Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 29 )

Chapter 29 – Glimpse Of The God!

Royal Palace, Gazni-

Nasir stood near his horse, beside a handful of soldiers who stood behind him, he was to begin his journey to Bengal. Shoheb and Zaheera scowled when Fatimah came forward to handover Nasir his sword, though it was a diplomatic meeting, Nasir preferred Fatimah to bid him a good luck, he considered her presence before beginning any journey auspicious for him. Fatimah smiled at him while handing him his sword, After taking his sword from Fatimah, he engulfed her into a loving embrace “I will be back soon, do not hesitate to send a letter in case of urgency.” he whispered in her ear, still holding her in the embrace, he was no fool, he knew that Fatimah had to face many wraths and unjust treatments by the mediocre minds who would refuse to accept an ex-slave as their Sultana, beside, it was very well-known fact that he wasn’t going to remarry, he had Fatimah by his side and she shall be his only wife lifelong.
Finally, placing a soft kiss on her temple, he jumped on his stallion, bidding his family and his wife a goodbye, he rode away with other soldiers following him.
Royal Palace, Bhatinda-
Altunia glanced at the evening sky while putting on his robe, he had decided to visit the local mosque, he needed some peace of mind. The past days had been quiet disturbing for him, the rumors of Razia and Yakut being together had been filling into his ears through unknown sources, of course he did not believe the rumors, they were disdain of his attention, but having to witness his lady being misunderstood and defamed was disturbing to him. “ tell the servants to serve me my dinner as soon as I return.” he instructed one of his guards ‘As you wish my lord.” the guard replied with a proper salaam. He did used to not believe in God, he never did, but ever since Razia stepped in his life, she had his cold heart melt and change for eternity. Now, as a result, he had begun to believe in God, he had learnt to pray, yet his love for Razia remained a glimpse of God itself to him. A smile formed on his gorgeous face as his mind went back to the memory lane, how he met Razia, his confession about his love for her, his exile, her struggle, the battles, everything.

Royal Palace, Dilli-
“Sultan, why are so much of preparations going on?” asked a confused Rehaan to Razia only to earn a chuckle from her “Because it is your birthday tomorrow. How could you forget my dear?” she replied softly, cupping his face, to which Rehaan gasped “How did you come to know?” he asked immediately “I know. That’s why , tell me what do you want as a birthday gift?” she asked him lovingly “But Sultan…how can I ….” Rehan trailed off, tomorrow he was to turn thirteen. “Of course you can, after all I brought you here, I am your guardian until you turn of the eligible age to sit on the throne. I am here to take care of you and your needs.” she explained to him, making the innocent boy smile sweetly at her.

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