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Thank u frnds iam happy that u all like my story i love to read ur comments piya, manu, saji, aswini durga, es, nitu, shwetha, anjali, nuramy, naina, sharmi, tanushree, also my silent readers, sorry if i missed someone thank u all for ur valuable time and comments.
Recap : Manik’s surprise Nandhini.
Manik : So what r u waiting for come.
Nandhini : Ah.

Manik : Wait a minute, u will come like this i mean in night suit.
Nandhini : Ah i want to change but u know na now i go inside na i cant come so i have to come like this.
Manik : Ok i will get u to ur room.
Nandhini : What, but how?
Manik : How i come to ur room to meet u without knowing anyone, come will show u and takes her to the ladder.

Nandhini : Manik, u came this way on that day?
Manik : Ya, Smart na.
Nandhini : Smart nahi u r naughty.
Manik : Really, now dont waste time go and get ready.
Nandhini : But manik i cant go this way.
Manik : Fine i will go first, then u follow me ok.
Nandhini : Ok.
Manik steps in the ladder and nandhini follows him.
Nandhini : Its really tuff Manik.
Manik : But i dont think so.
Nandhini : Ah it will be easy for u, look at u talllll….
Manik : Seriously, now go and come fast i will wait here, ah if u want me to come in its ok for me may i?

Nandhini : Manik, i will come in 5 mins. Nandhini enters her room and get changed to her usual dress black jeans and red kurte top.
Nandhini : Manik shall we go.
Manik : Staring her, ah yeah. Again Manik shows how to climb back and nandhini follow him, while climbing down nandhini sliped slightly and Manik holds her and both shares a long eyelock. While staring at her, nandhini its already late so shall we go.
Nandhini : Blushes, Ah come on. Both comes near his bike and locks his helmet. Manik what r u doing? u have to wear its rules Manik come on wear it.
Manik : Fine i will, come na sit.

Nandhini : Sits one side in the bike.
Manik : Now i confirm that this is ur first bike ride, yeah c how u sitting, Nandhini sit properly i wont eat u come its getting late.
Nandhini : Ok and sits properly with hesitation.
Both enjoying the ride manik is cing Nandhini smiling in the mirror and smiles, Nandhini is getting very comfortable with him while the ride and Manik also enjoys her company.
Nandhini : Manik stop.
Manik : But y?
Nandhini : Just stop na, and takes the helmet from his head. Now its ok come lets start.
Manik : Oh now what happen that rules and all.
Nandhini : Its ok just one day right, break the rules.
Manik : Wow, so chalo lets go.

Manik and nandhini having a best time together and both enjoying, Manik takes her to the place where Nandhini helped him. Both stoped there and talking.
Manik : So nandhini u wish completed.
Nandhini : Wish what wish?
Manik : Arey u wish to ride in bike.
Nandhini : Ah i liked it this is the best ride i have ever did. But Manik just for 1 day u bought a bike.

Manik : Actually i like bikes, but u know Nyonika she dont allow me to ride.
Nandhini : But Manik u r looking nice in this jacket, without that boring blazers, u r looking like a bike racer. Ah u r wearing this becoz that day i said the boy looking handsome na hmm.
Manik : Seriously do u think so, Ah wo..
Nandhini : Manik u r sooooooo cuteeeeeee, u r blushing.
Manik : Stop it iam not blushing, vese Nandhini do u know y i stoped here.
Nandhini : She remembers that place. No i dont, why?
Manik : Ah i met with an accident here, a girl helped me that day i dont c her face but i..i…i..
Nandhini : Manik its almost late, u having concert na tomorrow remember chalo lets go.
Manik : Ah ya we should go chalo. Manik drops nandhini in her place.
Nandhini : Manik, thank u u made my day and hugs him tight and kiss him on his cheecks and runs from there.

Manik : Shocked by her act, smiles Nandhini i will come to pick u up be ready tomorrow.
Nandhini : Hides behind the door and shows her thumps up for him and bye. Manik smiles and start his bike to go.
Morning Fab 5 is ready to rock, in college all press takes their interview before the concert which is live.
Nandhini got ready and comes to hall.
Chachi : Arey nandhini, today saturday na u having college today.
Nandhini : No chachi actually iam going to the concert of Fab 5.
Chachi : Fab 5 means Manik.

Nandhini : Ah chachi.
Chachi : Nandhini u never said me abt this.
Nandhini : Wo..chachi.
Chachi : Ok leave that, say all the best to manik.
Nandhini : Ah chachi i will.
Chachi : And also say him that we r leaving to tamil nadu tomorrow. Ons the tv.
Nandhini : Ah chachi i will say.
Chachi : Nandhu c here, wow its gonna be live.

Nandhini : yes chachi, this time its gonna be big and if the concert is successful na they will get a chance of doing a album.
Chachi : Thats good nandhu i will pray for him ok bye take care.
Nandhini : Ah chachi bye.
In college Nandhini and Navya in Fab 5’s jam room where they where getting ready for their performance. Mukthi saw them standing outside and calls Alya, both moves towards them and brings them in.
Alya : Y u both standing, we wont eat u be comfortable with us.
Mukthi : Yes, hereafter no need to scare of as and both hugs them, they also hugs them back.

Cabir : Hello girls this is time to rock, not to gossip and come lets rock and Fab 5’s group hug and leaves to the venue.
Venue is full of audience and shouting, Fab 5 along with Nandhini and Navya enters the venue all are asking for autograph and photo and falling on them and trying to touch them atleast once.
Fab 5 in stage, Manik starts to sing Bulleya song in Yeh dil hai Muskil, songs in Aasique 2 and all shouts like hell, enjoys. Nandhini and Navya happy to c the concert is already a hit and smiles cing each other. Concert got over and all audience came close to Fab 5 they cant even move and the securities controls them Navya and Nandhini also in the crowd, So Manik takes nandhini with him and Cabir take navya with him and leaves the venue.

Precap : Nandhini tell Manik that she leaves to tamil nadu for one week.

Frnds tell me how was the bike ride and Manik and Nandhini’s understanding.

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