Raja Beta 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant confronts Purva for loving Rahul before him

Raja Beta 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vedant coming to the bathroom and crying standing under the shower. He recalls Purva telling him that she don’t have option rather than aborting this baby. He recalls Pankhudi’s words. Pankhudi calls Purva and tells her that Vedant came to know everything. She asks her to hear him and not to argue. Vedant comes to the room. Purva says I didn’t talk to you so was worried. Vedant says you care for someone else other than yourself. Purva says we shall sit and talk. Vedant says when I wanted to talk, you have switched off the phone. Purva says I was in hospital. Vedant says you are habitual to do mistakes and I shall forgive you like a fool. Purva says this is my body and I don’t want this baby. Vedant asks did you hear the baby’s heartbeat and says you shall not be guilty

for hiding this truth from me. Purva says I am guilty for the past and present. Vedant says truth is that you was closer to someone else before me and shared your soul and heart with him. Purva says when we got married, that relation was important to me. Vedant says what about the moment when we fall in love and promised each other. He says you wouldn’t have told me if you haven’t got pregnant. Purva says nothing is important to me than you. Vedant says I can’t believe that you didn’t know that you was pregnant. Purva says I have PCOD. Vedant says and the disease to hide the truth. Purva says I want to start my new life with you, faints and falls down. Vedant lifts her and makes her lie down on the bed. He checks her pulse.

Purva gains consciousness. Vedant says BP is very high and makes her drink water. Purva says when you care for me so much then think standing on my place. She says let me do this abortion, I can’t live without you. Vedant goes out of room. Pankhudi asks why he is taking out his anger. Vedant says I want to be selfish for the first time and wants to wipe Purva’s tears. He then says he can’t think of taking life of the baby. He says whenever there is a problem, then my Dadi says Vedant haina. He says where I am, when I have to take the decision between love and values. Pankhudi says Dadi is right and says there must be some solution and asks him to go inside. He comes back to room and takes the pillow from the bed. He sleeps on the sofa. Next morning, Vedant comes to the dining table and sits. Manjula asks him to drink tea. He says yes and asks about Pankhudi. Dadi says she left for hospital early. Vedant thinks she must have taken reports by now. Pankhudi writes confidential on the reports and seals it again. Dadi asks him to send Purva. Vedant says she will have food in room. Dadi asks him to find out about the cause. Vedant says it is food poisoning. Gomti and Sumiti question him again and again. Vedant says yes, it is food poisoning. Dadi scolds them. Vedant says I will leave.

He comes to room. Purva is smelling something. She asks him to tell when to come to hospital. Purva says for abortion. Vedant asks if she didn’t understand after the tamasha. Purva says I am very sure to abort this baby after yesterday’s happenings, I can’t make our relation bitter. Vedant goes. Purva thinks Pankhudi will help me.

Manjula is working in the kitchen. Gomti comes and tells that Amma scolds her always. Sumiti asks Manjula if Vedant was saying truth or lying. Manjula says why he will lie. She says we will know once reports come. Purva comes to kitchen to get water and gets vomiting sensation smelling dal tadka. She tells that she will be fine soon.

Pankhudi gives reports to Vedant and says abortion can happen easily. Vedant checks the reports and says we shall not tell her. He says my mother left me wrapped in the gudadi, if she had thought like Purva then I wouldn’t have been alive today. He says I hate Purva and Rahul’s relation, but have humanity relation with the baby. Pankhudi says I will be with you. Vedant asks her to tell Purva that this abortion can’t happen.

Precap: Purva asks Pankhudi to tell what is written in the reports. Pankhudi says you wasn’t pregnant forcibly. She says I will give you my necklace and everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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