Ragsan mera dil be kitna pagal hai (os)

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Sanskar was standing near window and staring outside…
Laksh comes and places his hand on his shoulder.
While he turns and see his whole frds gang was standing next to him.
Sanskar:- what happen guys why are of you are watching me like this.
Kunj:- we are seeing untill when you wont move on.
Sanskar:- show me a girl who loves me like her madly and without any expections then i will move on.

Laksh:- how can that possible yar.
Yuvi:- haa sanskar what ever happen just forgot from that time you were searching her and she is no where..
Sanskar:- i knew and my heart and its beats says that i will meet her one day because we both made for each other and my one mistake and my anger i lost her..i should have lisened to her but no, instead of it i insulted her alot.
Laksh:- we will find her sanskar even i was equally responsible for that day..
Sanskar:- no one is responsible expect me and my anger that i didnt see her pyar towards me..
Swara:- fine guys relax this city left to search for her and we will search her and dont forget we were called here from to a mission as we all were cbi officer and cid Sanskar:- because of me she left her career in middle dont knew wgat hone into that time..

Laksh:- sanskar ..and sees a photo in her purse which left on table..
He takes and opens her purse and see a girl photo like passport size wala.
Laksh:- we will find ragini one day sanskar dont worry.
Sanskar:- when will that day comes laksh.
Yuvi:- it will come but if we dont reach to our new job and report to our new boss then this day will be our last day of our job.

All smiles and heads towards their new office..
In car sanskar peeps out of windown and some flashes infront of ..a girl wearing salwar and standing infront ofSanskar:- because of me she left her career in middle dont knew wgat hone into that time..
Laksh:- sanskar ..and sees a photo in her purse which left on table..
He takes and opens her purse and see a girl photo like passport size wala.
Laksh:- we will find ragini one day sanskar dont worry.
Sanskar:- when will that day comes laksh.
Yuvi:- it will come but if we donthim smiling by forwarding a card while he takes that card and threws it away while that girl pouts and collects card from ground leaves from their.
Sanskar pov:- i never knew your and your love value untill you were infront of me oh god it passed 3 years where are you ragini.i am missing you .i want to say that i love you. And i want to say sorry for that day..just once come infront of me i will never let you go away from me…

Sanskar thoughts were broken by voice of yuvi..
Yuvi:- dont tell me you again lost in her thoughts…
Sanskar:-her thoughts were always with me yuvi no need to remember specially and get lost in that.
Laksh:-dear prem deewana jii shall we go inside..

All walks towards new building goes inside and finds different blocks like investigation room.
Forienc department..
Meeting room and they see single room with their names..
sanskar about to see a room name starts with r ..but pulled by laksh..
Sanskar:- what happen laksh..
Laksh points towards a direction..
Where shaurya walking and talking to someone..

Sanskar:- what he is doing here .
Yuvi:- he was our junior right and friend of .
Swara:- cousion if ragini nayak..
Shaurya:- why are you getting hyper ..
Shaurya turns and the person revealed to be a girl and that to ragini nayak.
Ragini:- i am not getting hyper ok and why dont you see the things which were coming infront of us.
Shaurya:- what was coming yar we just got transfered thats it..
Ragini:- thats it are you kidding .
All together with happy face:- ragini.
Ragini and shaurya both turns and finds sanskar laksh swara yuvi and kunj standing infront of them.
Sanskar about to speak..

Ragini:- see i told you shaurya its just
not a transfer ok and she sees sanskar and again turns to shaurya..
Shaurya:- and what you are just over thinking and its good that you didnt oppt acp job instead you choose foerinc doctor and see even our senior are with us..
Ragini bends by shouting in frustration ..
Ragini:- ahhh god give him some brainss..
Sanskar:- ragini.
Ragini:- i am not talking with you ok and i will not also just stay away from me and you shaurya lisen to me carefully..

Voice:- you lisen to me carefully.
All turns towards that voice and revealed as miland gunaji..
All gets shocked and salutes him.
Ragini stands still and looks on.
Miland:- so mr.ragini nayak i think you have a problem to work with me saying this he walks towards her and she walks back collides with sanskar but stands with them and says.
Ragini:- no sir i am blessed to work with u or work under you whst not..
All giggles seeing her state..
Miland:- did you check your department.

Ragini:- i will right now sir.
Miland:- i hating you for leaving training in last stage but when i got to knew you earned a very good name in forenic department i felt happy but still i hate you and i will take my revengue on u so be ready..
Ragini:- yes sir.
Miland:- you all meet me in my cabin in 15 minutes and your review on your deparment too.
All nodes their heads..
Ragini remembers some one slapping her infront of few people and she runs from their collapsing on floor.

Shaurya:- arey first time i am seeing you being afraid of someone wow..
Sanskar sees ragini lost and touches her shoulder..
She sees him jerks him away.
Ragin:- remember one thing my self ragini nayak not ragu anymore and it will be better if you stay in your limits and dont think i am weak like in past if you want check what am i then raise your hand and see this time result will be your broken hand.
Laksh:- let him explain.
Ragini:- who are you haa…
Shaurya:- what happen to you they are our senior yar.
Ragini:- haa in past and those days were over and now no senior and junior and i dont care too.
Yuvi about to speak..

Miland:- ragini.
Ragini:- yes sir i am checking and leaves from their.
Shaurya:- sorry guys i dont knew what happen in past but it changed ragini alot she is no more that sensitive ragini something in her changed ..
Sanskar:- and that thing was me.
Swara goes behind ragini..
Swara:- how are you ragini.
Ragini:- are you asking as swara my senior and as my new collegue Swara:- as your new colluege.

Ragini:- then nice meeting you swara pandai.
They both talks for some time .
Shaurya:- how can you behave like that without knewing truth and how can you slap her infront of everyone..
Sanskar:- i knew i did a mistake but the day i missed her presence i came to knew i love her but i failed to find her from when you both are working.
Shaurya:- before 6 months we both met i too dont knew where was she in these years.
Kunj:- sanskar its your turn to love her and make her to forgive you and laksh i think you should confess to her..
Laksh and sanskar nodes their heads..
All stands infront of miland.
Miland:- hmm as per mr.nayak conclusion that some reason behind this group formation is true and the reason is.
Ragini:- i knew it and i said na shaurya some reason behind it or else who will gather pigeons from different trees and still why me..
Miland:- are you done ragini you are unbelievable you didnt change a bit too.when will you learn taking things seriously.
Ragini:- fine sir i am sorry.

Miland:- but you were right..their is,a reason behind forming this group as per higher officals crime ratecis increasing in mumbai and they promoted me as dcp and asked me to form a new group and you all were efficient for this and i knew you all personally too and coming to you ragini .
You left you training 2 days before if u stayed you will be also an acp but you .can i knew reason behind your that big decision.i knew its your personel but still because you were my one of best in academy sharp and sharp shooter what made you.
Ragini:- sir my dad was cid officer you knew that and he was kidnapped by enemies on that day and infact they were behind me that why cid officers protected me and thats the reason for me discontinue training.

All looks on.
Miland:- how is your dad now .
Ragini:- he is mudered sir and on that day i came to colz to inform you and before that something else happened and without informing you i left from their.
Miland:- i am sry..
Ragini:- none of your students like to lisen sorry from you sir and i am obe in them.
Miland smiles :- so are you accepti g my offer in my bueroi.
Ragini:- salutes and says..
Rahini nayak is reporting you as forenic specialist sir.
Milans salutes back and says as all you were from one place still let me introduce you to all.

Sanskar kashap:- acp in delhi west side..good at investigation and sharp shooter..he smiles and looks at ragini stern face feels bad…
Yuvraj thakur:- nagpur acp..best in bringing out information.
Kunj saxena:- acp of kanpur best in all.
Laksh maheswari:- acp of puni
Mrs.Swara laksh maheswari cbi in puni.

Ragini in mind these two married.
Miland :- last but not least.
Ragini nayak forenic doctor specialiat in find clues and shaurya too.
These two will work with us so. for now dismiss.
Ragini starts going while sanskar goes behind her.
Sanskar:- lisen to me ragini plzz just once.
Ragini:- i too asked you na to lisen to me but you didnt allow me to speak and you slapped me inftont of all.

Sanskar:- i am sorry ragini and i want to say i love you. From the day you were not seen to me i started missing you and that note on board was written by laksh to swara i am sorry i thought you wrote that i love on board and got hyper.

Ragini:- whats wrong in it even i write it man i loved you and i want to express in that haa when you boys fo it called as romantic and when girls did then people like you will be called us as besharm. And
Sanskar drags her and kisses her on lips making her to shut up .
After few minutes he leaves her by cupping face and says that message on board was written by laksh to swara and says sorry for not being with her when she needed most.
Sanskar:- mera dil be kitna pagal hsi that i relised my love so late .
if i would have realised it before till mow we both would have formed a mini cricket team.

Ragini hits on his chest making him giggle .both hugs each other and lived happily..


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