Chandragupta Maurya 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya’s Master Plan

Chandragupta Maurya 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ambhi Kumar comes to meet Dhananand hiding. Dhananand fumes that his sister Durdhara rejected Ambhi Raj and does not want to marry him, he is alive till now as he is Ambhi Raj’s son, but now he should die and attacks him. Ambhi Kumar falls on his feet and pleads to spare him. Dhananand says he has to be his slave and should obey him. Ambhi Kumar agrees. Seleucus reveals Malayketu that he killed his father Porus, but it was all politics and he should understand there is no enemy or friend in politics and one uses people in their favor to gain power. He offers liquor and says a kid cannot have it. Malayketu attacks him with dagger, but he catches his hand and throwing away dagger strangulates him. Chandragupta walks in and provokes him to kill an useless and traitor heir of Pourav rastra.

Seleucus reminisces Pourav rastra people’s love for Malayketu and spares him. Chandragupta asks why did he spare a traitor. Seleucus says Malayketu is dumb and he wants a dumb king on Pourav rastra’s throne who can be his puppet, orders to make arrangements of Malakyetu’s coronation ceremony. Chandragupta thinks he and Chanakya wanted same. Malakyetu meets Chanakya. Chanakya explains his plan to Malakyetu and his whole team. Chandragupta continues his explanation and asks Ambika to make Takshashila soldiers sit with Seleucus’ soldiers during Malayketu’s coronation ceremony and then reveals rest of his plan.

Ambhi Kumar walks to Durdhara’s room and tries to touch her. She resists. He reminisces Dhananand telling he knows he hates Durdhara after she rejected him, but he should act as still in her love. He expresses his love for her and asks her to rest while he fans her.

Guests start coming in for Malayketu’s coronation ceremony. Ambika makes her father senapati and other Takshashila soldiers sit on Macedonian soldiers’ seats. Mura serves them liquor. Senapati asks her if she is Piplivan’s queen. Mura acts and says she is Piplivan queen and Macedonian senapati and his team want her to serve liquor like a maid. Philip enters and fumes seeing Takshashila soldiers sitting on his seat and shouts at them to get out of his seat. Senapati resists. Chandragupta interferes and says Philip that he will give seat next to Seleucus. Philip yells that Bharatis are their slaves and are fit to be under their feet. Seleucus tells Chanakya that Philip is short tempered and creates havoc. Chanakya thinks it is time to kick out Seleucus and his army from Bharath soon.

Chanakya Niti: If one tries to punish a person who made mistake unknowingly, the other person will revolt, so one should analyse situation and then react instead of blindly punishing anyone.

Precap: Chanakya tells Chandragupta it is time for their next move and showing Seleucus’ another soldier asks if he knows what to do.

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