RagSan TS: Budhu Sa Mann Hai…(Shot 2)

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“ Dii , What you did , He must be in Tension…” Said a boy standing near Ragini who was sitting on a feathery bed , she smiled, then got up and pulled his cheeks.
“ So much tension for your Jiju from now only?” She said with a angry yet cute face.
“ You told me so much about him…I feel like I am in love with him from your words only…” The boy said smiling.
“ Don’t dare think it haan…Only I have right on Him…” Ragini said giggling while the boy too giggled.
“ Karthik , Why are you taking so much time to come out…I know today’s your engagement but still….” A voice alarmed the brother-sister duo.
“I am going out…” Ragini said in a hurry as she picked up her side back , Karthik held her hand as she was about to leave from the window.
“ Dii, Why are you doing it? I know you consider Bauji wrong but that doesn’t mean you’ll not come in front of him…He is our father…I know he is corrupt but at the end of the day , He is our father , Since you were kidnapped in childhood , Bauji Misses you like anything but you made him believe that you are dead , he caught your kidnappers but he feels he lost his daughter forever , Only I know that you are there then why can’t the whole family know…” His eyes were a bit moist while speaking this.
Ragini looked at him and then held his shoulder , “ Karthik , he doesn’t think that he lost his daughter ,HE DID , leave it , today’s your engagement…concentrate on it , you want to meet Sanskar na , I’ll make you meet him today…I am going for the time…” Ragini said as she left his shoulder and then went out through the window , Karthik stared at her going and then went out , sad.
“ Why hasn’t Sanskar come yet , I won’t leave him..I have to hide in these bushes because of him…” Ragini thought as she tried to move the bushes that were tickling her face but wasn’t able to , she was visible angry.
Suddenly , she saw a car coming in full speed and as she did , she ran out and literally stood in front of it , The car was about to hit her but Sanskar pressed break in the nick of time…He was shocked as he looked towards Ragini opened mouthed , He was breathing Heavily while Ragini stared at him blankly , He came out.
“ Are you mad?” He shouted holding her shoulders while she kept a hand on his mouth and whispered.
“ Speak in a low tone, this is near Vishwanath Thakur’s house , if he sees na , he’ll kill us…” She said while Sanskar got his mouth free and held her waist leaving her shoulder , he pulled her towards himself.
“ How could you?” He said as tears accumulated his eyes , “ If…If something happened to you , because of me then…”
“ Nothing can happen to me when you are there and because of you…Impossible…” She said while Sanskar hugged her , “ You are mad…” He hugged her more tightly.
“ Now , why you got me here like this and even made me park my car away from the house , I thought the Thakur’s kidnapped you , I got so worried…” Sanskar said as he and Ragini were walking hand in hand towards the Thakur Mansion , it was quite a few metres away now.
Largely decorated with all the royalties of a true Royal Mansion , its grandeur revealed the fact that it was decorated for a special occasion.
“ I’ll tell you everything soon ,For the time , want to make you meet someone…” She said in a low tone gazing at the floor while Sanskar looked at her.
For the first time he saw the chirping girl so quite and this confused him.
“ Here?” He asked while Ragini nodded still looking towards the ground , Sanskar didn’t disturb her for the rest of the walk.
As they reached at the entrance , Ragini pulled out her dupatta and placed it on her head and mouth in a way hiding her face.
“ Kya Kismat Hai , Waqt Ka Kya Dastoor Hai…
Apne Ghar Mein hi Chup Kar HarBar Mein Hum Aayi…” Ragini thought.
“ Ragini , I am not able to understand anything…” Sanskar said confused.
“ They haven’t seen you in Sasur Ji’s Party yet , you are new, so you don’t need to cover your face , we are going in…” She said while she grabbed Sanskar’s hand and entered in even before Sanskar could speak anything.
The hall was bustling with an array of Guests chit-chatting about various topics , The Mansion was as grand from within as it looked from outside.
Sanskar couldn’t help but say, “ Wow..” As he looked towards the Mansion.
Ragini was still in thinking , Karthik’s words revolving in her mind.
They both joined in the guests and reached near Karthik and his to be Wife who were sitting in the middle of the hall.
“ Dii..” Karthik smiled , He knew Ragini saw the hall where her half childhood passed after years , every other time she entered Karthik’s room through Window and left through the same place.
Ragini smiled a bit seeing him through her covered face , She pointed towards Sanskar while Karthik looked at him and passed a teasing nod to Ragini who seemed to blush a little by his actions.
“ You could have told me before , we didn’t even got a gift..” Sanskar said looking at Ragini who widened her eyes at his remark.
“ You don’t want to ask now why we are here?” She asked shocked while Sanskar shook his head smiling.
“ If you have got me here then I just know that I am attending a function…nothing else…” Ragini smiled at his remark.
“ I have got something…don’t worry…” She said as she grabbed his arm and took him with herself further towards the place where Karthik and his to be wife were sitting.
She took out a small box from her hand back and stretched it in front of Karthik.
“ This is a small present for you…” She said smiling while Karthik raised his hand to take it.
“ Who is she? Nobody introduced me to her…..” Said Karthik’s to be wife looking at Ragini confused.
“ I am just like Karthik’s elder sister…you can call me Ragini dii…” Ragini said smiling as she turned to go after handing the box to Karthik.
Karthik opened the box and found two beautiful wristwatches in it , One Male and One Female…He smiled.
“ Hey , who are you?” A lady held Ragini’s arm as soon as she turned , Ragini looked at her shocked .
“ I…I am…Rajshri…Rajshri…Karthik’s collage friend..” She said stammering while Sanskar who was standing next to her was still looking at her confused.
“ Oh , Ok..I thought…” She lady shook her head as then left.
“ Ragini , I don’t know him…how come you….” Sanskar was saying when suddenly he stopped , he saw his Ragini in tears as she looked towards the lady going.
‘ Ra…Ragini..what happened?…Ragini..” Sanskar tried to bring her back from her thoughts but to no avail , she was still looking towards the same direction where the lady left without blinking her eyes ,with tears.
“ Let me…Let Me bring Water..” He said as he ran towards the food counter.
Someone tapped his back , Sanskar turned with the glass of water in his hand , “ You are Sanskar…Sanskar Maheshwari , right?” The man asked Sanskar confused while Sanskar who was in hurry nodded.
He left the place and ran towards Ragini , The man looked towards him going shocked.
“ Get hold of me..He is a Maheshwari..” The man shouted from the place he was standing at , every eye in the hall turned to him and to a running Sanskar who was dazed as he heard these words , few men with guns surrounded him from all sides at the spot he was standing reading to fire anytime.
The man came towards Sanskar and glared at him , “ Vishwanath Thakur Sahab Maheshwarion Ko Bilkul Pasand Nahi Karte , Jante Ho Na….” He said while Sanskar looked at him , angrily.
“ Just because We fight against him in elections , this is ridiculous , see let me go…I am not here to create any ruckus…” Sanskar replied.
“ Sahab Ko Bulao..” The man told one of those men while he ran and went to call someone , He returned in a few minutes with a man of around 55 , The man had a gun.
“ Sanskar Maheshwari…Spy?” Vishwanath Thakur asked Sanskar while Sanskar nodded in a ‘no’.
“ My friend is Karthik’s friend , We just came to wish him…” He said trying to conceal that Ragini was with him.
“ Jo Bhi Hai , I hate Maheshwaris , I dominate elections here since years and you people entered in now and trying to snatch my position , You entered here alive but would go dead…” The man announced as he held the gun on Sanskar’s head , The whole crowd in the hall were shocked by this sudden change of environment.
“ Dii , Dii…” Karthik moved a stun Ragini who looked at him with tears in her eyes.
“Ma…Karthik Ma…” She said with tears.
“ Dii , Leave that for time , see Sanskar Jiju…Bauji got to know he is Maheshwari..” Karthik said while Ragini looked at him shocked and then towards the place where Sanskar was standing , a gun placed on his head and he being surrounded by Thakur’s men.
“ Sanskar…” Ragini ran towards him forgetting her own pain and pushed the crowd aside as she struggled to reach Sanskar who was still covered by Thakur’s men.
She pushed them aside with her full force and thus succeeded in reaching Sanskar , As soon as she did , She came in front of Sanskar becoming the aim of the bullet herself as she looked towards Thakur , holding the mouth of the gun from her one hand and wiping her tearful eyes from other.
Author’s Note: Hello friends , Hope you are doing well , Well I didn’t reply to a few comments last time so Dharani , Akshata , Ammy and A.xx Thanks a lot for reading and liking it , A.xx I agree with your views about Love and a really beautifully definition of Love indeed , Now according to me Love is a strange feeling , as Strange that as many are heads in this world , as many would be definitions , every one has different definition for it and I just love the fact that this word is so special to most of us , Thanks for all your replies indeed. Now if you liked this part then please do consider commenting. Question for Today is , ‘Who do you like more in THIS TS , Ragini or Sanskar?’. Do answer , No answer from my side for this as I am the writer and I like both of them as I have crafted the characters but please try to give 1 answer for this. Will try to Post Next shot soon , This Part is specially for my friend Jasmine whose birthday was there on 27th and she asked for a fast update of it.

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