Maharana Pratap 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Hansa mosi and mamrat ji conversation, she says, kunwar pratap also likes her. Mamrat ji says, dont think that type of dream becaue it will not fulfil. I know i didnt behave with her properly and whenever i realized that i did wrong, it was very late. She really hurted and if mewar will rejected this relation then she will broken down. Ajab thinks about mamrat ji’s wording. Hansa mosi came into ajab’s room and says, i want to talk with you. I know that you love pratap alot but your father didnt like this. Ajab says, suggest phool’s name in replace of me. Hansa mosi says, ohhh!!! so you have heard all our conversation. Ajab says, yes!!! Marwar’s queen and mewar prince, it will be best for all of us. You didnt think about phool. Hansa mosi says, what will pratap want? Ajab says, i dont know. But phool is best for him.

Hansa mosi says, dont you get hurted? ajab says, everybody cant catch sun. I dont want that your dream will breaken down. Mamrat ji says to jalim singh, suggest pratap name’s for phool. Jalim singh says, it will never happen. Mamrat ji says, we will sent phool with pratap. Then it will happen. Phool says, i didnt think that it will happen so early. Ajab says, it is really happen so late. pratap reaches there and says to ajab, tell me one valid reason, why you didnt accept my necklace. Ajab says, pitaji was waiting for you. Pratap heard mamrat ji conversation and says, who is going to chittor.
Jalal says, phool is going with pratap to chittor. Gohar jaan says, mamrat ji wants to marry phool with pratap. Jalal says, if phool will be not mine then she will be not for others. Jalal says, i will go to chittor right now. Jalal scolded to bahram. bahram khan then says, what is your plan? Jalal says, prepare for war with pratap.
Pratap gets ready for journey and collects his weapons. Pratap friend came and make fun with him and pratap says, stop it. Ajab says, do you really like JB dress. Hansa mosi says, Jb will really take care of you and i know she really like you. Pratap thinks about ajab. Hansa mosi ask, why are you not going to chittor. Ajab hide herself. Pratap ask from hansa mosi, where is ajab? Hansa mosi says, i dont know. Pratap moves from there. Hansa mosi gets her answer. Hansa mosi says, pratap eyes also searching you. Jalal gets preparation for war. Jalal says, i will show phool that i am best for her. Bahram khan says, you dont know, we didnt take our soldiers. Jalal says, now its time to take our weapons back for mahmood shah. Phool shows some attitude for her dress. Ajab bring her with her and says, take control on your anger, and if you will show anger like this then how will you show your good impression on her. Phool says, pratap looks comfortable with you but she is not comfortable with me. Ajab help dassi for phool’s packing. Pratap gets happy to hear that ajab is also coming. Pratap goes and says, can you pack it again. Ajab gives his necklace to dassi and says, pack it. Pratap says, i will pack it at chittor.

Purohit ji show some relation for pratap. Purohit ji says, there is another girl that we havent sent invitation. Uday singh gets angry and says, we dont want this relation. Phool gets happy and jalim singh says, you dont go to chittor. Phool says, i will go to chittor. Jalim says, i am going to marwar and complaint about you. Jalal’s soldier inform about mahmud shah.
Pratap says to bijolia that be alert and dont think that our enemy will come in front of us anytime. Gohar heard all this and ajab reach there and ask from gohar, where were you, phool was searching you. Pratap says to gohar, will you come with me. Gohar accept his invitation. Pratap says, some decision is taken by my heart. ajab says to phool, you looks really beautiful. Phool says, i am very frightened. Gohar says, you are searching me. Phool says, how am i looking like? Gohar says, jalal got crazy, and pratap will get killed. Ajab says, what? THen gohar says, when pratap see you then she will really killed.
Jalal meet with mahmud shah and bahram khan says, you have now called langda. Shah says, you also gets defeated . bahram khan says, lets do this. Bahram khan says, shah has backtracking us. Jalal says, you has cheated us. shah says, now i am with you and i will kill pratap and i know only you can help us. Jalal says, i will give another chance to mahmud shah. Jalal says, i will kill pratap when he travel from bijolia to chittor. Pratap gets permission from mamrat for going chittor. Mamrat ji says, i know we will get invitation from chittor. Pratap says, why? Pratap see phool.

Precap:- ajab reaches to meet pratap and says, phool is not present in khema. Jalal confronts phool.

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