Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 31)

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Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 31)
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for the response. I am glad u all are liking my ff.
Previous episode
Chapter 30

After some time operation is completed and the doctors come out, as soon as they come out ragini rushes to rohan and Karan
Ragini: bhai how is he?
Karan: ragu the operation is successful but as the bullet is very near to the heart we can’t tell anything till he gets conscious and he should get conscious within two hours (worried and concerned) otherwise (pauses)
Ragini: (difficultly) otherwise
Rohan: (holds her) otherwise he may slip into coma
Ragini stumbled but as rohan is holding her she did not fell down and rohan made her sit on the chair whereas all are just in shock. Ragini hugged ansh tightly and burst out into cry. Seeing her crying ansh also started to cry more. All are having tears in their eyes. Ap is crying uncontrollably seeing her son’s condition whereas uttara and neha rooted to their places laksh who till now is consoling swara could not take more and run from there. Mohit sat beside ragini and hugged her and cried while rohan is seeing them painfully sitting on his knees in front of ragini. He could not see her and went from there. Shekhar, sumi and dadi looked him painfully. Kajal followed him.
Rohan went to his cabin and sat on the chair and burst into cry. Kajal who came to him and placed her hand on his shoulder he immediately hugged her and cried a lot
Kajal: bhai when u love her this much how could u be far from her these many years
Rohan: then what should i do kajal I did not have any option. All this is due to nanu. I hate him because of him only i am far from my family. If mami and u were not there then i would not be alive.
Kajal: bhai please stop crying. Please i cannot see u like this.
Rohan composes and nods and again comes out and goes to shekhar. Shekhar sees him and hugs him.
Rohan: papa how are u?
Shekhar: fine beta u tell me how are u?
Rohan: fine papa (he goes to sumi)
Rohan: (hugs her and tears flow from his eyes) how are u ma?
Sumi: (hugs him tightly) i am fine beta

Dadi also hugs him. They all cry a lot. He goes to swara who is sitting blankly staring ground she looks at him and immediately hugs him
Rohan: shh shona dont cry please
Swara: (crying) bhai jiju
Rohan: shh i cant assure u but still please hope for the good please
Swara nods he goes to mohit who is sitting beside ragini. Mohit immediately hugs him and sobs
Mohit: bhai
Rohan: mohit u promised u will support them but u are only falling weak how could u
Mohit: no bhai i am not weak but how can i see them like that please do something and save jiju please
Rohan: mohit please control urself please

After sometime they both break the hug and looks at ragini who is just sobbing by hugging ansh she is looking very pale they are getting worried a lot but could not do anything. Like this all the time passed and it is only fifteen minutes to complete two hours and there is no sign of sanskar to get conscious ragini could not take it any more she stood from her place all looked at her confused
Ragini: bhai i want to see sanskar now
Rohan: but ragu
Ragini: please bhai i need to meet him please
Rohan nods and allows her to go she takes ansh and enters into ICU where sanskar is lying unconscious with a bandage on the left of his chest and lot of wires connected to his body. Her heart skipped a beat seeing her life lying there lifelessly. Seeing sanskar ansh immediately get down from ragini’s arms and came on to the bed and hugged sanskar and started crying
Ansh: papa wake up please papa wake up na i want to talk to u please wake up
Ragini: (seeing this cries standing near the bed she slowly goes to sanskar sits on the stool beside him takes his hand and kisses it) sanskar u promised u will fight for me for our ansh for our baby please get up sanskar i can’t live without u please wake up sanskar please (she keeps her head on his hand and cries vigorously even a tear drop slips from sanskar’s eyes and there is a little movement in his fingers which is noticed by ragini before she could react sanskar starts to breath heavily
Ragini: (shouts) bhai, Karan
Listening to her shout Karan and rohan runs inside and immediately gives an injection to sanskar
Rohan: ragu u take ansh and go out i will tell u about him please
Ragini takes ansh and comes out while all are standing tensed outside

After few minutes Karan and rohan comes out
Rohan: (with happy smile) he is out of danger he is now unconscious due to injection he will come to conscious within an hour
Ragini: (smile with tears) sanskar is fine (cups ansh’s face) papa is fine chotu he is fine
Ansh: (smile happily) really mumma papa is fine
Ragini nods with tears and kisses his forehead while ansh kisses her cheeks and hugs her happily everybody has smile on their faces due to the good news of sanskar and laksh who came back after so much time sees all happy
Laksh: mohit bhai how is bhai
Mohit: (hugs laksh) lucky jiju is fine
Laksh: (happy) thank u so much god thank u so much
All are happy that sanskar is fine. At that time harsh comes there.
Laksh: (angrily) harsh that r*s**l should not be spared at any cost ok
Harsh: lucky do u think i will leave him first i will personally punish him later i will go through this case u dont worry i will take care of everything.
Laksh nods. Ragini who till now is crying continuously felt dizzy and cannot control
Ragini: (holding her head) ma i am feeling dizzy
Sumi immediately holds her and makes her sit but it is too late she became unconscious and fall on sumi’s shoulder

Ansh: (taps her cheeks) mumma open ur eyes mumma
Kajal: (takes ansh to her hands and finds he is burning with fever) oh god ansh u are burning with fever
Ansh: aunty mumma
Kajal: mumma will be fine u come with me
Ansh: no i will be with mumma (he starts crying)
Kajal: but mumma is not well we will take her into a room and let her rest ok (ansh nods) bhai
Rohan: (nods and takes ragini in his arms and takes her to a room while all follows him and he makes her lay on the bed) Karan call the gynaecologist and kajal u treat ansh
Ansh is sitting beside ragini sobbing holding her hand after few minutes doctor comes and checks ragini
Doctor: she fainted due to continuous crying and stress make sure that she is happy otherwise it will affect the baby for now i gave her injection she will be unconscious for some time.
Rohan: nothing to worry na doctor
Doctor: no doctor rohan just take care that she does not get any stress
Rohan nods. Kajal slowly goes to ansh and gives him injection due to that even he too sleeps.
Kajal: i gave him injection bhai now he will sleep for some time and even fever will reduce.
Rohan nods and turns to shekhar who is seeing him he understood what he is thinking
Rohan: papa she is kajal i think u know about her but she is mamu’s daughter
Shekhar: what she is rishab’s daughter but u never told us in these many days
Kajal: even i dont know uncle that u are my bua’s family as i never saw u all and even there is no photo in that house of urs and only two days back i came to know

Rohan sits beside sumi and keeps his head on her shoulder and closes his eyes
Rohan: ma i missed u all so much
Sumi: (while controlling her tears) even we missed u beta but beta when did u come from London
Rohan: last week ma i thought to meet ragu but u know na nanu
Sumi: hmm
Mohit: bhai still nanu did not accept ma na
Rohan: (gives a sad smile) dont know when he will understand but i am happy for ragu atleast she is with u all. I dont know why does he hate girls that much i am his daughter’s son na then why did he snatched me from u all i dont understand though he hate ma he snatched me from u all
Laksh: papa who is he i mean…
Shekhar: he is my son laksh janaki’s and mine elder son (all are shocked to listening this)
Laksh: but papa u never told that bhabhi has an elder bhai and why is he not with u then
Rohan: because of that man who is our nanu i am ashamed to call him nanu also i hate him
Sumi: rohan he is elder to u
Rohan: ha elder that is why he separated me from my parents
Sumi: rohan
Rohan: ok fine why dont u get angry on him
Shekhar: rohan enough now stop it and laksh beta woh…
Fb begins
Janaki’s father (Deendayal shrivatsav) is always against girl child. He does not like janaki at all he never loved her. Janaki is his elder daughter and Rishab is his younger son. He always pampered Rishab as he is a boy and janaki is always ignored by him but she was loved by both her mother (shobha) and brother. Her life full she did not get love of her father. Once shekhar’s parents saw janaki in temple and liked and they went and asked her hand to shekhar and they both got married. After marriage only janaki got the fatherly love from shekhar’s father. Like that she started living happily. She gave birth to rohan. Deendayal felt very happy that she gave birth to a boy. He loved him so much. Later after three years ragini was born he just saw her with hatred and never took her into his arms. And after ragini’s birth janaki’s health is not good. When ragini is two months old it was discovered that she had ulcer problem. And by this he started saying ragini is the reason of janaki’s health problems. But everytime shekhar used to go against him saying that he does not believe in that. Doctors tried to cure janaki’s disease but they could not. Janaki could survive two years with treatment later she died. After her death sumi started to take care of ragini and rohan then after six months of janaki’s death shekhar’s parents married shekhar and sumi. After knowing this news Deendayal got so much angry and he came to gm

Deendayal: shekhar how dare u marry another woman
Shekhar: papa listen rohan and ragini need mother and mishti is good she will become their mother.
Deendayal: (shouts) chi shekhar u never loved my daughter i think u always loved her it is just six months my daughter died and u married again chi
Listening to shouts rohan and ragini got fear and hugged sumi tightly with fear
Shekhar: papa please from when u started calling janaki as ur daughter i never saw u even talking to her properly dont show this fake concern
Deendayal: how dare u to speak against me (he sees rohan hugging sumi in fear he goes to them and drags rohan from her) u characterless woman be far from my grandson i don’t want him to get the bad values of u
Sumi was hurt by those words but she composed.
Sumi: uncle u think whatever u want but for me rohan and ragini are my children and i am their mother.
Deendayal: shut up i dont want my grandson to grow up with u i am taking him with me
Shobha tries to stop him
Deendayal: if u support them u will see my dead body
Shobha cries sitting there while Deendayal takes rohan who is crying. Shekhar comes to shobha and hugs her
Shobha: (sobbing) shekhar i am really sorry i could not do anything
Shekhar: ma stop crying ma
Shobha: i am sorry beta i am bound to his promise now i cannot do anything but i promise that he will know completely about his parents and i will give him good values
Shekhar: but ma how can we live without him he is my son ma
Shobha cries helplessly, sumi is also crying a lot as her son is going far from her and ragini is just saying bhai as she is very small she can only speak few words. Shekhar looks helpless
Shekhar: ok ma i will go to court

Shobha nods. Like that shekhar goes to court but in court also Deendayal shows some false proofs like sumi is not taking care of rohan and ragini. So court gives a judgement that both ragini and rohan will be in deendayal’s house. But shekhar gets fear for both ragini and rohan atleast he has a hope that rohan can be a little happy with them as Deendayal may not ill treat him. But in ragini’s case he is so worried and requests atleast let ragini to be with him and court agreed to him saying that supervisors will be coming and checking how ragini is treated on behalf of court if there is any problem then ragini will also be sent to deendayal’s house. And when ragini is 18 years old she can choose where she wants to be. And the same applies for rohan except that he will stay in deendayal’s house after 18 he can choose. Like that ragini is with shekhar and sumi and shobha always made sure that somehow secretly ragini and rohan meet and they both love each other a lot. Later when mohit and swara were born rohan treated them as his own siblings whenever they used to meet they used do everything secretly. Deendayal did not know that rohan is meeting them. It is known to shobha, nidhi (rishab’s wife) and Rishab. There is no photograph of sumi or shekhar in the house as Deendayal did not want rohan to remember them. But he does not know that he already know everything about them. Shobha told rohan everything about how Deendayal showed false proofs and how shekhar asked the court atleast to keep ragini with them. Rohan first was hurt that shekhar asked only for ragini to be with them but later he understood that is correct decision when he sees Deendayal treating kajal badly. Rohan never liked Deendayal he never speaks to him and it even did not affect Deendayal as he does not care. He did everything in anger that is it. Ha he loved him but still he is his daughter’s son not a son’s son. And for the deeds he did Rishab has only one child that is kajal. But Rishab is not like his father so he did not have any problem and never paid any heed to Deendayal’s talks in fact he never talks to his father. And kajal many times felt sad that her dadu does not love her but always rohan used to console her. Kajal does not know about ragini and her family she only knows that her brother misses his sister and family and he is here because of her dadu who separated him from his family. In that house rohan can only be happy with kajal. When he is 18 kajal became ill with the thought that he may go to gadodia’s again. Rohan actually thought to go to gadodia’s but when he spoke to his family about kajal they all supported him as kajal does not have any siblings and he became her world and he stayed in deendayal’s house only. But he never missed to meet his family. But when ragini completed her MBA all the gadodia family went for outing at that time even rohan came there to celebrate his sister’s success. But to his bad luck Deendayal followed him as he listened word ragini when rohan is speaking in phone. There he found them all together and got so much angry and sent rohan to London as he got a good job there in a super speciality hospital though he denied at the beginning but seeing rohan with gadodia’s he did so. And after he went to London he was not able to meet ragini and others and he became very lonely. He only speaks with them through video call, phone call but never could meet them for whole two and half years. And from more than six months he could not even speak to them as he is busy in work and not able to talk to them. He came back to India a week before and one day night he saw Karan and kajal in a cafe. There he identified Karan and then kajal came to know about ragini and Karan came to know that kajal is ragini’s mamu’s daughter as he never met with ragini’s mamu he does not know about them. When rohan thought to meet ragini he got to see his sister in such state that she is suffering seeing her life her sanskar in that state and as he is one of the best cardiac surgeon he did the operation.
Fb ends

Rohan: and this is all due to that old man who made my family far from me and because of that i missed even my mohit’s and shona’s childhood, ragini and shona’s wedding every moment of their life.
Kajal: haw it means u never thought me as ur sister
Rohan: kaju please yaar i am not in a mood to do masti with u
Kajal: and i want to change everybody’s mood kya yaar now everything is fine and u all are sitting here still crying.
Rohan: ok now stop ur drama and ma, papa u all go home and take rest it is 1 am already i will take care of everything u all come in the morning
Sumi: but beta
Rohan: ma u trust me na
Sumi: why dont i trust my son ok
Mohit: bhai when will u shift jiju to normal ward
Rohan: we will shift him now
Swara: bhai if it is possible shift him to di’s ward only otherwise when she gets up she will be panicked and let ansh be with her only
Rohan: hmm my shona became very responsible and dont worry she will not get conscious till morning same goes to ansh but sanskar may get conscious then i will shift him there only ok.
Swara: ok we will meet jiju and then we will leave and no more discussions
Rohan: fine meri ma (all smiles seeing their bond though they are far from each other they share a very great bond) and Karan i am going to check sanskar whether he get conscious or not
Rohan goes to sanskar and checks once again while he is checking sanskar gets conscious
Rohan: (with smile) how are u feeling Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar: (smiles slightly) fine doctor
Rohan: so u are alright but u need to take rest for complete one month and no stress and ha complete bed rest for complete week
Sanskar nods

Sanskar: doctor can i meet my family
Rohan: (smiles) they all are waiting for u to get conscious once u get shifted u can meet them dont worry
Sanskar: thank u doctor
Rohan smiles and after ten minutes sanskar is taken to the place where ragansh are sleeping peacefully due to medicine affect seeing them sanskar gets worried
Sanskar: (worried) mohit what happened to them
Rohan: Mr. Maheshwari relax u should not get worried they are fine as they are just sleeping due to medicine affect
Sanskar sighs in relief as the beds are attached to each other sanskar caresses ragini’s hair with so much care and love seeing this rohan gets happy tears while mohit places his hand on rohan’s shoulder while rohan smiles at him with tears.
Ap: (comes to sanskar and hugs him) sanskar
Sanskar: i am fine ma dont cry please
Ap: i was scared a lot
Sanskar: shh please dont cry
Neha: (comes to him) thank u jiju to keep ur promise but with few changes
Sanskar: (smiles) kiddo if i did not promise u also i would have protected them and coming to ur changes in ur promise i tried but i could not come out without getting hurt by myself
Neha: no problem but now u get well soon and ha one more thing u are talking to me (she smirks)
Sanskar: dont do over action ok i forgave u as i saw u changed
Neha: (teary eyes) i am sorry jiju
Sanskar: shh forget about it (like this all meets him)
Mohit: i am going to stay with di and jiju u all go home and take rest
Rohan: no mohit even u are going home
Karan: please both dont start mohit u can stay here and rohan bhai u go home if ur nanu gets to know that u are here he will create some other problem
Swara: ha bhai u need to go now i think already there he must be angry on u as u are late.
Rohan: i dont care
Sumi: rohan
Rohan: ok sorry ma but still i dont care.
Sanskar looks confused at them as he does not understand anything.
Sumi: now go home ok
Rohan goes to ragini kisses her forehead and caresses her hair while sanskar gets angry and jerks his hand from ragini’s head all looks at him shocked
Sanskar: (angrily) how dare u to touch my wife
Rohan: (smiles) i dont need dare to touch my sister Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar: (confused) sister
Rohan: Hmm sister hi i am rohan… rohan gadodia ragini’s elder brother
Sanskar: (confused) elder brother ragini has an elder brother also
Mohit: oh jiju i will tell u everything later for now let him go
Sanskar nods still confused
Rohan: take care Mr. Maheshwari
Dadi: rohan tomorrow come early i will bring ur favourite paratas
Rohan: bilkul dadi love u bye chalo kajal
Rohan and kajal bid bye and all goes except for mohit
Mohit sits beside sanskar and hugs him and starts to cry sanskar also let him cry as he knew how much he controlled from breaking down. After mohit became fine he broke the hug
Sanskar: (cups his face) mohit i am fine and ur di is also fine dont worry
Mohit: jiju i was very scared seeing u like that
Sanskar: but now everything is fine and only one thing is left i will not leave that b**t**d for trying to harm my ragini and he even slapped my ansh i will not leave
Mohit: (fuming) not i jiju we… we will not leave him i want to cut him into pieces and through his parts to vultures and eagles as their food
Sanskar: mohit control and now tell me ragini’s i mean ur elder brother how come

Mohit tells him everything.
Sanskar: oh god how can someone do such thing
Mohit: leave it jiju he will never change but i am sad only for bhai he missed us a lot it is only due to kajal he did not felt alone and there mami gave him motherly love and mamu treated him as his own son nani tho no need to tell for her he is her life. And bhai really hate nanu he never speaks to him and ignores him but only fear is that if he comes to know that he is meeting us he will create some other problem so bhai is staying far from us.
Sanskar: hmm ok chalo go and sleep u did not rest at all even i am getting sleep.
Mohit: good night jiju
Morning sunrays fall into the ward where ragsanansh and mohit are sleeping. Ansh wakes up, sits on the bed and gets scared seeing his surroundings he calms down when his eyes fell on ragsan he comes down the bed and climbs the side where sanskar is sleeping and starts patting sanskar
Ansh: (patting sanskar while crying) papa wake up please papa dont leave me
Feeling his pat sanskar’s sleep gets disturbed and opens his eyes only to see a crying ansh he immediately gets up, in that force he feels pain but he did not paid any heed to those pains as his son’s tears pains him more, and takes ansh in his embrace
Ansh: (crying) papa i was scared
Sanskar: (teary eyes) shh my champ now everything is fine see i am fine and sitting in front of u and u are with me hugging me see
Ansh: (stops sobbing and cutely) papa u will never leave me na
Sanskar: (felt a lot of pain in his heart seeing his son’s condition) shh bacha why will i leave u do u think i will leave u ha
Ansh nods negatively
Sanskar: (kisses his forehead and rubs his tears very carefully as his face is still covered with slap marks and red) so now stop crying and give me ur million dollar smile and my kissy
Ansh nods widely and kisses his both cheeks and hugs him tightly while sanskar hisses in pain which makes ansh to immediately break the hug
Ansh: (teary eyes) sorry papa is it paining
Sanskar: (smiles) a little champ dont worry it will be cured
Ansh then places his head on his chest carefully and sanskar covers him protectively with his hands. At that time ragini wakes up shouting sanskar which makes Sanansh to part and look at ragini who is panting and sweating and even mohit who was sleeping woke up and got worried.
Sanskar: (worried) jaan
Listening to his voice ragini calmed and looked at him and immediately hugged and started sobbing while sanskar patted her head
Sanskar: shh jaan i am all fine see
Ragini: (while crying) sanskar please dont leave us and go we cant live without you me, ansh, little princess we can’t
Sanskar: shh jaan please i am fine i am not going anywhere see (he forcefully breaks the hug which makes him to hiss in pain again)
Ragini: (concerned) oh no is it paining i am sorry
Sanskar: (smiles) a little
Ragini again hugs him but carefully while ansh also does the same mohit seeing this goes out without disturbing them. After few minutes again sanskar feels that ragini is crying
Sanskar: (worried) jaan please dont cry it is not good for ur health u are continuously crying
Ragini: (while sobbing) sanskar he touched me and he even beat our son u know he even beat me when i said he is my son and he said he will kill u both i was so scared
Sanskar: (raged but calmly) dont worry jaan i will not leave him for hurting u both
Ragini: (immediately breaks the hug) no sanskar u will not do anything to him u will not touch him u promise me u will not even touch him i dont want anything happening to u
Sanskar: but
Ragini: u promise me first
Sanskar: (sighs) ok promise i will not touch him ok (he kisses her forehead and again takes her into his embrace and thinks in mind) how can i leave him jaan do u think i will leave him like that ha as i promised i will not touch him but i will punish him without touching him. He tortured my son and my wife and should i sit idle and see how is ansh still shivering due to fear and he also got fever i will not leave him at all. (while his thoughts are disturbed by ansh)
Ansh: papa mumma i am hungry
Ragini: even me (she pouts)

At that time only rohan, swalak enters into the room along with mohit they brought clothes and some food for them to eat.
Rohan: so how is my little sister and her little son (sitting beside ragini)
Ragini: (happily) bhai (hugs him happily while ansh looks at them confused and sanskar smiles)
Rohan: (hugs her back and caresses her hair) ragu how are u
Ragini: awesome bhai when did u come
Rohan: one week before yaar
Ragini: and u did not meet me till now (pouts) go i am katti with u (sanskar looks at her surprised as she never behaved like that till now ha she behaves childish when she is with ansh but with others she never does so)
Rohan: oh so u are katti then mohit chalo let me take that kheer made by nani and go
Ragini: what kheer by nani no…no i am not katti with u how can i be angry on u (puppy face)
Rohan: (laughs) dramebaaz stop making these faces and go fresh up and come
Ragini: (smiling brightly) chalo chotu let us fresh up and eat yummy yummy kheer
Ansh: (confused) ok mumma but who is he (pointing towards rohan)
Rohan: (got sad that her sister’s son dont know about his mamu also but composes himself) me ur mumma’s elder brother it means ur mamu
Ansh: but mamu is mohit mamu na
Rohan: even i am ur mamu u can call me rohan mamu
Ansh: no i will make short cut for u wait let me think (thinks) hmm ha RM ha i will call u RM and u can call me ansh or champ ok
Rohan: u can call me RM but i will call u chotu
Ansh: no only my mumma should call me chotu so u will not call me that
Rohan: oh why so only mumma should call u like that
Ansh: (dont know what to answer and looks at ragini for answer) why mumma
Sanskar: arey how will she know she never said to anybody to not to call u chotu it was u who always say to everyone not to call u chotu so u answer urself
Ansh: i dont know only my mumma should call me like that
Rohan: u love mumma a lot na
Ansh: sssssssssoooooo mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccchhhhhhh (he said while stretching his hands on either sides) and mumma chalo i am very hungry RM is asking a lot of questions i can’t answer all at a time (he gets of the bed and starts to drag ragini’s hand to come and all the others smile)
Ragini: arey chotu wait let me get down
Ansh: comes fast mumma i am very hungry

Ragini and ansh goes to get fresh up while rohan gets up to check sanskar
Rohan: well how are u feeling Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar: i am fine and u can call me sanskar and i think i can call u bhai
Rohan: (smiles) of course sanskar (he checks him) nothing to worry but take rest for a month because as the bullet was very near to heart u should be careful ok
Sanskar: ok bhai and lucky what about that b**t**d did harsh said anything to u
Laksh: ha bhai harsh said that today he will get the permission from doctor to take u there
Rohan: (concerned) but sanskar now u are not in a position to do something
Sanskar: no bhai i will not spare him because of him here my both most important persons are suffering how can i think to leave him
Mohit: jiju even i am going to come with u
Rohan: (sighs) fine i will not say anything because i dont think i have a right to speak because i was never with my sister whether it is sad or happy times (he speaks in a hurt voice)
Mohit and swara: bhai please dont say like that
Rohan about to say something but sees that ragansh coming from washroom after ansh getting fresh
Ragini: (while making him wear his shirt as he is disturbing her) chotu will u stop or not
Ansh: mumma i want chocolate i did not eat from two days na
Ragini: u got fever chotu u should not eat now after ur fever is gone then u will eat
Ansh: now i dont have fever also see i am very fine (he starts jumping) so i can eat na
Ragini: no let kajal aunty come and say u can eat then i will allow
Ansh: huh kajal aunty will always say no to chocolates even today she will say same
Ragini: (combing his hair) no she will not say no if u can eat ok she is a doctor
Ansh: that is why she says not to do what i like to
Sanskar: (sighs as he is not going to listen today) champ u come here and jaan u go to fresh up
Ansh goes to sanskar and sits in his lap and ragini goes to get fresh up
Ansh: (puppy face) papa chocolate
Sanskar: (smiles) i will give but will u come with me out and u should not tell this to mumma till i asked u to say
Ansh: but u are not well na
Sanskar: u tell me will u come with me or not
Ansh: ha i will come and u should give me chocolate
Sanskar: ha baba pakka i will give ok and ha dont tell to mumma it is our secret
Ansh: done

After ragini gets fresh up even sanskar gets fresh and comes and ragini gives him soup from hospital canteen as he should not oily foods
Sanskar: (making a yuck face) yuck will anyone eat this soup go i am not going to eat it is really yuck
Ragini: please sanskar dont behave like ansh
Sanskar: hello madam do u think only u have the right to behave like him even u make the same faces when u are drinking milk even though milk is far better than this yuck soup u dont know
Ragini: chi milk is only yuck this soup is better u only dont know
Sanskar: how do u know did u taste it
Ragini: no need to taste we can say by it appearance only and now shut up ur mouth and eat it
Sanskar: how will i eat by shutting my mouth champ ur mumma became mad (ragini glares him and he sighs) fine for now i will eat but for after noon u are going to make for me and that too at home ok
Ragini: but sanskar how can i go leaving u alone
Swara: di i will be there here to look after jiju u go and make something healthy and tasty to jiju and come back ok
Ragini agrees half heartedly and she also knows that how that soup tastes.
Ragini: but sanskar will u be fine i mean
Laksh: arey bhabhi u are not using ur chance to cook it is more than 15days u entered into kitchen and now u are asking these all questions i think u dont want it ok bhai leave it shona u only make something for bhai
Ragini: arey no…no i will make it myself ok now happy
Rohan: even i will get to taste my sister’s food
Ragini: of course bhai
At that time all others come to see sanskar and now ragini came to know that kajal is her mamu’s daughter and she became very happy. As it is not allowed to stay more members in hospital they all should go
Ap: ok ragini beta chalo let us go home
Ragini: ji ma (she looks at sanskar and he signs her that he will be fine and ragini nods)
Ragini: chotu chalo
Ansh: no mumma i will be with papa
Ragini: but (interrupted by sanskar)
Sanskar: arey jaan let him with me u go
Ragini nods and all go except for swalak, rohan, mohit, Karan and kajal and sanskar sighs in relief
Karan: ok i am also leaving i have appointments
Kajal: even me
They leave and harsh comes

Harsh: bhai are u sure
Sanskar nods and holds ansh’s hand
Sanskar: bhai can i
Rohan: ha but be careful and if dont stand for much time as u are very weak ok
Sanskar: ok bhai mohit lucky harsh chalo
All nods and sanskar holds ansh with one hand and takes the support of laksh with another hand and leaves from there and rohan and swara leaves to canteen in hospital.

That is all today guys. Thank u for reading. And thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well. Next episode will be the punishment which sanskar is going to give to shourya for hurting his wife and his son. And guys please give some suggestions that how should sanskar punish shourya i will try to include them in the punishment which i thought. I will be waiting for the suggestions. Meet u all in the next episode. Till then take care. Byebye. Keep smiling 

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