Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 17

episode 17:
Hey guys I am here with next episode of my ff those who are reading this for the first time or missed any of the episodes here is the link of my earlier episodes
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And now the episode starts with:
Everyone is surprised when Rudy says
Rudy: oh not to fear when smarty hot Rudy is here I will explain….
A fb is shown of Rudy telling sumo (while they were at the godown): I have a plan we will call bua and others and make them conference their crime while having a police there but I don’t how to do it.
Soumya:I know how I will Nick the kidnappers phone and then call Roop ma’am and call her to meet us then she explains the rest about how she will act and they will get caught.
Rudy:wow sumo you are a genius

Soumya:wo to h
Rudy:but why do you want kidnappers phone just take mine na
Soumya:are dumbo if I take your phone she will come to know Na
Rudy:ha…..OK let’s do it(hi-fi)
Fb ends.
Shi: but how did the bullets got changed
Soumya: another one of Rudy’s brilliant plan for safety precautions.
Fb is shown of Rudy giving soumya the pistol with fake bullets and soumya exchanging it with Roop’s gun when she went to hug her.
Ani:wow Rudy today you are hitting sixer pe sixer

Shi: finally I realized you have something there up in your head.
Om: brilliant
Shi goes to ACP : sir you have their confession and we will be the witness now take them and please release Papa and Bade Papa
ACP:we will as soon as I can
Shi: actually tomorrow is our dadi’s birthday so we wanted if they also could be there

ACP:I will try and mail you the procedure
Shi:thank you
They leave
Anika: thank God I finally have my irritating tadibaz billu ji
Shi:hey what… (But before he could finish she hugs him and he smiles) you know I missed this so much your cute words, our fights,I love you panika.(she opens her mouth infake anger but then laughs)
Everyone smile seeing them and ishana leans on om with her head on his shoulder he smiles and gives a soft kiss on her head and smiles he softly whispers finally
Om:but soumya how do you know Roop bua so well?

Sumo:wo… Bhaiya
Shi: I will tell you actually you know our bua no so to keep on eye on our family she joined sumo’s college as her teacher because only soumya was the one who didn’t recognize her.
Om: ohh..
Rudy:ha.. she thought she was too smart didn’t you see how she was talking’sweetheart’ and all but ab how to tell them that sumo is only my sweet heart(holding soumya’s hand)
Everyone get surprised and look towards rudra

As he kneels down and : soumya, in last 2 years I have realized what an idiot I was running after wrong girls when you were in front of my eyes what to do you know Na I am dumbell Singh oberoi I took some no lot of time to understand this but I don’t want to waste any more in last 2 years I missed your smile, your fights,your parathas too much so Soumya will you accept this rudra singh oberoi and marry me please?I know I don’t have a ring or anything but I could not wait any more please will you marry me???
Soumya: actually I cannot marry you…..
Rudy:with heart broken puppy face stands up to go

Everyone look at him with pity
Soumya: atleast listen to the reason I cannot marry you because I am already married to an idiotic protein shake, dumbest and the biggest cry baby.
Rudy turns and runs and hug her lifting her as they laughed.
Shi and om : what the wuck ?
Ishu: you two are married?
Ani:how is that even possible?
Shi: when?
Om: why don’t we know any thing ?

They kept asking questions but Rudy and soumya just forgot the world and were totally into each other till shivkara hit Rudy on the back of his head and brought them back.
Rudy:what?What do you want?
They finally realized where they were and what they have said sumo shyly moved behind Rudy as he turned towards his Bhaiya and bhabis
They all glared at them

Precap: family celebrating and dancing
Hey guys hope you liked it so please send me your response ??

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    Amazing……keep writing……and rudy’s confession……so sweet…..sumo reply…..excellent…

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      Thanks dear but this is actually last second episode

  3. Amazing episode… loved it… Waiting for the next part..

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      Thanks surely will upload next part soon

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    Amazing…nice… waiting for the next one…post that soon…??

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