Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-101

Guys almost every serial have a ff which have completed 100 epi and now naagin season 1 also got that ff and its mine guys so lets start.

Ritik Raheja is about to stab him but he catches his hand.

Ritik Mehra:I am not coming in between you and Shivanya.Shivanya is only and only yours.

He says with tears in his eyes.Ritik Raheja puts the knife down and comes towards him and keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Ritik Raheja:Now that you have understand that Shivanya is not yours………..

Ritik Mehra takes out a sigh.Ritik Raheja throws the knife and takes out gun and puts it on his head

Ritik Raheja:Now i will kill you so that there would be only one Ritik.

Ritik Mehra:No you can’t do that

Ritik Raheja:Yes i can

Ritik Mehra runs from there.Ritik Raheja follows him.Ritik Raheja stops when he senses Shivanya coming here.Ritik Mehra stops when Shivanya comes in front of him.

Shivanya:Ritik why are you so scared?

Ritik:Shivanya he will kill me.



Before he could say Ritik Raheja comes there.

Ritik Raheja:Shivanya!!!

Shivanya was shocked.She looked towards Ritik Mehra than Ritik Raheja.

Ritik Raheja:I am back Shivanya only for you.

Shivanya was confused.

Shivanya:You are my Ritik?

Ritik Raheja:Yeah i am your.I dint died in that accident.I was gone in comma for many years and 1 month ago only i waked up from coma and started finding you and today i finally found you.

Shivanya gets teary and runs towards him and hugs him.Ritik Mehra turned his face little and was teary.

Shivanya:I missed you so much.

Ritik Raheja:Now i am here for you and to protect you.

Shivanya:Protect me?

Ritik Raheja:Someone is there who wanted to cheat you.

Says this while hugging her and looking at Ritik Mehra.

Shivanya:Who is he?

Ritik Raheja:He is Ritik Mehra.

Ritik Mehra listens his name and turns towards them.Shivanya got shocked.

Shivanya:Ritik Mehra you cheated me.

Ritik Mehra:Shivanya he is lieing.

Ritik Raheja:You are lieing Mr.Ritik Mehra.

Shivanya came to Ritik Mehra and slapped him.

Shivanya:Stop your lie.You were trying your best to make me fall in love with you but you were not successful so you tried to kill my Ritik.

Ritik Mehra:No i did not.

Shivanya’s eyes get blood red.Ritik Mehra is shocked.Shivanya takes her half human and half naagin avater.

Shivanya:You are scared?You should be because you are evil,you are a devil.I am a naagin.

Ritik Mehra was shocked.

Ritik Raheja:Shivanya kill this cheater.

Shivanya:Yeah Ritik i will kill this devil.

Shivanya throws fire on him from her mouth but he gets side and gets save and runs from their.Shivanya follows him and Ritik Raheja follows them.

Precap:Shivanya bites Ritik Mehra on forehead.
Guys do comment because in difficulties i wrote this epi for u all.I have got fever

  1. Awesome… Get well soon

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  2. Pari123

    Hiii dear..Thanks for telling me to read it. I watched nagin first season occasionally. But i love it. Finally completed reding the complete second season today morning thanks again and keep writing

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  3. Rivanyaforever1

    So starting a new century i know u would be feeling greatttttt???
    And todays episode was just fascinating ???
    I think ritik rahega loves shivanya but he has become cruel and ritik mehra he is the sweet caring loving ritik and he deserves shivanya??……anyways u r making the story more and more intresting and i am curious to know that who will shivanya choose these types of twists ar emy favorite??❤️ And shivanya exposed her naagin avatar to ritik mehra and was trying to kill him but he escaped that part when she threw fire i thought now he is just dead??
    Coz once a naagin is set to kill someone she does it at any cost? Anyways keep updating like and i everyone keep supporting??????

    1. Arni

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  4. i hope ritik raheja is not her ritik.
    he is lieing to her.
    excited for the next one..
    keep it on.

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      Thnx geeta and next 2 epi r update u will come to know soon

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  6. Jasminerahul

    how can ritik raheja be so evil?’s not possible. he even brainwashed shivanya against him and she too is trying to bite him as a snake.poor ritik.if he is really ritik raheja please don’t make him negative. rivanya scene was emotional

    1. Arni

      Thnx jasmine

  7. Shaani

    It’s emotional… But I loved it.. Keep writing ?

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