Qubool Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Latif is reprimanded by Sanam for being so double faced and says that she would draw the salary of the days that she has worked. Sanam says that she isnt scared of ahil at all. she goes to find him.

In his room, while rehaan is tensed about sunshine corporations and their attack on ahil, ahil is least bothered. Rehaan gets their call and puts it on speaker, and he says that he is giving the last chance to reconsider their deal, and asks rehaan to tell ahil to save face in time. Ahil says that he wont be threatened. But he is rebuked, and told that they have lots of evidence against him. ahil asks him to get ahead and says that he would return the favour too.

Meanwhile, Sanam tries to find out ahil’s room, when she is told by latif that there’s press outside, and something wrong has happened. Sanam is surprised but thinks that she would take her money and walk out. Ahil is suprised when the reproters come with intimate pics of him with a girl, and is taunted by questions about how his father would feel by this. Ahil remembers his early days of beating, and gets furious at them and asks them to stop. Ahil lashes out at them, while rehaan tries to compose him. The reporters say that he cant do this and malign a girl’s repsect. sanam comes out and watches him completely busy. Ahil says that he has never touched a girl against his wishes. The reproters ask him to identify the girl. Meanwhile, sanam comes to ahil asking for her money so that she can leave easily in time for the job. Ahil says that this is the girl who is with him in those intimate pictures. She is horrified by seeing the pics and is stunned into silence. Ahil turns this favour to his advantage and says thaat sanam threw herself at him, and hence he got emotionally blackmailed by this girl for favours.
Confronted by lots of stinging questions, sanam is completely distraught. Ahil clarifies that the situation is under control. rehaan resignedly gives up.

In her room, sanam burts into tears remembering what just happened. She is about to walk out with her trolley, when she gets the call of her boss, who informs her that due to her being so late on her first day at work, she has been replaced by someone else. She is distraught and bursts into tears, when rehaan comes in to give her salary for her work here, and tells her that she may go anywhere with her car. She tells him about how she lost the job, and storms out of the room.

Ahil is surprised when he gets to know that tanveer knows about the media and press fiasco, and says that he isnt bothered. She says that she knows that ahil isnt the one who forgives his enemies. ahil doesnt want to, but she instigates him on the wrong path saying that he should curb down his enemies, in such a torturous manner, that they dont want to live. Ahil is affected and asks what does she want. She says that she wants those people to be punished so severely that they never malign the family’s reputation, saying that today he rised questions about his dad, tomorrow they may reach his mother, and asks ahil if he wants that. Ahil refuses and says that he would comply to his wishes. Ahil tells rehaan that they have to completely destroy Sunshine Corporations. He storms out ignoring rehaan’s queries and concerns. he walks out to find Sanam standing in the hallway. He comes and asks now what. she says that she too wants to ask him this, as not everyone has money, but respect and today he spoilt everything she had, and that the lord would never forgive him for this. Ahil, apologises half heartedly and asks if she thought he would say this, but he wont. Sanam says that she is unfazed by him and his stature, and that today he stands too low in front of her. She says that unfortunately love and emotions reside in the heart and not in the stone. Sanam tells ahil that the Lord has given him everything, but has given him a stone in place of a heart, and thats not his but his parents’ fault. She says that today in front of her, a spoilt brat doesnt stand, but a couple’s unsuccesful bringing up. Ahil is super furious at his. She tells him about the wealth of love, which he never got, and hence people are scared of him, but they dont love him, as he is unworthy of anyone’s love, and that he can only be hated. Sanam tells him that she can easily see by looking at him, that he has never had the love of either his mother or his father. She says thts the reason he is like this and that she would pray that by a miracle, he realises what love, emotions and humanity actually are. she leaces walking away from him, rememebering her insult today at the press meet. Ahil remembers sanam’s stinging words, and decides to destroy and get his revenge on sanam, remembering tanveer’s ill advise. He too leaves hastily in anger unable to control his fury. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: While Sanam is in the line to get onto the bus to amritsar, she dooesnt notice that dilshad is getting out of the same bus. Whilst getting in, a passenger pushes her and she falls on the floor.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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