Made for each other..(Part-4) #IMMJ2

Hey guys,I am back with another episode….Today’s episode is bit short…but after this,there will be longer updates…So let’s quickly get into the story.

Around 10:00 pm,at Bansal Villa,

Chirag: Umm…Chunky,when are your joining your new college??

Riddhima: From day after tomorrow.But I will leave tomorrow only,so that I can finish all the formalities and arrange all my things in hostel room.

Chirag: Have you packed all the things?

Riddhima: Yes….umm…Cheeku bhai,you will come to leave me,right?

Chirag: Yes,off course.

Riddhima was joining a new college,in between the term and would now be living in college hostel.She had left her previous college(because of some issues.)She was excited about it but was sad as she would be leaving her family.

Next day in the morning,Chirag had waken her up and she was all ready to leave.She was all set to leave.Aakruti(her mom) gave her a spoonful of sweet curd and blessed her.Riddhima bid goodbye and left with Chirag.

They had reached college.They kept the luggage in the hostel room and went to finish the formalities.After they returned,they unpacked the stuff and arranged it accordingly.
It was evening and time for Chirag to leave.Riddhima went to see him off till the parking.Chirag took out the gift from the car and gave to Riddhima.Riddhima opened it.It was their family photo.

Chirag(emotional): Don’t forget to call me daily…eat and sleep on time…an..and set your alarm accordingly..I..I won’t be here you to wake you up now…(tears started to flow from his eyes)….and whenever you feel alone or upset,j..just give me a call..(sobbing)..I’ll immediately come to you and…

Before he could complete,Riddhima hugged him tightly and started to cry.Chirag tried to console her…
Riddhima(crying): I’ll miss you and mom..

Chirag: I’ll miss you too…(breaking the hug) are a brave girl….don’t cry….(after they both were fine)ok…now I’ll take a leave,mom will be waiting.

Riddhima(trying to control her tears): Hmm…Bye bhai

Chirag(with a heavy heart): Bye sweetyy.

After Chirag left,Riddhima came back to her room and hanged the framed on the wall in front of her study table.She wished night to her mom and brother and slept.It was going to be a new journey from the next day.

So guys,this is it for today…..and drop down your comments and suggestions….
Keep loving and keep supporting….
Stay happy,healthy and safe…

  1. Emotional but great…riddhimaa hostel☺✨✨✨❤❤❤

    1. Iyena

      Yes she would now be living in hostel….thank you for reading

  2. New start will be going to see on new day….. It was great

    1. Iyena

      Even I am excited…..Thank you….

  3. It was emotional 🙂but lovely🥰

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Shivangi….

  4. Loved it!!

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Astha

  5. Iyena

    Thank you Jasmine….Excited for your new FF.

  6. Nice update really enjoying your update

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