Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer continues wedding with Kiara

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjay says to Vijay Veer’s phone is out of network. Vijay says I am trying to locate her. Veer comes outside with Rani. He says you stay here. I will talk. Kiara’s mom says it’s too later. Rajeshwari says he will come. Veer comes in. Everyone is shocked to see him. Rani is outside. Sanjay says where were you? And all these bruises. Veer says I want to talk to you about something. Rajeshwari says nothing is more important than wedding right now. Get ready. Veer looks at Rani. Vikram says tell me what happened. Rajeshwari says you can ask later. Veer get ready, Kiara is waiting. Sanjay says he’s nervous. We will get him ready. Vikram and Sanjay take him to the room.

Rani looks inside. Veer comes downstairs as a ghost. She recalls saying to Ramo I won’t get married. I will get your dream come true. Dadi said at least find a guy for her. Ramo said she is a kid only. She will find a groom who will come in sherwari. Rani looks at him in the similar attire. Veer comes to mandap. Kiara’s mom does his arti. Vikram says you look so handsome.

Pandit ji says bring the bride here. Veer looks at Rani. Nandani brings Kiara. Kiara says is my makeup okay? Nandani says I thought you’re blushing with excitement. Kiara says hi baby. Veer looks at Rani. Pandit ji asks them to make each other wear garland. Veer recalls making Rani wear the garland. Vikram stands in front of Nandani. They pick Veer. Nandani says girls, they pick Kiara. Kiara makes Veer wear the garland. Rani is shocked. Pandit ji says now Veer. Vikram says your hands are still shivering. Rajeshwari says this isn’t the time to joke. Hurry up Veer. Veer looks at Rani. He makes Kiara wear the garland. Everyone claps.

Nandani ties their knot. Rani recalls when their knot was tied at the temple. Veer looks at her. He looks at Rajeshwari and recalls her saying beta come soon, I will wait. Rajeshwari said there have been differences between us but you have made me very happy by saying yes for this marriage. Rani looks in the mirror. Rani says what is happening? Why is my life so blur suddenly? She looks at her sindur. Rani says why is my heart so upset? This chunri, this sindur, It was all forced. Why can’t I see what’s happening? Why do I feel bad? Because of this man my father is in jail. Why do I feel this way?

Veer takes rounds around the fire with Kiara. He recalls taking rounds with Rani. Pandit ji reads the promises, that Veer will always take care of Kiara. The groom will always give her a good life. The girl will make home for him, she will always be with him. He says there would be no third person in this relationship. He will make his wife his partner. He will take her with him everywhere. He says now the 7th round.. With this round you will become husband and wife forever. Veer stops. He looks at Rani. He turns back to Kiara and recalls marrying Rani. Everyone is confused.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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