Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 11 (Trust)

Hi guys, I am so sorry I haven’t posted these 2 days. Was so busy with things but hopefully now will post daily. Enjoy the episode 🤗

Epi starts…

Riddhima in her room thinks to go to Vansh. She wants to let him know how she really feels but is scared. Ishani comes in and sits next to her

Ishani: Riddhima are you ok?

Riddhima: Yes I am fine. I was looking for Vansh. Do you know where I can find him?

Ishani giggles a little: So that plan did work. I should lock you in his room more often (she laughs)

Riddhima: Ishani seriously..but thank you. (She smiles)

Ishani: Vansh bhai is downstairs with Dadi (she gets up and smiles walking out)

Riddhima goes out of her room and down the corridor. She notices Anupriya standing at the top of the stairs talking on phone and sees Vansh downstairs. She continues walking towards the stairs when she noticed that the rug near Anupriya was sticking out and shouted

Riddhima: Mummyjii! Be careful..

Anupriya doesn’t hear her and continues walking. She trips over the uneven rug and is about to fall when she felt someone grab her hand. It was Riddhima. Riddhima turned her around towards the safety of the top but she loses her balance and falls down the stairs stopping halfway. Anupriya is shocked and shouts “Riddhimaaa!”

Vansh and Dadi looks up and sees Riddhima on the stairs in an unconscious state with Anupriya on top. They rush to Riddhima and check if she is ok. Vansh was first on the scene and quickly lifted her up to take her to his room.

In Vansh room..

Everyone is worried for Riddhima. Anupriya is crying and Chancal tries to calm her. Vansh sprinkles some water on to her face but she doesn’t respond.

Vansh to Dadi: I have called the doctor. He should be here soon.

Doctor walks in with Aryan.
Doctor: Please everyone leave, I need space to examine her. Only 1 person is allowed with her now

Dadi: Vansh can stay.

Vansh looks up at Dadi and thanks her. Everyone goes out of the room and Vansh looks at Riddhima

Vansh thinking: Riddhima please be ok, don’t leave me. I need you..

Doctor broke his thoughts and said: She’s out of danger but her arm is fractured and she needs a cast for a few days to heal. Please make sure she doesn’t get any extra stress and don’t leave her alone.

Vansh: Thank you Doctor, when will she get up?

Doctor: Tomorrow morning. I have given her an injection. Keep her warm and she will be alright for the night.

He walks out.

Vansh goes and shuts the door and goes back to Riddhima on bed. He looked at her and noticed she was starting to shiver. He quickly took the blanket and covered her gently. He then stroked her hair and said “I..I love you Riddhima”

Vansh continues looking at her and falls asleep on the floor next to the bed holding Riddhima’s hand.

Meanwhile in Kabir’s house…

Kabir is in his room and thinks about Riddhima, he wanted to apologise and tell her that he will move on from her. He decides to go to her house the next morning.

The next morning in Vansh’s room 

Vansh is still asleep holding Riddhima’s hand when she moves. He opens his eyes and noticed that Riddhima was still sleeping. He stroked her head again when Riddhima opened her eyes. She looked straight into his eyes and noticed pain as well as sadness and love. They have an eyelock. Title song plays..

Riddhima breaks eye contact and looks down at her arm..

Riddhima sobs a little: Wh..What happened? I don’t seem to remember a lot..

She tries to get up but her head is paining and she has to lie back down. Vansh gently holds her head and puts a pillow behind her head.

Vansh: You fell down the stairs and was unconscious for the whole night. We had to call a doctor in and he said you fractured your arm and need rest.

Riddhima was a bit puzzled as she did not know what had happened. She couldn’t remember as her head was still paining. She decided to rest again

Riddhima: Can we talk later? My heart is hurting.

Vansh: Yes of course. Come, lie back down and sleep

Vansh helps Riddhima put her head back on the bed and she closes her eyes to rest. He gets up and is about to go but Riddhima holds his arm..

Precap: Anupriya apologises to Riddhima and thanks her for saving her. Riddhima tries to make Vansh food.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you enjoy the episodes and do let me know if you liked it. ❤️

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