Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma interrupts Happu and Rajjo’s romance

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu seeing Amma sleeping with her mouth closed and thinks if Amma went. He whispers Amma in her ears. Amma slaps him and says I will not go easily and will squeeze many more lemons. Happu says I have brought many bottles for you. Amma drinks it and says it is good. He asks her to drink 6 bottles. She says now she can’t sleep until she has 12 bottles. She tells Happu that he hurt her very much and watched film without her. Happu asks her to enjoy the drink. Amma says the matter is about trust and not about film. She says I trust you, but you went with your wife. She slaps him and asks him to see there. She throws the wine and pretends to drink wine. She asks him to give another drink. Happu gives another bottle to her. He thinks Amma is getting drink, Beni’s idea

worked. Amma pretends to sleep. Happu thinks he shall leave and says Rajjo..I am coming. He leaves. Amma gets up and says he thought I am sleeping and says I will squeeze the lemons now.

Kamlesh comes to Kat and Malaika’s room. He wakes up Kat and says it is going to be morning in sometime. Kat says I am not a heroine as I couldn’t steal father’s purse. Kamlesh asks her not to take tension. Malaika wakes up and slaps him. Kamlesh falls down the bed. Malaika scolds him. Kat says how dare you slap him and asks are you jealous? Malaika says bad thing will happen. Kat asks if she wants to beat her and asks her to beat her. She says I am also clever and intelligent. Malaika asks her to talk like sister and not like thief. She says Kamlesh is teaching you stealing since many days. Malaika asks them to leave from there. Kamlesh takes Kat with him.

Happu comes to his room and wakes up Rajjo. He asks her to see the promo of the show Jaat Ka poochun ji….and promotes the show. Happu and Rajjo tell that they will watch the film. Rajjo asks if Amma slept. He says yes. Rajjo says Amma is the 8th miracle of the world. Happu says she had 8 pegs of wine. Rajjo says you will leave once Amma calls you. Happu says Amma loves us also and says she will get angry. Happu gets romantic and takes her under the blanket. Amma comes to their room acting to be sleep walk. Rajjo sees her. Amma comes to their bed and acts to sleep. Rajjo asks him to see. Happu sees her and says it seems she might be walking in sleep. Amma slaps him in sleep. Happu asks Rajjo to come to hall when Amma sleeps peacefully. He goes. Rajjo covers her with blanket. Amma starts snoring. Rajjo goes out to hall. Happu says he is in mood and asks her to hug him. Rajjo hits him and says I want to sleep. Happu tells him that they had small bed at first, then slowly kids came and the bed got bigger. Rajjo smiles. He asks if she recalls it. Rajjo smiles. Amma comes there walking pretending to sleep walk. Happu holds her and makes her lie on the bed. Amma pretends to sleep. Happu asks Rajjo to come to room for romance. They leave. Amma gets up and says I will not let you sleep and won’t let the 10th baby come. Rajjo and Happu come to their room. She says I am very tired. Happu says we shall sleep now. He gets romantic. Rajjo says she wants to sleep. Happu sings lullaby. Amma comes there. Happu holds her before she collides with the cradle. Amma sleeps on their bed. Rajjo asks him to sleep silently. He also sleeps on the same bed. Amma thinks you people are kids infront of me.

Precap: Mausi asks Amma not to separate Rajjo and Happu, let them stay together. Rajjo hears them and thinks Mausi provokes Amma.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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