Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shalini Seduces Samar

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar knocks Shalini’s door and asks why did she call him. He pulls her in and seducing him says he must be tired trying to find her past, but he will not find it easily, she will not spare him for what he did to her family. Jaya hears their conversation over phone. Shalini says his wife and mother have disowned him, now he has only her left and there is no option than marrying her.
Jaya thinks she is trying to kick out Shalini out of Samar’s life instead. Shalini seduces him dacing around him over a romantic song. Samar nervously asks him to let him go. She continues. Jaya shouts a thief has entered. Samar also runs out shouting thief. Shalini wears night cover hurriedly. Family gathers around Jaya and asks where is thief. She says she heard vase falling down

and saw someone running, so thought a thief has entered. Family searches thief and says ther is nobody around. Samar thanks Jaya for saving him for Shalini. Jaya asks him to return back to Shalini. Samar says no way, Shalini will seduce him again. She insists and runs away giving him a medicine power in paper.

Samar walks to Shalini’s room with 2 juice glasses and not seeing her thinks she must be in washroom and mixes power into one glass. Shalini returns and says after what she did, she thought he would not return. He says he brought juice for them and gives her spiked glass, but she asks him to exchange glasses and asks him to drink this, then exchanges glasses multiple times and asks him to pick anyone. Samar picks one glass nervously and gulps juice, then sees Shalini falls unconscious on bed murmuring she will take revenge from Samar. Samar walks to Jaya’s room and informs that Shalini’s revenge story is quite big and she was telling whatever he did to her family, she will not spare him. Jaya asks him to tell about Shalini’s family. Samar says 7 years ago Shalini’s family kicked her out of house when she got pregnant, may be she is talking about Jerry’s father. Jaya says he is right, they need to go to Indore to find out about Shalini’s husband.

Next morning, Shalini wakes up and does not find Samar in her room. She knocks Jaya’s room door. Samar sleeping on Jaya’s lap asks Jaya to open door and let him sleep. Jaya opens door and stands tensed seeing Shalini. Shalini asks her to send Samar out, he spiked her juice and came here last night. Jaya says he is not here and stands tensely with closed eyes. Shalini walks in and does not find Samar on bed, asks where is Samar. Jaya relaxes and says she told he is not here. Samar walks from bathroom and sleeps on bed. Shalini says he must be in bathroom and walks into bathroom. Jaya pushes Samar under bed. Shalini says Samar must be under bed. Samar nervously gets up and runs away jumping over Shalini towards window and slips down hanging from railing. Shalini says Samar is not even here. Jaya asks if she done or will she check even window. Samar hanging from balcony railing calls mummy to save him. Rama comes to pray tulsi tree. Samar hopes Rama does not look up. Shalini apologizes Jaya and says since she did not find Samar in her room, she thought Samar came here. Jaya asks her to get out if she is done. Shalini walks away. Samar slips from second floor balcony and falls on ground, without even scratch on his body.

Precap: Rama asks Jaya and Samar what is happening.
Jaya reveals that Shalini came to take revenge and Jerry is not Samar’s son. Shalini hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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