Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 2

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Krishna is a girl brought up in a city bt whose heart belongs to the village wer she was born nd spend her childhood in…shes getting married to her childhood friend on the wedding night sharad and 4 of his friends are found dead in a car accident…sayyams a lonely,shrewd,and arrogant buisness man who wants to get hold of the villagers land…krishna suspects him to be responsible fr sharads death..

Krishna pulled herself together,she got up with a jerk and slowly walked towards kriti and sat down beside her..How did this happen?she asked, her words trembling with grief…kriti wiped off her tears”bhaiyya,boys night out ke liye gaya tha kal raath..nd most of the time he stays over at karans place,so we were nt worried wen he dint come back home last night..she replied as tears ran down her eyes..she placed her hand over her mouth and cried uncontrollably..she hugged krishna….

krishna consoled her while her own eyes were misty…kriti pulled herself back together,wiping her tears off,she continued”we tried calling him in the morning,but we could nt reach him,nor any of his friends…we started getting worried by then…papa called up to karans house…they were worried too when they got to know that karan was not with us…we started lookin for them..we dint want to get you people we dint inform you…she paused gasping for breath.she continued while tears ran down her eyes that she couldnt restrain no matter how hard she tried…”aur phir..shaam ko,we got a call from police station,telling us…an accident….she gasped fr words bt her tears wracked her body robbing its abitity to speak..krishna hugged her while both broke down,letting all their grief out…

2 days passed
Krishna has remained shut in her room fr the past 2 days…no matter how hard kishen( her dad)and saumya tried to cheer her up..they could nt..
Sharads fathers words kept playing in krishnas mind..she had lots of questions..she knew that not sharad nor any of his friends owned a car,even kriti had no idea about who the car that they drove on the night of their accident belonged to….she had gone to the police station the day before in order to inquire about the whereabouts of the cars owner..they had told her that they would let her know…her thoughts were broken by the beeping of her cellphone..she picks up the call..kya aap miss krishna hai?the voice at the other end asked…her heart ached over the fact that he adressed her as “miss”,yes,wat is it?she asked trying to hide her pain that was very much evident in her voice..were not you the girl who inquired about the owner of the car with the number plate MH030404?he asked..

yes,that was me she replied anxiously..”well,the owners name is Sayyam Birla,the car was propably hired by them “he added,krishna was nt surprised at the was very much the name that she had expected…she cut the call,tears ran down her eyes..her doubts were true..her sharads death was no was a brutual murder..her eyes glittered coldly and vindictively…Not many people in her village were educated,and thats why most of them considered sending the bodies for a pastmortem as a grave sin..they were simple superstitious people..but she was no pawn to play with..Before they took his body away..she had promised sharad..that whoever was responsible for his death would surely have to pay…but what confused her was the fact that the car that caused the acccident had no defect…no failed breaks or anything of that sort…the loud bang on her door jerked off her thoughts..she opened the door to find her mom gasping for breath

“He has come”she said anxiously..both of them rushed outside to find sayyam standing beneath the big banyan tree..thats were they gathered for all big village anouncements….all villagers had already gathered around it..sayyam stood there scaning the crowd through his goggles”i dont get it,why cant you people just understand?he shouted with his usual haughty tone..pacing back and forth,he continued”mujhe lagta hai ki aap logon ko imaandaari ki basha samajh nahi aata…i think i ll have to show you what i can really do..he said with a smirk…”kya karoge tum??hum sabko maar daaloge…??

krishna shouted,sayyam was startled at once..his gaze shifted towards her…krishna walked towards him,while his intense gaze followed her…”tum apne aapko bahut powerful samajhte ho??ameer ho,isliye kuch bhi kar sakte ho?pointing her finger at him she continued,meri baath kaan khol kar sun lo…zyaada din bacha nahi hai tumhaare paas…u will have to pay for your deeds sayyam birla…mein apni pyaar ko insaaf dilaakar rahoongi..she said,her gaze fixed on him…waah!!he said smirking at her,sayyam birla se aankhen mila kar baat karne ki himmath…i like that…i really like that…he said with an evil smile on his face…moving closer towards her he continued”toh tum ho woh ladki jiske shaadi wala raath hi uske dulhe ka maut hua??he sneered at her…his words pinched her heart…she could nt speak…”kya hua,bolti kyun bandh ho gayi?.

tum mujhpe inzaam laga rahi ho..woh bhi bina kuch zabood ki…he moved his face closer towards hers,lekin sach toh yeh hai ki tum..what do u village people call it??haan,badkismathi,tum bahut hi badkismathi ho…nd u r just venting out your frustration on me…he scorned at her…her throat constricted and unshed tears strung her eyes…sharads face flashed on her mind…she couldnt break down,she had to be strong…she had to fyt…

mr sayyam birla,she said fearlessly,i know i dont have any proof against you right now,but dont think you are safe…cause ur countdown has started..tume apna karmon ka saza dilaakar hi mujhe ab sukoon milegi..she said,her words were intimidating..but nothing could scare him,cause he had nothing to lose…he sneered at her…”well i think u should rather be worried about something else right now”,he said,while his manager handed over few papers to him…he threw the papers at her,”tum kaafi padi likhi lagthe ho..isliye apne gaav waalon ko pad kar sunao…ki isme kya likha hai..he said,with an evil smile on his face..her eyes widened as she read it..

Sayyam held krishnas hand and pulled her towards him…she tried to free herself from his grip…while his intense gaze fixed on her…”well,i can offer you a choice”he said with a smirk

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  1. amazing… cant wait for more

    1. Rockstr

      Thnks dear

  2. Superb ??.
    The way Sayyam said that Sayyam Birla se aankhein milakar baat karne Ki himmath.
    I loved it.? Please upload the next episode soon.

    1. Rockstr

      Thanks mahn..i ll try to update soon

  3. Aarti32

    Saiyyam’s attitude is wat I like d most..

    1. Rockstr


  4. Wow?well done?

    1. Rockstr

      Thanks dear.. 😉

  5. So good ?

  6. nice

  7. Fanficwriter518

    Love it! Pls update soon x

  8. Mystery


  9. Shaani

    Superb ..what an attitude…sayyam’s attitude is superb….u r a great writer… Sorry for the late update ..just now I started to read ur story…

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