as he only wanted good for his sister, and hence was against her descision and he turned out to be right too, and when she is going through a traumatic phase, and her own family doesnt support her, where would she go and would be completely devastated. She asks him to try and understand her heart, her pain and her trauma, the person, who she left everything for in the world, betrayed her. She request him to try and forget everything and let her stay here. She tries to caress his head, but he stops her midway, shocking her. He gets up. Samrat tells urmi that she is becoming the mother of his child, and shouldnt try to be his mother. He says that only due to her, he let aditi stay here, and in the morning, she should tell aditi, that she has to leave. he adds that those who dont listen to him, he never forgives them for his entire life, and there’s no sympathy for them. He gets up in a rage and leaves. urmi is shocked and tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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