Shivaay Singh Oberoi searched for his Paanika in the whole Oberoi mansion,checked the garden and then called her on mobile. The call went unanswered as there was no network from the other side.
“Saahil,Rudra”-Shivaay shouted to gain attention of both their brother,”where is my Annika”.
“Bhaiyya!!”- Rudra smiled,”Your Annika”.
He did a great work today of arresting Daksh for false accusation of spoiling the character of a girl specially at a point when that naive girl is his wife ,his innocent wife whose image is destroyed in front of him by that coconut shaped pony tailed friend of his.
“Where is my Annika!!”- Saahil repeated the same word that echoed on his red ear.
In a short time three of them rushed to the black suit wearing security guards for asking if they saw Annika going some where but were disappointed with the reply.
“Khanna!!”- Shivaay roared at the poor fellow,”check all the video footage recorded on security camera inside and outside of Oberoi Mansion hurry up!!”.
“No clue sir”- Khanna checked all the camera,”we have to search for Annikaji soon..I want to shoot another tod phod video between you”.
“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay started his black coloured BMW as Rudra took the passenger seat soon,”this Khanna is flying very high in the sky”.
“Bhaiyya not a word against Khanna”- Rudra show him the other three car following them keeping some distance,”He is very sincere,truthful and hard working guy”.
Shivaay looked at his body builder brother with unbelievable large Kanji eyes.
“Aap mat tadiye mujhe inn kanji ankhon se”-Rudra used the exact word his Annika bhabhi does ,”I am saying truth only”.
“Stop stop bhaiyya”-Rudra saw Annika sitting under the shadow of a large banyan tree ,”bhabhi is sitting in bhook hartal here ..she could have gone to Ramleela maidan ,New Delhi”.
“Shut up Rudra!!”- He said and rushed to his wife who was looking like in some deep thought unaware of the world out side.
“Annika..”- He directly hugged her near to his heart by his strong protecting arms,”I was so worried for you”.
“You came home early from office today”-She tried to hide her pain,”I was about to return home soon”.
“I did not went to office today “- He informed,”I went with police to arrest that Daksh after he flew under the nose of tight police security last evening after insulting both our relation and trying to insult Prinku”.
“Thank God that Ranveer stood for Prinku pehelwan”- Rudra reached his bhaiyya bhabhi to break their magical spell by his sense of logic,”Ranveer is really a nice guy”.
The other three cars stopped at the other side of road and a worried Omkara came out of along with Khanna and some other security guards.
“Shut up Rudra!!”- Annika shouted and Omkara with Khanna and Shivaay closed their ears,”Are you finding any wings on my arm”.
“Bhabhi..your arms are not attached to any wing”- Om tried to calm his angry Annika bhabhi down,”What happened to you”.
“So much of anger”-Rudra teased,”side effect of living with your Bhagad Billa for last few months”.
“I went to terrace to feel the touch of cool breeze but”- Annika went back to her fighting mode,”that cheppada Ranveer pushed me from the terrace down to the garden and I became unconscious there”.
“Daksh smiled like a psycho after getting arrested and threatened to destroy our family”- Shivaay get a meaning now,”he told that we will not be able to breath in peace and will be left with nothing”.
“That Ranveer acted like a good boy only Shivaay”- Om revealed,”you said that Prinku is pregnant so only I agree for their marriage other wise I knew that he was after our sister and was trying to trap both of us in a fake hit and run case”.
“Annika”- Shivaay keenly observe his wife,”did he hurt you ..let me check you”.
“Nothing happened to me”- Annika assured,”just I got a shock when Kaamini aunty threatened me to harm you”.
“That cheppadi Kutti Kameeni is not Ranveer’s mom”- Annika added more information about her great discovery,”they are just together to insult our family”.
“Huh!!”- Khanna felt like killing that dog belt wearing aunty with his bare hands…both his bare hands…
“Khanna”- Annika ordered,”time for some more action”.
“Lets go back and call the gynaecologist for an appointment”- Shivaay gave much needed order.
Om and Rudra looked at each other for gaining some happy news of becoming chacha soon”.
“Prinku should be tested with her pregnancy”- Annika pointed soon to bring the pehelwan and long haired creature back to earth from their dream land.
“Tien tien fiss”- Om got an infection from his friendship with Annika bhabhi,”Rudra we are dreaming too much”.
“We will punish the evil to an extent that no one will ever be able to recognise them”- Shivaay prepared his plan to trap their enemies,” We will trap them in their plan”.
“Bhaiyya!!”- Rudra hugged Shivaay . Om pulled Annika in to their group hug.
“La la la la la…
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi
Lamhon ka ye rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka ye hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta
Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon ki fiza ye
Aaaye na doori dilon mein
Karti hai aankein dua yeh
Koi khusi ho gum ho
Kahi jyada kam ho..
Koi khusi ho gum ho
Kahin jyada kam ho
Baatenge jo ho ata
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi..”- Omkara sang their love anthem..
“All for for all”- they kept hand at their heart,”DIL BOLE OBEROI”…
Shivaay looked at his brothers then his wife .he felt very proud and lucky to be with them”.
“My supporter, love and strength is with me”- Shivaay thought,” I am not going to let any one harm my wife and my OmRu”.
Their mission is set as “saving Priyanka” from the clutch of demons…
“Sir I waste very precious time by coming with you here”- Khanna felt sad as he get no tod phod video today “I am very sad sir”.
“Ek minute Khanna”- Shivaay gave him an envelope that contained ticket to Singapore,”You should go for a holiday”.
“Sir there are two tickets”- Khanna tore the envelope to be more sad as he is still single and unmarried,”After working with you.. I forgot to marry . You gave me no time for that”.

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    I think Om is too much infected by Annika’s company…..but this is the beauty of your writings….I really love it?

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