Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 30)

Ragsan-U changed my life (episode 30)
Hey guys back with next episode. I am so sorry for the late. Thank u to all those who commented and silent readers as well.
Previous episode
A dark room is shown but we can see a very small light in one of the corners of the room. Come let us go inside. There is a small boy whose hands and legs are tied to the chair and he is in unconscious state. Let us who it is by going near to the boy. Ohhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggooooooodddddddddd it is our ansh oh no why is he here? (when i am thinking someone came into the room) he slowly came towards ansh and looked around the room and went to one corner and brought a mug full of water and pour it on his face with a great force with that force ansh came into senses and winces in pain due to his limbs tied with rope very tightly and slowly looks around and sees a giant sized man standing in front of him he became scared not understanding where he is the only thing gets his mind his mumma and papa
Ansh: mumma papa (scared)
Man: ur mumma and papa will not come here just shut up (he speaks very rudely in a very high pitch to which ansh shivers in fear and started to cry)
Ansh: (crying) mumma where are u papa i am scared
Man: shut up (shouts)
But ansh is crying more due to the fear

A room is shown there is a bed on which a girl is lying unconscious but she is getting conscious now she slowly opens her eyes and see around confused at that all the things that happened hit her mind and only one thing comes in her mind is her son
Ragini: (worried and scared) ansh my chotu (she looks around to understand where she is but she is not getting anything when she was lost in thinking where she is the door of the room got opened and a person entered into the room she gets shocked seeing that person)
Ragini: (disgusting, anger, scared) you
Shourya: (smirking) yes baby (he touches her face sensuously while she jerks his hand and moves back on the bed and he sits on the bed)
Ragini: (angrily) where is my son
Shourya: (angry and shouts) he is not ur son he is the son of that b****y sanskar
Ragini: (angrily) dont u dare say a word against my sanskar and he is my son understood
Shourya’s anger raised to peeks he just took his phone and made a video call and said slap while ragini looks at him confused shourya sees her and understands her confusion and smirks and show her the video call and she gets shocked to see her son tied to the chair and crying bitterly at that time that huge man slapped ansh very hard
Ansh: (winces in pain with tears flowing from his eyes) mumma (shouts in pain)
Ragini: (tears flow from his eyes and shouts) chotu
Ansh: (listens her voice and sees ragini in the phone as the man shows him) mumma i am scared please come and take me from here please mumma and this bad uncle is beating me it is paining so much
Ragini: (crying) shh chotu ur mumma is there dont get scared … (she is about to speak further but shourya disconnects the call)
Ragini: (pleading) please leave him he is a kid he dont know anything i will give u whatever u want but please leave him
Shourya: (smirking) oh baby i just want u i told na i love u
Ragini: (angry) shut up just shut up how many times should i tell u i dont love u and i am married and was very happy till u come again into my life (crying) why are u torturing me please leave us please
Shourya: (angrily holds her cheeks very tightly while she winces in pain) shut up i love u and i will not leave u you are saying all these because of those two na i will not leave them if they are dead then u will definetly come to me
Ragini: (gets scared as she know that he can do anything) no… no please dont do anything to them i will do whatever u want
Shourya: (smiles and touches her face while she turns her face but he forcefully again turns it to his side and touches it while she feels disgusted on herself) oh baby u will do what i will say then be ready to become mine forever
Ragini: (scared) please dont i am already married to sanskar and i love him and my son please
Shourya: (listening that she loves sanskar and listening the word her son he slaps her) if u want to see both of them alive u should marry me and that is final i am giving u just two hours time decide urself whether u will marry me or see their dead bodies.
Saying this he goes out of the room leaving a scary ragini and goes to ansh who is in the store room in the same house.
Shourya: (holds ansh’s both cheeks very tightly with one hand while ansh is crying both in pain and fear) because of u and ur father my ragini is saying that she does not love me i will not leave u (he slaps him)
Ansh: (shouts in pain) mumma
Shourya: (angry and shouts) she is not ur mumma ur mother is dead
Ansh: (crying) she is my mumma only
Shourya: (angry and slaps him again) how dare u (he leaves him and turns to the man and says in a dangerous voice) dont let him close his eyes ok
The man nods and shourya leaves from there leaving crying ansh behind, his face is all red due to continuous crying and slaps given by shourya (my small, innocent kid is suffering so much i just want to kill this shourya huh)

Now as it became evening sanskar came home while all are seated in the hall and chitchatting. As soon he entered inside
Swara: jiju where are di and ansh
Sanskar: (shocked) what they both came back in the afternoon itself i asked driver to drop at home
Ap: (shocked) what but sanskar even driver did not reach home till now where they must be u do one thing call ragini
Sanskar immediately made a call to ragini but it is saying that the phone is switched off he was very restless from the time ragini left and thought to call her but again brushed his thoughts and thought not to disturb her as she might be taking rest.
Sanskar tried her phone many times but to his dismay it is always saying switched off. He is heavily restless at that time driver came there with a worried look
Sanskar: kaka where are ragini and ansh
Driver bend his head and say him what all happened. All started to panic swara stumbled in her place while laksh holds her from shoulder and makes her sit on the couch and she burst out crying in his embrace. Neha is rooted in her place once she lost her di now again she cannot even imagine that. Uttara and ap are also in the same condition it is only harsh and laksh who composed themselves while Sanskar sit on the couch with a thud tears start to roll from his eyes and he is remembering all the moments he spend with his son and his wife. He does not understand who must have done it. His mind is not at all working only thing he is getting is once he lost his love and again same no this should not happen he is just thinking who might have done this
Harsh: (shakes sanskar as he is completely lost in his thoughts) bhai come to senses bhai
Sanskar jerks and looks at him
Harsh: bhai this is not the time to get emotional be strong (sanskar looks at him with teary eyes all are in the same position while tears made their way from their eyes) bhai think coolly who must have done this just think till then i will ask my team to trace the car please bhai be strong please
Sanskar is just sitting like a statue at that mohit came to see ragini as sanskar told him that she went home as she is not well and confused to see all like that
Mohit: (confused) what happened to all
Listening to mohit sanskar comes to senses he immediately goes to mohit and hugs him and bursts into cry
Mohit: (worried) jiju what happened why are u crying
Sanskar: (crying) mohit ragini ansh
Mohit: (worried) di and champ what happened to them
Harsh who came after asking his team to trace the car said everything to him while mohit stumbled but composed and looked at sanskar who is staring blankly and thought he should be strong and made sanskar sit on the couch
Mohit: (sitting beside sanskar and takes a deep breath) jiju (sanskar sees him) nothing will happen to di and ansh we will find them at any cost i know my jiju is very strong and he can go upto any extent to save his wife and son
Sanskar just nods his head and wipes his tears
Sanskar: mohit u think are there any business rivals for gadodia companies are there any one who can go upto the extent to harm the family
Mohit: (thinks) no jiju nobody are there like that (he is controlling alot to not to let his emotions out as he cannot fall week at this time as for now sanskar is very week emotionally)
Sanskar: then who might it be
At that time he gets a phone call he sees the caller id and gets horrified as if he realised who might have done this
Sanskar: (horrified) shourya goenka
Mohit and laksh: (shocked) shourya
Sanskar looks at them they both are in complete shock
Sanskar: (takes a deep breath and receives the call) he…ll..lo
Shourya: (laughing evilly) hahaha how are u sanskar maheshwari searching for ur son and (angrily) ur wife
Sanskar: (anger) shourya dare u lay a finger on them
Shourya: (angrily) dont shout at me ur son is with me if u want to see him safe u need to come alone to xyz place
Sanskar: (takes a deep breath because he understood he should be acting cool) ok i will come
Shourya: good but dont use ur little brain if u use it ur son will be dead (he cuts the call and smirks and thinks in his mind) come on sanskar today will be ur son’s and ur’s last day after that my baby will have no option except marrying me and we both will live happily (laughs evilly)
Sanskar: shourya kidnapped both ragini and ansh and he asked me to come to xyz place alone
Harsh: (gets a call and attends it after a call) bhai they traced the car it is in xyz place only but there is no one in the car and around it is cliff like place. Me and my team will go and search u dont worry bhai
[Actually when the person who kidnapped ragansh is taking them to farmhouse which belongs to shourya, he gets a call from shourya to leave the car in that xyz place and come to some place where there is a small house where nobody lives by the car shourya sent and so the car in which ragansh were going is in xyz place only]
Sanskar: no harsh please i want my son and wife safe. I know he will not harm her but ansh he will definetly as he is an animal he can do anything if he gets angry it is not safe if u go there let me go
Mohit: but jiju… (interrupted)
Sanskar: no mohit i dont want anything now i just want them safe and i am going
Saying this he is about to go but stopped and saw all once and again started to go but again stopped by a voice
Swara: jiju
Sanskar: (turned) i promise shona, mohit, neha i will bring ur di and ansh safe so dont worry i may give my life to save them but i will not let a scar on them (he is about to go but again stopped by neha)
Neha: (forwarding her hand) jiju promise me that u three no four will come safe i want my di, jiju, ansh and our little baby all safe promise me jiju (all are crying like anything)
Sanskar places his hand on her: i promise kiddo we all will come safe it is ur jiju’s promise
Neha hugs him while mohit and swara also join him he goes and takes ap’s blessings and hug laksh, harsh and uttara and go from there while all looks on.
When sanskar went out he gets a call from harsh and he tells his plan and assures him that both ragansh will be safe and sanskar agreed to it.

Here ansh is crying a lot as it is very paining for him as he is tied with ropes very tightly and even his cheeks are paining due to slapping and fear of that giant man who is shouting whenever he makes a small sound due to pain. He is very much horrified and shivering in fear his eyes are closing due to tiredness of continuous cry, when suddenly there is splash of water not allowing to close his eyes he immediately jerks and again tears flow from his eyes.

Here shourya after speaking to sanskar goes to ragini who is crying by hugging her knees he keeps his hand on her shoulder while she jerks
Ragini: please shourya please leave us
Shourya: aww baby i came here to ask u ur decision not to listen to ur pleadings (angrily) so just shut up and tell me ur decision otherwise u know what i will do
Ragini: (wipes her tears as she knows now he will not listen to her) ok but i have some conditions
Shourya: baby i should keep the conditions not u but still as i love u i will listen to ur conditions
Ragini: first i want to meet to my… (stops) ansh, second i want some food i am very hungry (this she wants to do for her baby as she knows that her sanskar will definetely come to save her)
Shourya: oh no i totally forgot about that dont worry i will arrange food for u
Ragini: even for ansh i will feed him and at last if u leave ansh only i will marry u
Shourya: (in mind) u are very intelligent my baby but dont worry i know what to do (to ragini) ok i accept all these conditions
Ragini: ok then first let me meet ansh
Shourya: ya sure baby… (he gets a phone call and attends it and goes out of the room) hmm take his mobile and bring him to the house where i kept them. (cuts the call)
Sanskar reached the place and gets down of the car he sees around but there was none it is a cliff type area. Then some men comes there caught him and tied his hand and the goon calls shourya while shourya said him to take him to that house where he kept ragansh. While they were about to go someone beat the goons and it is revealed to be harsh. Soon his team comes there and beats all the goons and takes them away after enquiring the place where shourya kept ragansh.
Harsh: bhai now we need to get ready for next step
Sanskar nods
Here shourya comes to ragini’s room again
Shourya: ok come baby let us go
Ragini stands up from the bed she stumbles a bit but she composes and follows shourya he takes her to the room where ansh is kept and leaves from there to arrange food for them as soon as she gets inside the room she gets shocked to see the surroundings it is very dark, dusty and it is not at all clean she is just crying to see her son there sitting and staring blankly to a corner and looking very pale and red all over his face and dried tears on his face she immediately goes to him and opens the ropes and hugs him
Ragini: (hugs him) chotu see mumma came see chotu
Ansh: (hugs her and starts to cry very loudly) mumma i am very scared let us go from here please mumma
Ragini: (rubs his back) shh stop crying chotu shh (breaks the hug and wipes his tears slowly so that it does not hurt him more) bacha u are my strong boy na see we will go from here very soon but please dont cry
Ansh hugs her and sobs in her embrace while the same goes to ragini
Ragini: (in mind) where are u sanskar please come fast
Shourya comes there and separates them while ansh winces in pain due to his tight hold
Shourya: (angrily) u asked u will meet him that is it no need to hug him ok and for now eat this he gives two plates for her she takes them
Ragini: chotu come we will have food
Ansh nods his head and sits beside her on the floor and she starts feed him lovingly
Ansh: mumma u also eat na
Ragini: i will eat u eat first
Ansh: no u should eat with me (how sweet both always love each other very much whatever the situation is he never forgets to care his mother)
While shourya stands there irked
Shourya: (in mind) this is the last day u are seeing him after this he will never come in front of us in front of us kya he will not be in this world only (he smirks)
Ragini is eating and feeding while shourya gets a call and goes out there he sees sanskar
Shourya: oh sanskar u are here very good (he smirks)
Sanskar: where are ragini and ansh?
Shourya: oho very anxious to see them dont worry this is ur last day and i am here to fulfil ur last wish come i will take u to ur son and my ragini (smirks)
Sanskar clenches his fist very tight listening “my ragini” but he controlled himself and walked back of him seeing him there ragansh became very happy and immediately run towards him but before they could reach him goons come and hold them even they hold sanskar
Ragini: ahh leave me
Ansh: papa
Sanskar: shourya leave them i am warning u
Shourya: (laughs evilly) haha do u think i am a fool to call u i called u so that i can kill u and ur son who are hurdles in my life and after killing u both i can happily marry my ragini and live with her
Sanskar is very raged by listening this while ragini and ansh are crying in pain sanskar is trying so much to get released from the goons but he could not. Ansh bites the hand of the goon who is holding him and the goon leaves his hand with a jerk and ansh starts to run towards sanskar but before he could reach shourya holds him and slaps him and pushes him to the goon
Ansh: (in pain) papa
Sanskar could not take anymore he applies full force and pushes goons all fall down and he is about to go towards ragansh but the goons hold him he starts beating them at that time only harsh and his team along with laksh and mohit come there seeing them shourya gets shocked as they all are dressed as goons and harsh goes to ragini and gets her released later he goes to ansh and makes him free by beating goons. As soon as ansh gets free he runs to ragini and hugs her while ragini sits on her knees and hugs him and consoles him. Whereas one of the members of police team holds shourya as he was trying to go to ragini and sanskar, laksh and mohit are beating goons. When all these are happening shourya is thinking what to do at that time he notices the police who is holding him has a gun he immediately takes the gun and shoots towards ragini before anybody could analyse
“Dishyum” due to this sound everyone see that side only to see the bullet hit sanskar on the left side of his chest. Actually when shourya takes the gun sanskar sees shourya pointing it towards ragini and in no time he came in front of her and the bullet hit him.
Ragansh: (shouts) sanskar/papa
Ragini runs near him and keeps his head in her lap and ansh holds sanskar hand sitting beside him
Ragini: (crying) sanskar why did u do this how can u
Sanskar: (speaking with difficulty) jaan i love u please do..n’t cry
Shourya was again going to aim the gun towards ragini but harsh at the nick of time snatches it.
Shourya: (struggling in the hand of police shouts) if she is not mine she should not be anyone’s
Harsh slaps him and takes him from there. Laksh picks sanskar in his arms in bridal style while mohit runs to take the car out and ragansh follow him while ragini holding ansh in her arms as he is so much shocked to see sanskar like that while ragini is also crying alot
Laksh: (crying and holding him in his arms) bhai please dont close ur bhai we will go to hospital fast please bhai
Sanskar: (difficulty) lucky why are u crying like a cry baby u look like monkey when u cry shona was right (he was about to close his eyes)
Laksh: bhai u can call me whatever u want but please dont close ur eyes (he keeps him in the back seat of the car where ragini and ansh are sitting ragini takes his head into her lap and laksh sits in the front passenger seat while mohit drives the car as fast as possible)
Ragini: (crying and pats his cheek) sanskar dont close ur eyes see we reached
Sanskar: (breathing heavily and speaking with difficulty) jaan please dont cry i can’t see (breaths) tears in ur eyes i love u (breaths) please be smiling always (he looks at ansh and breaths again) champ (listening to him ansh immediately starts crying who till now did not come out of shock)
Ansh: (crying) papa
Sanskar: (breaths) champ promise u will take care of mumma and little princess whether i am with u or not
Ragini: shut up sanskar what are u speaking nothing will happen to u
Sanskar: (breaths) champ
Ansh: (crying) promise papa but please dont leave me please i cannot do anything without u please papa
Sanskar: (breaths) i will always be there with u (breaths) in ur heart champ
Laksh: shut up bhai stop talking rubbish ok
Sanskar: jaan please once tell me i love u
Ragini: (crying) i love u sanskar i can’t live without u please dont speak anything like that please
Sanskar: (breaths) shh don’t cry stop crying (he raises his hand with difficulty and wipes her tears)
Ragini: (crying) i will not cry but u promise me that u will not go leaving us u will fight for us for me for our son and for our baby promise me
Sanskar: (breaths) i promise i will fight my best i promise
By now they reaches hospital laksh immediately takes sanskar in his arms again and mohit bring stretcher and laksh places him on it and the ward boys moves the stretcher into the hospital while sanskar is holding both ragansh hands while they both are crying moving along with him when they reach near OT ragini is not ready to leave his hand
Laksh: bhabhi leave his hand
Ragini: (nodding her head negatively) sanskar u promised me that u will be back (laksh makes her leave her hand while sanskar is taken into the OT
All the family came there as harsh informed them what all happened and all are shattered to see their children’s condition. Sumi and dadi are consoling ap. As soon as they take sanskar inside a doctor comes there along with Karan seeing the doctor ragini immediately hugs him
Ragini: (hugs him) bhai please save my sanskar please
Rohan: (doctor) shh ragu do u have trust in me
Ragini nods
Rohan: then i will try my best but now please dont cry please for my sake
Ragini just nods her head while Karan once hugs her assuring that he will take care of everything and makes everything fine. Rohan before going to OT goes to shekhar, sumi and dadi and takes blessings
Rohan: papa dont worry
Shekhar just pats his head and rohan turns to kajal
Rohan: kajal take care of ansh
Kajal: u dont worry bhai i will
Rohan and Karan go inside OT while maheshwari’s look confused about ragini and rohan but for now that is not important. Kajal goes to ansh
Kajal: ansh come with me na
But he hugs ragini tightly as he is in her lap while kajal sighs all are crying seeing their condition no one is able to understand anything.
Mohit: lucky i will go and bring something to drink for di and ansh they both are crying a lot and i am taking uttara with me
Laksh who is hugging swara and consoling her nods his head. Mohit without even thinking just drags uttara along with him to a corner and hugs her while uttara who is till now controlling her emotions burst out into cry. Even mohit has tears in his eyes he was just controlling his emotions to be strong as if he also feels weak no one will be there to console others. After few minutes uttara calms down
Mohit: nothing will happen to him the only thing we need to keep is hope (he kisses her forehead)
Uttara nods her head and they both bring juice to both ragansh.
Mohit: di please drink this u should take care of ur self please
Ragini sees him blankly mohit sees her painfully and shakes her
Mohit: (shakes her) di come to senses (he shakes while she jerks his hand he forcefully makes her drink finally she drinks now he forcefully takes ansh from her and makes him to drink while he keeps protesting but mohit forcefully makes him to drink again ansh goes to ragini and hugs her while shivering while mohit sits there seeing painfully at them)
Kajal: (keeps his hand on his shoulder) everything will be fine bhai is there na
Mohit nods as he has trust on rohan.
After some time operation is completed and the doctors come out, as soon as they come out ragini rushes to rohan and Karan
Ragini: bhai how is he?
Karan: ragu the operation is successful but…..
That is all for today guys. Thank u so much for reading. I hope u all liked the chapter and now time for thinking
Is sanskar fine?
Why is ragini calling doctor rohan as bhai?
Why did he call shekhar as papa?
Why is mohit trusting him?
Why did kajal also called him bhai?
For all these questions u will get answers in next part. Please tell me ur views towards this chapter through ur comments.
Meet u all in the next episode. Till then take care. Byebye.


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