Rang Rasiya 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mohini says I got this bajhan written paper outside mandir don’t know how it came in newspaper, rudra reads bhajan written on it, mohini says it is same aarti which Laila was singing bt you said that its your favorite then why this paper for it, rudra folds it angrily and says get out from house as you lied, I know you have told everything lie, paro tries to interrupt but rudra stops, moini says what if it was written atleast she sung, Laila says I did it so your family accept me, rudra says you said that you are changed, Laila says yes,,
Laila says you used to trust mt I was messenger for you but why there is no trust now, why you feel disturbed with my presence, what I have done that you hate me so much, tell me, she cries. paro comes and says I know she did mistake but 2nd chance is given to all, I was given 2nd chance too to live my life, rudra says you know whom you are favoring, she lied, paro says yes its wrong, reading aarti from paper is not wrong but saying its your favorite is wrong, don’t lie again but 2nd chance is given, she says rudra that.. rudra says do whatever you want, he leaves without breakfast. Laila says sorry to paro and all, mohini smirks.

Scene 2
danveer says to mohini that if this Laila is becoming reason for fight between paro and rudra then there is no reason to make her stay here, mohini says but dilsher said he has no problem with she stay here so whats problem, danveer says I will talk with dilsher. mohini folds her hands nad sayas don’t do that, whenever we try to do something good fro them opposite happens, like my son, he says don’t call his name, she says okay but promise me that you will not speak in their matter as she is their guest.
mohini is going, Laila drags her and says do bad with this house but if you try to come in my way then I will throw you in ganga river.

Scene 3
rudra is finding something, paro ask what are you finding, he says my phone, paro points at table, there is chit which says 1st have tea then you will find phone, paro says drink it then oyu will get phone, rudra throws paper and says I don’t need my phone, he is about to go out but thinks and comesback, he drinks tea, paro smiles, he ask phone, paro gives him from aarti box. paro says you are going in uniform after so many days so I will do your tilak, he says no, paro says don’t say no to blessing, she does his tilak, rudra’s hand shivers, paro understands and puts his hand on his head, she says hope you get success in walk of life and make my head proud of you. paro leaves his hand but he keeps holding her finger, she says don’t get angry on me, he is about to go but paro stops him, rudra says 1st you tricked me into drinking tea, you will do what you want to do with me, paro says for you. he says if its fro me then you should have listened to me, why you want Laila to stay here, paro says let her stay till she get fine. don’t go with angry face as its not good omen, go with smile, if you go like this than even black cat will die before crossing your path. rudra goes out,she says okay don’t smile but say atleast goodbye, she runs behind till gate but rudra goes straightly without looking at her, Laila comes there and says whne he goes out uniform he doesn’t look back at anyone, he is stone, he never looks at anyone, don’t have false hopes, paro gets sad, rudra is about to go out but ight falls in his eyes, he puts hand on his eyes and turns, he looks at paro and smiles, paro smiles at him and waves bye, rudra smiles and goes out, paro says he smiled looking at me, he is not stone see Laila, she comes to Maithili and says he looked at me and smiled I am soo happy that I wanna dance, Maithili says so who stopped you, she puts on music, Laila and mohini fumes. paro dances happily on nagada sang dhol. Laila thinks he looked at you paro and smiled, he had something for you in his eyes and you saw it but you don’t have rights on him, she takes red chili powder in hand and says now this red chili will not allow you to see rudra. she puts a lot of chili in water. she comes out and starts dancing, paro looks at her and they start dancing, Laila dancing with much energy, they have kind of face off in dance, Laila backs off and claps for paro while paro dances happily. Laila takes that red chili mixed water and gives it to sunehri to throw at paro, sunheri gets excited and ask Maithili to throw, maithli calls dancing paro, she turns so Maithili throws whole water on her, paro shouts my eyes, she screams that my eyes are burning, Laila says your eyes will burn as you tried to look at my rudra, you tried to snatch my rudra, my right so you have to burn.

PRECAP- rudra comesback in house, liala is going and they bump in each other, rudra holds her to stop falling her on ground, rudra see paro coming with bandage on her eyes, he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. But why would they throw the water at her in the first place???

    1. dunno muje bhi samaj nahi aya

  2. i feel bad for paro i wish this should be the dream to that stupid lalia

  3. Gud for you Paro, u deserved that for being soooo stupid!!!! U know the past story of Rudra and Laila, so why are you keeping her in the house??????????????????? What the hell happened to the creative directors… Why are they hell bent on showing that indian women are stupid??? Plz Rudra throw that laila out!!!

  4. wow yesterday episode was very nice rudhra smille at paru oh my god rudhra u really have sexy look i love u

  5. rudhra i love so much baby paro u realy look very cute and that laila please throw out of her

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