Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram and Dulari fight

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Scene 1
Dulari and Kinkshuk come for photoshoot. Patang says look in each other eyes. Kinkshuk comes close to Dulari. Patang says from a distance. Kinkshuk says we are going to be married. Patang says theme is 70s movies. Go there. dulari says to Kinshuk I see fear and secrets in your eyes. I will be your wife. I will be the one who keeps all your secrets. What secret are you hiding? Tell me. Koyal and Menaka try to peek in. Koyal says we can’t see anything. Menaka says we have to stop them. Koyal says how? Menaka says I kept a pressure cooker on stove. Koyal says what? Are you crazy? It will blast. Menaka says this photoshoot won’t stop without a big blast. Koyal says let’s run upstairs.

Ram comes in the window. Kinkshuk says the secret is that.. Dulari says tell me. He tries to tell The cooker is about to blast. Tao ji says to Sushila I smell something in the kitchen go and check. Sushila goes towards the kitchen. They all hear a blast and Sushila screaming. Ram and Dulari run in. Sushila has fainted. Koyal and Menaka are shocked.

Ran and Dulari takes Sushila to the bed. Dulari says mummy ji.. Ram pours water on her face. Ram says ma.. babu ji says Sushila open eyes. Koyal says Menaka what did you do? Because of your blast her eyes are closed. Ram calls ambulance. Sushila opens eyes. Koyal says what did you? Menaka says I risked maa’s life for you. If blast didn’t happen, photoshoot won’t have stopped. Sushila opens her eyes. Babu ji says are you okay? She says when I entered the cooker blasted. Babu ji says nothing should happen to you. I only like you scolding me. He gets teary. Menaka says maa.. I was so worried. I will go to temple to thank God.

Koyal says I don’t know who could be that careless and leave cooker on the stove? Who could do that? Ram says Dulari you were cooking right? Dulari says I went to the kitchen but when I left I took the gas off. Menaka says this blast won’t have happened if you turned it off. your mind was in photoshoot. Dulari says I remember clearly I turned it off. Mummy ji Ram, I am saying right. Sushila nods. Koyal says let it be. Mummy ji is okay. Accept your mistake now. No one will say anything. Right Ram? Dulari says you have a habit of lying not me. When I am saying I turned it off, I did. Ram says Dulari, if you made a mistake accept it. How can you leave you cooker there? maa is more important than photoshoot. You should know your priorities. What if something happened? Sushila says but nothing happened. A lot could happen, but it didn’t happen. Mistakes happen. It’s okay. Let it be. Dulari is shocked. She looks at Koyal. Koyal and Menaka smirk.

Scene 2
Dulari says to Ram you really don’t trust me? you think it was my mistake? Ram says mistakes happen. Maybe the gas was open. Dulari says I remember clearly I turned it off. I am not that careless. Ram says why are you trying to clarify then? There is nothing wrong with accepting a mistake. Dulari is shocked. Ram says I know you have a lot of pressure. Anyone one could do a mistake. Accept it. Ram says I know you’re doing all this to save our marriage but you can’t risk my mom’s life. I am not blaming you. But if you make a mistake accept it, so we can move on. Dulari sits on the bed. Menaka looks in and smiles.

Ram and Dulari don’t look at each other. The song Duriyan plays. Ram leaves the room.

Scene 3
Menaka comes to Koyal and says finally, Ram and Dulari fought. I will take double jewelry for it. Koyal says you deserve jail for it. You can’t kill other people for your mistake. Menaka says you should go to jail as well then. I did all this for you so you can marry Ram. Koyal says I know. I want you to stay as my friend as well but not something that will make me lose you. If your cooker thing became serious, you could have gone to jail. Dulari hears all this. Dulari comes in. Menaka and Koyal are shocked. Dulari says what? The cooker that blasted in my life, you did it Menaka? You didn’t even think once? What if mummy ji got injured? Even this Koyal is better than you who cares for mummy ji. I can’t believe how can someone be so evil that they can risk their family’s life? Menaka says you shouldn’t be saying all this. You’re responsible for all that’s happening. Marry Kinkshuk and leave Koyal and Ram’s life. Dulari says what is your benefit with Koyal and Ram’s marriage that you are stooping this low? Menaka says you’re playing a game by fooling Kinkshuk. How will this work? Now you know how evil I am. So marry Kinkshuk or next blast would be bigger than this. Dulari is shocked. Menaka says who knows who would be injured, mummy ji, papa ji, Koyal or Ram. Dulari says not a single word. If my Ram and my family suffer a bit because of you I will be worst. Menaka says that’s in your hands. If you want to save your family leave Ram and let him marry Koyal.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ram says to Dulari we were separating after marriage you already separated. Dulari says I did all this to win Kinkshuk’s trust so he drinks that drink in which I mixed the medicine and tells me everything related to that accident. Kinshuk hears all this. He drinks the drink with Dulari.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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